Metrobank Correspondent Banks in South Korea

Here’s a list of Metrobank correspondent banks in South Korea. 

If you’re sending money from South Korea to the Philippines via wire transfer, it makes sense using a Philippine bank that has correspondent banks in Korea. This way, the wire transfer process will involve only two banks — the correspondent bank in Korea and your bank in the Philippines.  If your Philippine bank doesn’t have a correspondent bank in Korea, the bank in Korea will process the wire transfer thru a third bank — the correspondent bank of your Philippine bank, and this will incur additional wire transfer charges.

ABN Amro Bank NV Seoul Branch
China Construction Bank Seoul
Citibank Korea Inc.
Daegu Bank Ltd.
Deutsche Bank AG Seoul Branch
Hana Bank
Industrial Bank of Korea
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Seoul Branch
Kookmin Bank
Korea Exchange Bank
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.
Pusan Bank
Shinhan Bank
Standard Chartered First Bank
Suhyup Bank (formerly National)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp
Bank of New York Mellon
Export-Imort Bank of Korea
Woori Bank Seoul

Another Philippine bank, BPI, also has correspondent banks in South Korea. Here’s a list of BPI correspondent banks in South Korea.

Metrobank Correspondent Banks in South Korea

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