Wells Fargo Bank Philippines

There’s no more Wells Fargo Bank Philippines.

Its representative office shut down on May 31, 2021. The US-based Wells Fargo Bank now only has its business processing operations (BPO) in the Philippines, located on 36th Street in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.


Wells Fargo Closing Down Branches in the USA

In the United States, Wells Fargo has continued implementing its plan to shut down more branches, located in different states, and has stopped offering personal lines of credit. The bank, based in San Francisco, California, has shut down 329 of its 5,200 branches in 2020 and plans to close about 250 more in 2021. The bank plan to cut at least $10 billion in annual costs to improve efficiency and be able to compete with other banks.

A personal line of credit is an unsecured credit and one can borrow from it any time after the line is established. In the Philippines, this type of credit is not yet offered to mainstream customers and offered only to private banking clients.

Wells Fargo though says it still offers personal loans and credit card loans. Wells Fargo account owners also are advised to monitor their credit reports, as closure of credit accounts impact credit reports.

Send Money from the US to the Philippines through Wells Fargo Bank

The US-to-Philippines remittance service called Wells Fargo ExpressSend® is one service that the US-based Wells Fargo Bank continues to offer.  
Its remittance partners in the Philippines are:
Cebuana Lhuillier
First, you go to your Wells Fargo branch and register your recipient in the Philippines.
Or call 1-800-556-0605.
Provide your recipient’s complete name, complete address, phone number (indicate if mobile or landline), bank name and account number if remittance is meant for deposit, bank or remittance company if cash pick-up.
After registration, you can then make your first remittance.
For your second and subsequent remittances, you have 3 options: you can go again to your branch, use the Wells Fargo Phone Bank, or login to Wells Fargo Online
How much is the money transfer fee?
It’s 4 US dollars (for remittance amounts from 25 to 3,000 US dollars)

What is the maximum amount that can be sent from the US to the Philippines?
3,000 US dollars per day if through BDO, BPI, Metrobank or PNB
1,000 US dollars per day if through Cebuana Lhuillier or MLhuillier

Maximum amount that the sender can send per day: $5,000

Maximum amount that the sender can send during any consecutive 30-day period: $12,500

In what currency will the recipient receive the remittance?
In peso

Minimum remittance amount: $25

Would you like to work with Wells Fargo in the Philippines? 

Wells Fargo has a business processing outsourcing (BPO) company in the Philippines named
Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services, LLC-Philippines.
It provides business processing, corporate, and information technology services to Wells Fargo’s customers in the US.

Wells Fargo EGS LLC-Philippines
Uptown Cluster 2 Building
36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio
Taguig City

For job applicants: visit the Wells Fargo Uptown Recruitment Center at the ground floor. One-day application processing. Open from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday

There are now only 11 representative offices in the Philippines, after Wells Fargo’s closure.

The representative offices are:

The Bank of New York Mellon
Bank of Singapore Ltd. Philippine Representative Office
Bank of Taiwan Representative Office
Credit Suisse AG Representative Office
DBS Bank, Ltd.
Japan Bank For International Cooperation
Korea Eximbank Manila Representative Office
The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd. Representative Office
Rothschild (Singapore) Limited Philippine Representative Office
State Bank of India
UBS AG Philippine Representative Office

Photo credit for the Wells Fargo Bank logo above:
The original uploader was Henry W. Schmitt at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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