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Top 20 Banks in the Philippines, by Assets March 2013

Here are the Top Banks in the Philippines, based on Total Assets as of March 2013, as published by the BSP. BDO is still the biggest bank, and still the only bank that has surpassed the ONE-TRILLION-PESO mark in Total Assets, despite dropping in total assets from the previous quarter. PNB moved up from No. […]

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Remittance in Canada

Updated November 4, 2015 PNB REMITTANCE CO. CANADA (PNB RCC) is owned by Philippine National Bank (PNB) in the Philippines through its subsidiaries.* Here are PNB remittance branches where you can send money to the Philippines: ONTARIO PNB Remittance Co. Canada — Main Office in Mississauga, Ontario 3050 Confederation Parkway Unit 104 Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3Z6 Business Hours: […]

Money Transfer from Germany to Philippines via PNB Metrobank BPI

Updated January 11, 2017 You can send money from Germany to the Philippines via the remittance services or partners of Philippine National Bank (PNB), Metrobank and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). PNB Germany Representative Office Hohenstauferallee 39, 69181 Leimen Phone nos.:  (0631) 62487326 to 27,  (0176) 24546033 (Mobile) Email: sirlazir@arcor.de, sirlazir@yahoo.de Consultant: Mario Rizal […]

Philippine National Bank Branches and Remittance Centers in California

Updated April 28, 2015 PNB Branches and Remittance Offices in the US  Here’s a list of Philippine National Bank branches and remittance centers in Los Angeles and in other cities of California, U.S.A. The fastest and most secure way for your family or recipient in the Philippines to receive money through PNB is through a […]

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Remittance Partner in Italy

Updated May 28, 2016 You can send money from Italy to the Philippines through this one Philippine National Bank  partner in Italy: Global Philippines SRL  or GPL Remittance Italy Galleria Carraciolo n. 20/A Rome Phones: (3906) 482-7830 (3906) 482-7841 PNB has closed down its overseas banking operations in Italy reportedly due to the high cost of […]