Banks with No Interbranch Deposit Fees

Kudos to these banks. 

They DO NOT charge interbranch deposit fees. NO over-the-counter interbranch interregional deposits.
Some even offer free interbranch over-the-counter withdrawals, check encashment and funds transfers.

NO Interbranch Interregional deposit fee for these banks:

EastWest Bank

Union Bank

Sterling Bank of Asia

Security Bank


It’s PSBank Passbook-with-ATM account offers one free inter-regional transaction per day.

Its larger branches do not charge interbranch interregional deposit fees.

Do you know any other bank that does not charge an interbranch fee?  
Thank you for sharing it with us.

BPI, BPI Family and PNB are now charging interregional over-the-counter deposit and withdrawal fees.

So sad that BPI and BPI Family have started charging for interregional deposit fees since January 2019.

If you deposit in a BPI branch in a different region, you will be charged 50 pesos.

If you withdraw over the counter using your passbook in a BPI branch in a different region, you will be charged 100 pesos.

PNB Fees for Interbranch Deposit, Withdrawal and Encashment Transactions (since July 15, 2019):

Regular Branches:
Peso deposit, withdrawal or encashment: 50 pesos
US Dollar or other foreign currency deposit: 100 pesos
US Dollar or other foreign currency withdrawal or encashment: 200 pesos

Island Branches:
Peso deposit, withdrawal or encashment: 200 pesos
US dollar or other foreign currency deposit: 200 pesos

Interbranch Inter-regional Transactions over the counter
Peso cash deposit —  50 pesos for every 100k pesos or fraction thereof
Peso cash withdrawal or encashment —  100 pesos

Foreign Currency Deposit with more than 50 pieces in small denominations (20 or below, not applicable for CNY) — ¼ of total amount of small denominations or $10 or 10 euros

US dollar checks below $1,000 —  5 dollars per check

Fund Transfer to Other Banks (to BancNet Member Banks)
via China Bank ATM / TellerPhone —  25 pesos
via China Bank Mobile Banking App (using Instapay) — 10 pesos
via China Bank Online using IBFT —  25 pesos
China Bank Online using InstaPay — 15 pesos



Over-the-counter Deposit Fee for eSecure Savings Account — 100 pesos
Over-the-counter Withdrawal Fee for Easy Savings Account — 100 pesos
Over-the-counter withdrawal fee for Easy Checking Account — 30 pesos
Over-the-counter withdrawal fee for All-Access and All-In-One Checking Account) — Free

How to Avoid Interbranch Interregional Deposit Fees?

If possible, use mobile or online banking for your transactions, so you won’t have to pay interbranch transaction fees.

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    1. how about inter regional branch ni BDO. e.g BDO from Manila to BDO Davao last time kasi i pay Php100 but that was long time ago. What i know within the same region free yung interbranch ni BDO.

    2. fake news! just paid 100 to withdraw from a different branch within the same city

    3. Hello, I wrote "interbranch interregional DEPOSIT" and not withdrawal. What is your bank?
      ATM-only accounts (without passbooks) are usually charged for over-the-counter withdrawal because these are ATM-only accounts.

      1. Arnaldo A Del Rosario

        It’s not true for BPI, they charge P50.00 for every interregional deposits

        1. Hi Arnaldo, very sorry that I have not updated the list. BPI changed some of its fees effective Jan 2019, and I missed updating my blogposts. Thank you very much for your comment. I will now update this blogpost.

  1. BDO charges Php 50 for their inter-branch deposit, especially if from province to metro manila.

    1. 50 if over the counter but if via online fund transfer province to metro manila, is there any charge?

  2. Still 50php pa ein po ba bdo tubihon bohol to eastwest manila?.

  3. Is this still updated? Does PNB really have no interbranch fee?

    1. Hi Leyn, sorry hindi ko pa na-update, and sorry, meron nang interbranch deposit or interbranch withdrawal fee ang PNB (cash or check), pero mas mura kesa sa iba. 50 pesos pag peso transaction at 100 pesos pag US or other currency transaction in regular branches. Kapag island branches, 100 ang deposit fee at 200 for withdrawal or check encashment. I’ll update my post now, thank you.

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