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Metrobank Branches and Subsidiary Banks Overseas

Metrobank Remittance Offices in London, UK

Metrobank Remittance Offices in London, England and Nearby Areas

Metrobank Remittance Offices in Italy

Money Transfer from Germany to Philippines via PNB Metrobank BPI

Send Money from Switzerland to Philippines via Metrobank Correspondent Banks

Metrobank Remittance Partners in UAE

Metrobank Remittance in New York and California, USA
Send Money from California via Metrobank Remittance Partners

Send Money to Philippines from Japan via PNB, Metrobank

Send Money from South Korea to Philippines via Metrobank

Metrobank Correspondent Banks in South Korea

Metrobank Correspondent Banks in Vietnam

Send Money from Taiwan to the Philippines via Metrobank,LBC,RCBC,BPI

Send Money from Australia to Philippines Through Metrobank

No Annual Fee Credit Card in the Philippines — Metrobank M


  1. THanks Nora. Why nothing is mentioned about UAE?

    1. But you did in others post.

    2. Hi Engr. Lopoz: Okay, thanks for reminding me. I'll add this list of Metrobank remittance partners in UAE. Have another nice day there in UAE!

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  3. I just signed up to have my VA disability received into my newly opened Metrobank USD Pensioner savings. Are there any issues with using this bank? I know its a large bank. I have lived here for 4 years now and clearly understand that. But, Im asking, when you withdraw from USD to PHP, from the account, are there ever any issues with this process. Also my next question, Are benefits typically received right away( same day as 1st of the month when i received them into US bank account) or is there a clearing period and its delayed?

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