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Philippine Bank Closures in 2019

Here’s a list of Philippine bank closures in 2019: There have been 11 banks that were closed down in 2019. Ten were rural banks and one was a savings bank, Maximum Savings Bank. 1.  Bagong Bangko Rural ng Malabang (Lanao del Sur), Inc.  – Office address at 593 Bayan St., Brgy. China Town (Pob.) Malabang, […]

Banks Closed Down in 2018

See below the 12 banks closed down in 2018.   In 2017, only 7 Philippine banks failed. Six were rural banks and one was a thrift bank.This year, the month of January passed without any bank closed down, and I was glad. The programs of the BSP, PDIC and Landbank to strengthen rural banks must […]

Philippine Banks Closed in 2007

Here’s a list of banks closed by the BSP in 2007: 15   rural banks closed   2   savings bank closed (Sandigan Savings Bank and Area Development Bank) — 17   banks closed 17.  Rural Bank of Malilipot (Albay)    – Head office at Belen St., Malilipot, Albay    – Closed by the BSP on December 6, […]

Biggest Bank Failures in the Philippines

Which were the biggest Philippine banks that failed? Based on total assets just before they were closed down, the biggest Philippine bank that failed was Export and Industry Bank. 1.  Biggest –>> Export and Industry Bank, a commercial bank Export and Industry Bank Inc., also known as Exportbank, had 28.75 billion pesos in total assets as […]

Philippine Banks Closed Down in 2017

The year 2017 was a better year compared to the year 2016 in terms of Philippine bank failures. Only 7 banks were closed down. Six were rural banks and one was a thrift bank. In 2016, there were 22 banks closed down by the BSP and one voluntarily surrendered its banking license. Of the 22 […]

Failed Banks in the Philippines, 2014

Newer lists:  Banks Closed Down in 2016                       Banks Closed Down in 2017  In 2013, there were 18 Philippine banks that failed.  All were rural banks.  The biggest was a cooperative rural bank — Cooperative Rural Bank of Bulacan — which had 18 branches. It was reported […]

Banks Closed by BSP, 2000

In 2000, there were 23 Philippine banks closed by the BSP and taken over by the PDIC.  1     commercial bank (Urban Bank)  3     savings banks (Prime Savings Bank, Second Bulacan Development Bank                                          , and […]