How to Get Your BDO Send Money Reference Number

Some people have been asking how they can get their BDO Send Money Reference Number after sending money for Cash Pickup at BDO, SM Business Centers, or BDO remittance partners like Cebuana Lhuillier and M Lhuillier.


Here are ways you can get your BDO Send Money Reference Number:

    • You can see your reference number when your transaction summary is displayed just after your Send Money transaction.
      Meron kang mabasa na ganito:
      Your request to send money to _____ was successful with Reference Number: PC-20181222-27302395.
    • Check your email registered with BDO. You’ll receive an email containing the details of your Send Money transaction, including your reference number.
      Ganito yong umpisa ng email from BDO Online Banking:
      Dear Valued Client,
      You have successfully made a Send Money to any BDO Account transaction with Reference Number: PC-20190813-40592714.

There are times though that your email from BDO is delayed. Wait for several minutes.

    • If you’re using your BDO mobile app, go to My Accounts, then click your balance amount. You will see your account details and your Last 10 Transactions. You will see your reference number for each Send Money or transfer transactions.
      Makita mo ang ganito:
      261783690 EAD
      Ang Reference Number is: MA-PC-20181201-261783690
      Kung sabihin ng Cebuana or MLhuillier na ang haba naman ng reference number mo, sabihin mo, paki-check yong last eight or nine digits –>261783690 — kasi yong 20181201 ay Date when the money was sent (December 01, 2018).

Usually, hindi agad nadi-display sa Transactions yong transaction mo for the day. Madi-display lang siya the next day.

    • If you’re using BDO online banking, go to My Transactions. and you’ll see a list of your recent transactions, including your reference numbers for your Send Money transactions.

Again, your most recent transaction might not appear yet, so check again after some hours or the next day.


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  1. Christza Mae Legaspi

    OMG! Thanks so much. This is really helpful!

    1. Hi sir im now Qatar I sent last night money this rog this please block. Name this. Anna May corpuz Fef no 00217051900545 please I want my money back my name this mubeer khan

      1. Hi Mubeer, go back immediately to where you made the remittance and ask if you can still stop the remittance and get back what you sent. You hope that it was not yet claimed. Once the money was already claimed, you can no longer get it back. If it’s already claimed, feel the hurt, then move on and treat it as an expensive lesson.

  2. Hi, may I ask which of those in the description is the reference number? Been having a hard time finding which one, I tried the one that starts with “MA_FT-XXXXXXXX-YYYYYY, but the cebuana says they cant find it,

    Please Help

    1. Hi Romeo, login again to your BDO account, and check your Recent Transactions to see your reference number for your recent Send Money for cash pickup at Cebuana.

  3. Carmelita b lumangtad

    Hi hello i send money today using my consern is i forgot to get the tracking number when iwas finished to send it to the pick up money cash pls reply what would i do to get the reference tracking copy list

    1. Hi Carmelita, login ka uli, then click mo My Transactions, tingnan mo yong Send Money transaction mo, merong reference number doon.

    2. mag ttxt po ang bdo sa kanila with the tracking number

      1. Hi Jeng, shini-share mo ba ito? o tinatanong? Kung share, thanks to you, at maganda kung nagti-text na ngayon ang BDO ng reference number ng Send Money na local. Kasi ang alam ko na nagti-text sila ay yong pag galing abroad na niremit sa BDO Remit. Thank you

      2. hi po.. bat po iba ung reference num dun sa pinadala nila sa email q? then tinignan q po sa send transaction q iba din po… alin po dun ang tamang ref num?thanks po

        1. Hi Rose, dapat pareho ang reference number. Yong nasa transaction mo, yon ang ibigay mo sa recipient mo.

  4. How to withdraw money from abroad over the counter at bdo?

    1. Hi Michael, sorry, there’s no BDO branch or BDO atm abroad where you can withdraw over the counter. There’s a BDO branch in Hong Kong, but I think it’s only for HK$ accounts and for remittance for Philippine recipients.

  5. Ung start ng reference number ba to cebuana is MA-OB…………..?

    1. Hi Bujong, yes, yan ang reference number. Napansin ko lang na kapag mobile banking ang gamitin to send money, MA_ yong simula ng reference number. Yong most recent na padala ko using my mobile, reference number was MA_PC-20181201-261783690. Kapag online banking, ang reference number ng latest Send Money ko was: PC-20190813-40592714. Napansin ko rin na Sent date yong first 8 numbers.

  6. Iba po ba ang Transaction Reference Number na nagsisimula sa OB**** sa Reference number na kailangan nang Cebuana? kasi boung araw na ako maghintay, wala pa din reply BDO sa reference number by email …

    1. Hi kent, mag-login ka uli sa account mo, then click “My Transaction”, tingnan mo yong recent mong Send transaction, at andiyan yong reference number. Kung mobile app ang gamit mo, scroll ka lang to your “Last 10 Transactions” para makita mo yong Send transaction mo at yong reference number.

  7. Raymund G. Manuel

    Okay lng ba na mali ung bday na nailagay ko bilang isang sender? Kundi di pwede panu po palitan. Gamit ko mobile. Thanks

    1. Hi Raymund,yes, ang alam ko okay lang, kasi na-approve naman ang pag-send mo. Dahil na-send, it means hindi yan verification ng sender. Hindi ko sure kung bakit nire-require pa nila yang birthday…pedeng for gathering data lang for marketing purposes, or pang-check din kung alam ng receiver (pero bihira namang tinatanong sa receiver).

  8. Hello, what if sobra daw numbers sabi ng Palawan Pawnshop? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mabs, talaga namang maraming numbers yong BDO reference number. Baka lang wala silang available cash. Subukan mo sa ibang BDO partners, like Villarica, BDO Network Bank, MLhuillier or Cebuana

  9. Hello. I made DRAGONPAY payment thru BDO online banking pero pag ivalidate ko yung reference number di siya mavalidate. Paano yun? Can someone help me. Tinry ko na din i contact yung CS nila pero wala pa ring reply

    1. Hi Des, I checked Dragonpay instructions — sabi ng Dragonpay, after you enter the last 6 digits of your reference number, mag-antay ka ng mga 1 to 2 minutes bago mo pindutin yong Validate ng minsan lang, then wait. If you want to repeat, wait for many minutes before trying again. Puede ring icheck mo uli yong last 6 digits ng reference number mo kung tama

  10. Ask ko lang po. San po pwedeng mag pick up sa Dubai. Online transfer to dubai

    1. Hi Kris, sorry walang cash pickup sa Dubai. Ang cash pickup sa Philippines lang. Kung gusto mong magpadala sa Dubai, ang gamitin mo is wire transfer to a bank in Dubai. Puede ring pumunta ka sa Western Union outlet at doon ka magpadala.

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