BDO Remittance Partners in Perth, Australia

Updated February 21, 2018

You can send money from Perth, Australia to the Philippines through these BDO Remittance Partners in Perth, Australia.

These are BDO’s remittance partners in Perth, Western Australia:

Fams Pera Padala (Money Remittances) 
17 Stidwell Street, Canning Vale
Perth WA 6155

Granstar Global Services Pty. Ltd. 
Shop 00005 Belmont Forum Shopping Centre
227 Belmont Avenue, Cloverdale
Perth WA 6105

   PeraMax is the brand name of Granstar Global Services
   Peramax Toll Free Number: 1 300 798 751
   Office Telephone Number: 08 9477 1560 / 08 6102 6556
   Hotline Number: 02 8005 8271 / 08 8005 4352
   Mobile Number: +61 418 829 220 /+61 431 251 340
   Email :
   Viber +63917 560 9101

   Cash Pick-up points in the Philippines:
   M Lhuillier
   Cebuana Lhuillier

  Banks for Cash Deposits:
  You can send money to any bank in the Philippines,
   but the following banks are PeraMax’s remittance partners:

You can also send through International Money Transfer Companies that Have Partnered with BDO:
Sigue Money Transfer
Xpress Money Services
TransFast/New York Bay Remittance
UAE Exchange Centre
Western Union (for deposit to a BDO Account)

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the biggest of the 6 federated states of Australia. It’s the fourth most populated city in Australia, next to No. 1 Sydney (New South Wales), No. 2 Melbourne (Victoria) and No. 3 Brisbane (Queensland).

Perth is also one of Australian cities nearest the Indian Ocean. Some analysts consider Perth as among the most beautiful cities in the world.

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