Are My BDO Kabayan Savings Passbook and ATM Card Different?

Here are our answers to questions we usually receive about the passbook and ATM card that come with the BDO Kabayan savings account:

1.  Are my passbook and ATM card different?

    Yes, they are different in the sense that one is a passbook and the other is an ATM card.
     But they belong to one and the same account — your account.
     Your passbook and ATM card have one and the same Account Number.
     Your Account Number is on the first page of your passbook.

2.  Eh ano yong 16-digit number na nasa front side ng ATM card?
     Yan ang Card Number. Hindi yan account number. Ginagamit yan to link your ATM card to your account number. 
      You also use that 16-digit number for online payments, kapag ang ATM card mo ay merong Mastercard or Visa logo, merong expiry date at merong 3-digit code sa likod.
       Kung ganito ang ATM card mo, keep it secure, itago mo, kasi kung malaman ng iba ang card number mo, plus the expiry date, and 3-digit code, puede nilang gamitin to pay online. Marami rin kasing online payment processors na hindi na nagve-verify ng ownership ng debit card.

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3.  I always withdraw using my ATM card, what’the use of the passbook?

      For your reference and proof.
      It’s a printed record of your transactions,
      such as deposits, withdrawals, remittances, or transfers, whether through ATM machine, or online or over the counter at BDO.

4.   I have been using my ATM card only, and there’s no record at all in my passbook.

      Your passbook will have records of your transactions only after you present your passbook at a BDO branch for updating.

5.  Is there a deadline or time frame for updating?
     None. You can request for passbook updating every month, or every several months, depending on your need.

6.  Is there a fee for updating?


7.  Are you required to deposit or withdraw when you update?


8.  After someone abroad sends money to my Kabayan, do I need to update my passbook before I can withdraw using my ATM card?

     No. You can withdraw through the ATM as soon as your remittance gets posted into your account.

9. Is the number on my ATM card my account number?

     No, that is not your account number. Your account number is on the first page of your passbook.
     Your account number consists of 10 digits. It has 12 digits if you include 00.

     The 16-digit number on your ATM card is your ATM card number. It’s used by the bank for reference and tracking.

10.  Can I withdraw over-the-counter using my passbook?  
      Yes, usually if you’re withdrawing a big amount.
       For smaller amounts, it’s easier and faster to withdraw from the ATM machine.

11.  Is there a fee to withdraw over-the counter at a different branch?

       Yes. It’s 100 pesos.
        Update: Wala na raw fee. Libre na, kasi BDO Kabayan account.

12.   Is Kabayan only for remittance from abroad? 
        Can anyone deposit to my Kabayan account over-the-counter?

         No, it’s not only for remittance.
         Yes, anyone can deposit to your Kabayan account over the counter.

13.  Is there a deposit fee?

        But if you opened your account in Metro Manila, and someone deposits to your account in Laguna or in the Visays the deposit fee is 100 pesos.  This is called interbranch deposit fee. It’s charged when account branch and deposit location are in different phone area zones.
Update: Wala na raw fee. It’s free for BDO Kabayan.

14.  I opened my Kabayan account abroad.  Can I use my ATM card abroad?

       Not yet. You will have to activate your ATM card first in the Philippines.
       When you take your vacation in the Philippines, activate by changing your ATM PIN at a BDO ATM machine.

15.  If my ATM card is not yet active, is my Kabayan account active? Can I send money to it?

       Even if your ATM card is not yet active, your Kabayan account is already active. Yes, you can send money to it.

16.  I activated my ATM card when I was in the Philippines. But I forgot my ATM PIN. What should I do so I can use it here abroad? 

       If you no longer can remember your PIN, there’s no remedy that you can do there abroad.
       Wait till you get back in the Philippines, so you can go to your BDO branch, ask for a replacement ATM card (a new ATM card), and activate your new card by changing your PIN.

17.  I’m not sure if my BDO Kabayan account is still active. Gusto ko sanang padalhan na yong account ko. My ATM card is not yet activated so hindi ako maka-inquire dito sa abroad. How can I know if my account is still active without calling BDO?
Ask a family member to go to BDO at subukang mag-deposit ng 200 pesos to your account. Mag-fill up ng BDO Deposit slip. Isulat ang account name, account number, amount to deposit and date.
Kapag tinanggap ng teller ang deposit at i-process niya ang deposit, ibig sabihin active pa ang account mo.  Subukan na rin tanungin ng family member mo ng “Kabayan po rin ba ang type of account?”. Some tellers will tell the account type.  Some will ask “Sa iyo ba ang account na ito?”

If you are not sure if your account is still Kabayan or it has been converted into a regular passbook account, maintain at least 10,000 pesos in your account, so it will not suffer a below-maintaining-balance penalty of 300 pesos every month.


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  1. My wife is in abu dhabi, she send me his bdo kabayan atm card, i can active the bdo kabayan atm card here the philippines.. Im her husband.

    1. Hi Elmer, did your wife receive her atm card abroad? I'm not sure if BDO is still implementing their policy of first linking the atm card to the account (for Kabayan opened abroad).
      You can try changing the PIN. Your default PIN or old PIN is 123456. Enter this first, then enter your PIN (the one that you planned as your PIN).
      If you enter the ATM card and the screen says "no existing account, or account invalid, or account on hold, or atm card not linked to an account," it means that BDO is still requiring owners of Kabayan accounts opened abroad to go first in person to their branch of account with valid IDs to have their ATM cards linked to their accounts — this is for security. I'm sad that even families are not allowed to link; it should be the account owners. I hope you can comment again if you were able to change the PIN.

      1. Michael Zamoras

        Good Day sir I have same situation I let my wife activate my card It was already change pin but still account not exist.Do I need to go to Philippines to make it active and they can withdraw money for emergency or I they can link it also by calling sir even i will not go personally

        1. Hi Michael, did you open your account while you’re abroad? If yes, you need to go to a BDO branch in the Philippines with your IDs and link your atm card to your account.


    3. hi maam is there a remedy of linking the atm debit card into the passbook aside from personal appearance of the owner to the brance

  2. is there a fee if someone from abroad deposited in my regular passbook account? He uses internet banking for depositing money in my account.

    1. Hi Catharsis, yes, your sender will pay a remittance fee because it's sent from a certain bank to another bank using an international transfer system. BDO will also deduct an inward remittance fee from the remittance, if this is its agreement with the remittance partner.

    2. Hi Ms.Nora, its my first time to use an Kabayan savings acct because my husband left it to me while his in Oman. So i just want to know if how much is the remittance fee whenever he will send money to his acct. ThAnk u so much.

  3. is it ok to update my passbook in any branch of BDO?

    1. yes, you should be able to

  4. If I deposit money from my passbook is it automatically my atm has a money?

    1. If you deposit money into your passbook, yes, automatically your atm card will have the money, as long as your passbook and atm card belong to the same account.

    2. Ma'am ask lang po, bakit unauthorized po ang lumabas ng nag inquire ung pamangkin ko sa BDO kabayan savings ko sa atm? Gusto ko sana kasi malaman kung napasok ba ung hinihulog ko dito sa abrod kaya Pina check balances ko sa kanya sa pinas. Gusto ko sanang Hulugan ulit pero nag alala ako baka nawala na po ung pera ko sa savings ko.

      1. Hi..I just want to ask if my BDO kabayan account is still active because since jan.2018, I did not use it and I want to use it now..

        1. Hi Mherz, meron bang laman na at least 600 pesos? Kung meron, baka hindi pa naman closed, pero hindi na Kabayan ang status niya. Regular account na siya, at kelangan nang merong at least 10k pesos. Pero yong mga Kabayan accounts opened in 2019, na-extend na to 24 months yong time frame for at least foreign remittance, at kung ma-convert into a regular account, ang required maintaining balance ay 2k pesos na lang.
          Kung walang laman na naiwan, malamang closed na ang account mo. Kung nasa abroad ka, you can call BDO or puede kang magpadeposit over the counter ng 100 pesos sa account mo — kung tanggapin for deposit, ibig sabihin, active pa ang account mo.

          1. Meynard asuncion

            Mam ask ko lang poh kung anytime pwede palitan ang pin password ng bdo atm card q..kc nung nakuha ko nung bago pa napalitan ko na ng password kaya ask ko kung pede ko ulit mapalitan

          2. Hi Meynard, yes, anytime. Advice nga ng BDO is to change PIN from time to time. Tandaan mo lang yong new PIN mo para hindi ka ma-block if you fail to input the correct PIN 3 consecutive times.

  5. I have a question. I receive my kabayan atm last friday july 8 and then I activate it with the pin number after 3hours I check it in the atm machine to check when I start to open it it apears in the machine (does not exits) is there something problem with my atm kabayan?

    1. BDO ATM activation, your Kabayan account exists. It's active. It's your atm card that is not yet activated. Try again on Monday afternoon.

    2. Maam gud eve,ask lang ako paano ko po malaman kung active pa ung bdo passbook ko?d2 po ako ksi sa labas,gusto ko sna hulugan..kaso na confuse ako baka kc nd na active,,ano ggwin ko

  6. Can I use my kabayan bdo passbook and atm abroad?

    1. You can use your atm abroad if it has a Mastercard logo and if you have changed your PIN at a BDO atm in the Philippines. Use a Mastercard-linked machine there. You cannot use your passbook there; it can only be used at a BDO branch here in the Phils.

    2. Mine has only bancnet logo can i use it abroad? I opened my account in the philippines and my father is sending remittance to my account but im in taiwN right now can i withdraw money here?

    3. Mine has only bancnet logo can i use it abroad? I opened my account in the philippines and my father is sending remittance to my account but im in taiwN right now can i withdraw money here?

    4. Hi mam, i would like to ask, nag open ako ng kabayan peso savings acct sa bdo, magagamit ko po ba un sa dubai? Mkkpg withdraw at deposit ako khit nka peso acct.sya o dapat po nka dollar acct.? Thank you

  7. But I had already the receipt thats is already active with the password I choose. Does not exist is it mean its not ready to use within 24hrs?

    1. Yes. Here's the SOP from BDO about card release, pin change and activation. Some new account officers forget to inform new account owners about this, based on questions posted here.

  8. Hi, just want to ask about kabayan remittance. My sister from USA dont know how to send money through my account coz he usually using xoom everytime she send money from me or my mother. But he ask some of bank there and its too expensive. Is there anything way to send money directly to my account and affordable? Not too expenive to send.

  9. Hi can i widraw over the counter using my kabayan passbook here in hongkong?

    1. Withdraw using passbook in HK?: Sorry no. The BDO HK branch is primarily for HK residents and non-residents who opened accounts in HK, USD and other major foreign currencies with that branch.

  10. Hi i just wanna ask..I forgot my pin in my atm,i surrendered it for replacement,is it possible for me to withdraw thru my passbook??i really need your response..Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi ems, yes, you can withdraw using your passbook. Fill up the withdrawal slip. Bring your ID in case they need to see it.

  11. Hi! I'm an OFW I enrolled BDO online banking, the next step is to activate electronic banking until November 20,2016 only. Do I need to go home to Philippines to activate it or there is any other option to activate it here in Dubai?
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Spinst Maddy: Yes, the regular way to activate BDO online banking is through a BDO atm in the Philippines. There's no BDO atm in Dubai, so you cannot activate there.
      When you enrolled, did you check the option "Outside the Philippines"? Because if you checked this, after enrollment, you will be advised that someone from BDO will call you to verify your personal data and instruct you about activation through email or postal mail.
      Did you check "Within the Philippines"?

  12. Hi! I am a seafarer in Indonesia right now. I open my kabayan account in the Philippines but i was not able to change pin. Is it posible to change my pin anywhere in asia? Is my kabayan atm already activated even without changing pin? Thank you for answering

    1. Hi Lhiz Cecilio: Sorry, you won't be able to activate your atm card abroad. It's only at a BDO atm here in the Philippines where you can change your default PIN and activate your card.
      Yes, your account is already active, meaning you can send money for deposit to your Kabayan account. Have you just opened your Kabayan? Remember that if you have not sent money to your Kabayan within 12 months from opening, you need to call BDO if your account is still active.

    2. Hi maam, can I use my passbook instead to withdraw over the counter?

    3. Hi Lhiz Cecilio: Do you mean here in the Philippines? Yes, you can withdraw over the counter at BDO in the Philippines. But sorry, NOT there abroad because there's no BDO branch abroad. There's a BDO HK, but it does not process Philippine-based account transactions.

  13. Can i ask mam what f i send money every month then my mom did not withdraw all the money…'s really safe to save the balance on the passbok….or its safe to save more money on passbok..

    1. Hi Nora: Yes, your money is safe with BDO, but make sure your atm card and passbook are kept in a secure place. It's not easy for others to guess your atm PIN and it's not easy for them to duplicate your exact signature on the withdrawal slip, but it's still wise to keep your atm card and passbook secured.
      If you're not sure if your passbook account is a Kabayan or regular passbook, make sure to keep at least 10k pesos in your account all the time.

  14. Ask again mam f i want to kept my money in kabayan passbok.they have a limit for amount money or nothing…thanks mam

    1. Hi Nora: No, there's no maximum limit in deposit amount or balance. With Kabayan, you can deposit as much as you can. Save as much money as you can.

  15. Hi, i gave my card to my family in philippines and my passbook is with me in dubai, is there any way i can update my passbook in dubai, or i can update it after a year in the philippines when i went for vacation

    1. About passbook update: You can't update your passbook in Dubai because there's no BDO branch there. Yes, you can update your passbook when you take your vacation here after a year.

  16. Hi maam/sir good evening, i just want to ask can i use my bdo kabayan savings atm for debit transaction using my card? Here in saudi arabia

    1. Hi Joshbie: If your atm card, has a Mastercard logo, and you were able to activate your card here at a BDO atm, and the store there in Saudi allows Mastercard swiping, then yes, you can use it there. Siguro next time, keep some more money for your expenses there, so that you don't need to debit from your account, kasi sayang din yong charge. Merong charge ang swiping kasi international use.

    2. if ung Kabayan card pinalagyan ng mastercard logo, no maintaining balance pa rin ba? every month nman sya may foreign remittance. Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi Ms. Nora! Is it possible for my Mom to withdraw a money using my brother's passbook? He is a seaferer and he left his passbook to my Mom's care. My brother intent is to leave his passbook so that my Mom could use it when needed. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Theresa: Your Mom can withdraw money only if your brother gave your Mom signed withdrawal slips, writing the name of your mother as his representative on the withdrawal slip.
      But your mother can have the passbook updated over-the-counter, so you can see the balance.

  18. hello man i have a kabayan passbook and atm..but i forgot my pin # on my kabayan atm.Can i deposit on my account evethough i forgot my pin# thank you.

    1. Hi Bernadette: Yes, you can deposit to your Kabayan account even if you forgot your atm PIN. If you no longer can remember your PIN, you will need to visit your BDO branch with your IDs and request for atm card replacement, so you can input a new PIN.

    2. You can withdraw using your passbook and a withdrawal slip if you don't have yet a new atm card.

    3. hi,asking about BDO kabayan savings
      , why the passbok account and the atm number is different?

    4. Hi saguira: Pareho yan sila ng account number. Ang account number ay yong number sa passbook (12 digits kung merong 00). Sa BDO atm card, hindi nakasulat ang account number sa atm card. Ang 16 digits sa atm card ay card number. Nagagamit ang card number kung mag-swipe sa SM store or if you buy online (if your atm card has Mastercard logot).

    5. Maam pwde po ba magwedrow sa passbook kahit hindi personal

  19. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Ask ko lng po year 2014 po ay ngopen po ako ng account sa BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS ACCOUNT for OFW here in UAE,Dubai nkpag deposit lng po ako ng initial deposit pero hindi ko n po sya naituloy. Now, po ang question ko is kung gusto ko po ulit mgopen ng account in the same bank mgagamit ko pa b ung old account ko or do I need to open na po ba ng ng panibagong account.
    Your Urgent action po is awaited.

    Thanks & Regard,

    1. Hi Christine: Yong old account mo ay na-closed na most likely in 2015, so mag-open ka na lang ng new account. Puedeng with the same bank.

    2. Hi Ms. Norma.

      Thank you for the prompt reply. Paano po pla malalaman kung closed n po tlga ung old account ko?
      Kung sakali po mag open po ako ng panibgong aacount paano po maactivate sa pinas at ano po ung mga requirements pra maactivate? Kung sakali po b na inasikaso ko ngayon in the same day ay makakapag withdraw n po b ako kaagad thru ATM machine and thru OVER THE COUNTER.. Thanks

    3. Hi Christine Joy: How to know for sure if your account is already closed? You can call BDO from abroad: 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000, or you can ask your family or friend to deposit 100 pesos to your Kabayan account at BDO. If the teller does not accept the deposit, it means your account is already closed.
      If you open a new BDO account abroad, usually your passbook and atm card will be available after a month, and your atm card will not yet be active. You cannot use it abroad. You have to activate it at a BDO machine in the Philippines.
      If you open in the Philippines, you can get immediately your passbook, but you have to return to get your atm card, maybe after 5 to 7 days. You activate your atm card by changing the default PIN to your desired PIN at a BDO machine. After activating your card, wait for 24 or 48 hours before using it. Ang sagot is hindi mo agad makukuha ang atm card mo at hindi mo agad magagamit for withdrawal.
      About withdrawing just after you opened your account over the counter, I think puede, kasi puede-puede na ang deposit, but I'm not sure really about withdrawal just after opening. Baka merong unique policy ang BDO.

    4. thank you so much po ms. nora

  20. Good day…po ask ko lang kapag po ba nag open ako ng kabayan savings magkano po ang babayaran ko at my kasama na po ba syang passbook at atm…salamat po

    1. About opening a Kabayan account: To open a Kabayan, dapat meron kang ipe-present na proof that you're an OFW, or an OFW dependent (like recent foreign remittance receipt or OEC). Ang initial deposit is at least 100 pesos. Ibibigay agad sa iyo ang passbook. Puede nang depositohan uli over the counter if you like. You will be asked to return to claim your atm card, maybe after 5 to 7 days.

    2. Dear Ms. Nora,

      Good day.

      Would like to know if it possible for my friend in the Philippines to deposit a cheque(RCBC) on my BDO Kabayan account.I open it in Manila but my friend is from Visayas.
      They already go to the bank but the bank advise them to tell me that I should go to the branch where I open it..My problem is that I'm not in the Philippines right now.

      Awaiting for your kind advise.

      Thank you.

    3. About cheque deposit to Kabayan account: Sorry, but based on comments on our blogs, BDO tellers have rejected cheque deposits to Kabayan accounts. The tellers explained that Kabayan accounts are for remittances and cash deposits only.
      What is your RCBC cheque for? Was it your back pay from your former employer? If it is, have your friend ask your former employer if you can issue a SPA to them so they can reissue your cheque in your trusted family member's name so he can deposit it to his own account, then deposit the money to your Kabayan account when cleared. I hope a SPA there where you are does not cost much.
      Another option is if your family knows a helpful manager or officer of a rural bank there, they can ask for help how they can deposit or encash your cheque.

  21. Hi Miss Nora,

    I would like to ask about the difference between my savings account number and my atm card number. I enrolled my account on paypal and I used the savings account number for the bank and enrolled my atm card number too. I transferred money from paypal to my bank account using the savings account number but it hasn't arrived yet. It has been 5 working days and it said only 2-4 working days for the transfer to be completed. I am worried that the money I transferred went to another account . I used the number on my passbook for the account number. It's my first time doing this online banking thing so it would be great if you could shed some light to me .

    Good day

  22. Good day.

    Question we open kabayan saving account last nov 20 and activate on the same day. I left the atm and passbook at the philippine to my wife. Nngayon nagpadala na ako.nagkakaproblema si misis kasi ang nangyayari after nya ilagay un pin at magwiwithdraw na lalabas pin incorrect o cancel ang transacgion any help


    1. PIN Incorrect: I can't think of any reason why the PIN could be incorrect since you said you already activated. Hindi naman siguro maling number keys ang napipindot ni misis. "Savings" din naman siguro yong type of account that she's pressing. Have she tried another BDO machine?
      If still not successful, ask your wife to update your passbook at your branch so she can see if your remittance has been deposited. And then call BDO to ask
      00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000
      If PIN problem can't be solved, then remit to your wife for Cash Pickup. Or she can open her own Kabayan and you can deposit to that account. Observe which has better exchange rate — remitting in foreign currency, or remitting in peso (already converted in the country where you are sending from).

    2. correction: "HAS she tried another BDO machine?"

    3. For kabayan account only at bdo machine can withdraw? She is using different bank machine.

    4. Good day miss nora.

      After itry ni misis yung atm @ bdo machine Invalid PIN n un nalabas.

      Thanks. God bless

    5. Hi Niño: Sabi mo you activated on the same day, meaning you changed the default PIN into your own PIN, di ba ganon? Meron kang nakita na similar to "Your PIN change was successful". Kaya I can't think of any reason why your PIN is invalid or incorrect. And sadly, it's only you who can go to your branch to ask, kasi ito ay iyong account. It's also only you who can request for a replacement card in case your PIN does not work.
      You can write your inquiry here: BDO Contact Page. You can also call BDO, toll-free if you use a landline: 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

    6. If i will send an authorization email to the branch. Can my wife ask the bank with the authorization email and marriage contract


  23. Good afternoon tanong ko lang po kong pwede ko pong i update at mag withdraw ang passbook ko sa ibang branch… Thank you

  24. Good afternoon pwede ko po bang i update at mag withdraw sa passbook ko sa ibang bdo branch thank you.

    1. Hi nikki: Yes, puedeng pa-update ang passbook at any branch. Yong sa pagwidro, merong branch na ayaw, merong branch na okay. Bring your valid IDs so you can present them if needed.

  25. Kong last hulog ko poh sa kabayan saving ko ay last July 2015 mkukuha ko poh ba ng buo ung laman ng passbook pwede ko poh ba un mkuha sa khit anong branch ng bdo.?thank u poh.

    1. Hi Moiz: Ang balance mo ba noong July 2015 ay 10,000 pesos or more? If yes, oo makukuha mo nang buo. Kung less than, meron nang bawas yon. Noong July 2016, bale 12 months na siya na walang foreign remittance, so na-convert siya into a regular passbook account. Pag regular account, required na ang 10k pesos na maintaining balance. Kung less than 10k ang balance mo, puedeng nabawasan na ng around 1,200 pesos (4 months x 300 pesos).
      Yes, puede kang magwidro sa ibang branch using your passbook. Bring your valid IDs baka hanapin. Merong mga branches na strict, at ituturo ka sa iyong own branch, pero makiusap ka sa manager. Or use your atm card para mawidro mo kahit saan.

  26. Panu poh un..nong bgo poh ako nag abroad kumuha poh ako ng kabayan saving account ko pero po 'wala po silang binigay na ATM sa akin passbook lng poh….nkkkuha pa poh ba aq ng ATM..???.at pwd poh ba aq kumuha ng ATM kahit anong branch poh.???thank u poh.

    1. Hi Moiz: Binabalikan kasi yong atm card after 5 to 7 days from date of opening. Dapat nasabi sa iyo ng bank officer. You are required to get your atm card at your own branch.

  27. .meron pa poh akong tanong mam..kc po walang cnbi sa kin dati ang bank officer na balikan ko ATM…kya hndi ko poh nkuha….ngaun poh na nsa pinas na poh ako pwd ko pa poh bang kunin ung ATM ko..???…at ilang araw ko poh bgo mkuha un..???.thanks poh mam..waiting for ur kindly reply.

  28. good pm po sir/,maam ask ko lang po sana saan abanda dtio yung 00 na tinutokoy mo na hindi kasali sa account number sa passbook eto po sa passbok ex. 010070051835

  29. Hello po maam, ask q lng poh..meron poh kc aKong ate from Canada.. Kung magpdla poh ba xa pwede bng ibigay Ko lng bank account Ko at direct n nyang hulugan

  30. Hi po. Pwede po bang i update sa BDO SM marilao branch ung passbook ko? Nag pa open po kasi ako sa PADRE FAURA branch sa malate nung nag PDOS ako. Thank you.

    1. Updating of BDO Kabayan passbook: Yes, puedeng ipa-update sa ibang branch ang passbook. Yong iba nga, puede ring magwithdraw over the counter kahit ibang branch, tanungin mo lang.

  31. hi powh..ask ko lang powh bat selected account does not exist ung kabayan saving pag nagbal.inj.and withdraw powh..thank you//pls help..

  32. hi powh..ask ko lang powh bat selected account does not exist ung kabayan saving pag nagbal.inj.and withdraw powh..thank you//pls help..
    nagopen powh sa dubai tas pinadala nia powh dito pinas..

  33. Hello po Ms. Nora. My friend wants to send me money from HK. Kailangan bang may BDO Account din siya sa HK? Or pwede lang na sa Cebuana Lhuillier siya magpadala doon tapos direct na ma-deposit sa BDO Kabayan account ko? Usually, Cebuana Lhuillier kasi siya magpadala sa akin. So gusto ko this time sa BDO ko para di maging regular passbook yung account ko which is mag maintain ng 10k. Salamat po.

  34. Hi maam, I want to open a kabayan savings account here in qatar is there any processes about my atm when I come back to the Philippines? Or I can withdraw directly as I want?

  35. Hello there. I opened my bdo kabayan account here in abroad. And I'm using it as my savings Also I didn't change my pin yet coz there's no chance to have my vacation in Phils. Is it okay if I will change my ATM pin after 3 to 4 years once I'll get back to Phils.??? But I'm still continuing to send money to it?? Another concern is one of my family from Phils could send money to my bdo kabayan savings account? Are they allowed? for example.

  36. Good day ms.nora,
    May kabayan passbook na po ako..wala pa pong atm kasi nka alis nkoh bago pa po irelease..pwd po ba akong magdeposit sa passbook ko as savings?panu ko po ma uupdate? Salamat po

  37. Good day ms.nora,
    May kabayan passbook na po ako..wala pa pong atm kasi nka alis nkoh bago pa po irelease..pwd po ba akong magdeposit sa passbook ko as savings?panu ko po ma uupdate? Salamat po

  38. Hello! My atm card is broken and I only have the passbook. For example I open my BDO Kabayan Account in Mandaluyong Dansalan Branch. Is it possible that I can withdraw over the counter in different branch like in Aklan Branch? Thank you! Hoping for a quick response.

    1. pwede daw po, may charge daw ata 100php

    2. pwede daw po, may charge daw ata 100php

  39. Good day po! Yung uncle ko OFW sa Saudi iniwan nya yung BDO Kabayan savings passbook nya sa akin. The problem po is nag huhulog sya ng pera nag a update sa system ng bdo pero hindi pumapasok dun sa passbook nya. Sabi po ng BDO personnel kelangan iupdate mismo sa branch kung saan inopen ang account. Pwede po bang ako ang mag update or makipag transact sa BDO?

  40. Hello . What to do? Please help me . I use my card and I enter the wrong password. This is the 2nd time. Kailangan ko ksi mag wid. Hindi nkse pwede mgmit acc. Ko pwede sya kso bukas pa . Can i use my passbook para makapag withdraw?

    1. Passbook withdrawal: Oo, puedeng gamitin ang passbook to withdraw over the counter. Fill up the withdrawal slip. Pero bakit sabi mo hindi pa puedeng gamitin ngayon ang account mo dahil bukas pa dapat? Na-dormant ba ang account mo at kaka-activate mo pa lang? At sabi ng BDO, bukas ka pa puedeng magwidro? Kung ganito nga ang case mo ay bukas ka pa puedeng magwidro, ke atm or over the counter.
      Pero kung andiyan ka na sa branch, try mo na ring magwidro over the counter.

    2. Mam Nora pending pa po yung activation ng online banking ko kasi failed ako sa verification ng bdo pero nagpass nko ng requirements through courier at na received npo ng bdo main nung Jan.11 pa po…bakit po kaya di pa nila inactivate at safe po ba na hinuhulugan ko pa yung account ko?

    3. Hi Jayson: Yong BDO officer ba na nakausap mo sa phone ang nagsabi na magpadala ka ng documents by courier to BDO? Kasi merong mga comments dito na sinuspende raw ng BDO ang pagtanggap ng online banking from abroad kasi meron daw silang na-discover na fraudulent enrollment.
      Ang best way ay to call BDO again and ask them about your enrollment and your account. Free call if you use ask a landline there where you are: International Access Code-800-8-6318000

  41. or puedeng 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

  42. Hello Mam Nora,

    I opened my bdo kabayan account here in abroad. And I'm using it as my savings Also I didn't change my pin yet coz there's no chance to have my vacation in Phils. Is it okay if I will change my ATM pin after 3 to 4 years once I'll get back to Phils.??? But I'm still continuing to send money to it?? Another concern is one of my family from Phils could send money to my bdo kabayan savings account? Are they allowed? for example.hope you can help me.. 😉 thank you mam..

    1. Hello Christialyn: Yes, you can continue to send money to your account even if you have not changed your default atm PIN. Your account is active; it's only your atm card that is not active.
      Yes, you can change your default PIN when you get back here even after several years. But you need to go to your branch first to link your atm card to your account, as years have passed by. Or you can call BDO upon arrival at the airport: 631 8000.
      Yes, your family member or anyone can send money to your account. Anyone can deposit to your account over the counter. In fact, this is one way to test that your account is active. If the teller accepts a deposit to your account over-the-counter, this means your account is active.
      Important: You should send money to your account at least once every 12 months so that it remains a Kabayan account. But based on what you said, it seems you're sending regularly, so that's great. If you have a landline there, you can call BDO to ask about your balance toll-free:
      International Access Code-800-8-6318000

  43. Hi ma'am. I would like to ask kasi mom and i ko nag open ng joint BDO kabayan account. And passbook noya nasa akin. May I know po kung pano malaman if pumasok ang pera at ma update siya sa passbook? Thank you.

    1. Hi BDO kabayan joint-account owner: "OR" ba ang joint account ninyo? Merong "OR" between your name and your mother's name sa passbook? If yes, puede mong i-enroll sa BDO online banking ang account nio. Punta ka lang dito: BDO online banking enrollment, then click "Enroll Now".
      Puede ka ring pumunta sa any BDO branch and magpa-update sa teller. Sabihin mo lang "Puede pong pa-update?" as you present your passbook.

  44. Hi Ms. Nora!
    I have opened a BDO Kabayan Savings Account here in UAE, my question is can I send my ATM card to my boyfriend and have it activated in the Philippines and also can I enroll to online banking here abroad? Please advise.

    Thank you very much!

  45. Good day.. i'm in south korea and my wife in the philippines has my passbook and atm.. unfortunately she's unable to enter the right PIN in the atm that i gave to her due to wrong pin. What should she will do for able to reset pin and withdraw money from mu remittance?

  46. Hi Genesis: She can try again after 24 hours. The PIN automatically resets after 24 hours. If the correct PIN can no longer be remembered, a new atm card should be requested from BDO so that a new PIN can be entered. And I'm sorry that your wife cannot make the request for a new atm card because she's not the account owner. It should be you in person at the branch.
    One solution is for her to send you a withdrawal slip and authorize her to withdraw and sign, and then send back to her the withdrawal slip. Another option is to send your next remittance for CASH PICKUP at BDO. Your wife can present your passbook to the teller for updating so you'll know your remittance has been credited to your account.

    1. She has my passbook.. can she withdraw money from my passbook?

    2. Hi Genesis: No, because it is not her passbook. You can authorize her to withdraw using BDO's withdrawal slip. She can send you the withdrawal slip, you sign it and then you send it back to her. Sign only, do not write your name and account number — for security purposes. She will fill up the rest with the same ink color.

    3. So i still need to write an authorization letter or does she need to bring any id's?

  47. Hi, Ms. Nora!
    Nag-open po ako ng Kabayan Savings Account Jan 2013 at umalis ng Pinas Feb 2013, nakapagwithdraw ako ng pera bago umalis dahil sa deposit ng ate ko. Yun ang huling deposit at withdrawal. Closed account na po ba iyon? Saan makikita ang status ng account at ma clear ang dormant fee, kung meron man? Salamat po!

    1. BDO Kabayan opened in Jan 2013: Sorry, closed na ang account mo noon pang March or April 2014, kasi ang rule ng BDO is dapat merong at least isang remittance from abroad every 12 months. Kung walang foreign remittance after 12 months, ma-convert ang Kabayan into a regular passbook account at meron nang maintaining balance requirement na 10k pesos. Kung lower than 10k, mababawasan ng 300 pesos na penalty every month. Kung naubos na ang laman to pay the penalty, ma-automatic closed na.
      Puede kang tumawag sa BDO: International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

    2. Maraming salamat po!

    3. Mam Nora pwide po ba na ang husband ko humawak sa passbook with atm ko kasi sya na man ang amgddeposit habang nasa indonesia ako

  48. Ang dormant account ay account na walang withdrawal or deposit sa loob ng 24 months, pero merong balance. Kung lower than maintaining-balance ang laman, puede ring maubos ang laman dahil sa penalty kung hindi mare-activate agad at mapunuan yong kulang para ma-maintain.

  49. Ma'am pwede po ba magpadala ang relatives ko abroad to my kabayan account from other bank,not bdo?

    1. Sending money from abroad to Kabayan through a non-BDO bank: Yes, puedeng-puede. Pero mas mabilis ang arrival at mas mura ang remittance fee kapag magpadala sila ng pera using a BDO remittance partner. Ang mga global partners of BDO are Moneygram, Xoom, Xpress Money, Wells Fargo, RIA. Meron ding mga BDO Remit offices at iba pang partners

  50. Hi Ms. Nora!
    I have opened a BDO Kabayan Savings Account here in UAE, my question is can I send my ATM card to my boyfriend and have it activated in the Philippines and also can I enroll to online banking here abroad? Please advise.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Charmaine, yes, puedeng gawin yan, kelangan lang na sure ka doon sa pagpadalhan mo ng atm card, at dapat konti lang muna ang laman.
      This is
      How to Enroll in BDO Online Banking while abroad . Dapat tandaan mo yong mga isusulat mo sa online form para mag-match ang mga data mo pag tatawagan ka na ng BDO for verification.

    2. Hi Ms. Nora, Thank you for your advise.
      I already received my passbook and atm that I recently opened here in UAE. I also did already the online banking application. Today I received a call (though in my phone shows unknown caller) from a BDO agent and asked me few only firmly asked me about my address which I strongly believed that what I answered is what I written in my application form. And then she told me that some details did not match so for my account verification I have to mail to the branch of account the following documents like passport copy, local government issued I.d and front copy of my atm card.

      If I fail to submit these all, will my bank account be deactivated or it's just my online application?

      Thank you for answering.

  51. if i have kabayan atm card can i use it to pay airlines online purchase ticket?

    1. Hi yang sang, if your atm card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, yes, you can use it to pay your airline ticket online. Your card should have your name on it, a 16-digit number, an expiry date and a 3-digit number at the back of the card.

  52. HI mam nora,

    Can i deposit checks in bdo kabayan savings?..

    1. Hi jil: If you opened your account here in the Philippines, and have deposited cash already previously, yes, you should be able to deposit a cheque into your Kabayan.

    2. Good morning poh..ask q lng poh pde poh ba mgopen ng kabayan savings dito poh s abroad pero my account n poh aq s pinas peso savings poh…thanks poh

  53. I opened BDO Kabayan savings account in Manila, I am now here in Kuwait and I lost my atm card, can I request for a new atm card at any BDO branch (Davao , my locality) or I should be requesting a new atm card to the branch I opened the account to?

  54. Hi Ma'am, Magkano po ma withdraw ko every day using may kabayan ATM card?
    Thanks po.

    1. BDO Kabayan atm withdrawal: Ang maximum amount you can withdraw per day is 50,000 pesos. Ang maximum kada withdrawal ay 10,000 pesos (BDO machines). Ilang beses puedeng magwidro sa isang araw? Up to 5 times lang.
      If you need more money, withdraw over the counter, kasi passbook account naman ang Kabayan.

  55. Hi, how many days to wait para magreflect ung pera sa kabayan account? today for example na deposit from south korea. thank you!

    1. Hi lyrapuedeng ma-credit sa account mamyang gabi or tomorrow, based on my experience.
      Kapag Moneygram for cash pickup, yon ang puedeng kunin agad.

  56. hi. i lost my passbook and forget my account number.but i have my atm card kabayan savings with me.what should i do? i want to deposit a money. i lost it about a month ago.

  57. Hi maria: It's almost impossible that someone can use your passbook to withdraw, that they can imitate exactly your signature on BDO's records, but do you feel comfortable that your passbook maybe in someone's hands?
    If you have a big amount in your account (more than 10k pesos), you should call BDO and tell them you lost your passbook, and that you request them to hold your account. There will be no penalty, as your balance is more than 10k pesos (the maintaining balance requirement).
    Ask them also your account number. Tell them your 16-digit atm card number.
    International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

  58. Hi maria: By the way, if your account is put on hold, you cannot deposit or send money to it, until the time you get back in the Philippines, and have your passbook replaced. Ask the BDO officer when you call

  59. Can i open an another account if already have account..thanks

  60. Hi Cobbie, yes, but it should be another type of account. If you already have Kabayan, then open an atm-only account, or a dollar account or a regular passbook account.

    1. Thanks mam..but I have a peso savings account..i want to open a kabayan savings account can i open a kabayan savings?thank you

  61. hi mam i just want to ask what is the requirement for requesting for a replacement of kabayan savings passbook. i lost it in our house a few months ago since i always use my atm card to widraw but my husband advised me to get a replacement passbook because we might need a proof of reference in d future. i just want to ask waht are the requirements and is it hard to apply for the replacement how much is the fee for this and how many days will i get it. thank you

  62. Can I link BDO Kabayan to my paypal account? how much will be the charges per withdrawals?

  63. hello maam nora in my case i have my kabayan passbook and atm here i already activated my atm.maam is it possible to do transaction in atm with out updating my passbook?

  64. Mam ask ko lang po about BDO dollar accnt namin ng mam ko, kasi po bago sya umalis ng banda e nagpajoint accnt po kami sa BDO ngayon po bakit ganun bawala po ako mag deposit ng cheque nya galing US and bawal na daw po ako pirma sa likod ng cheque,, pano po un e naka joint accnt naman po kami…kaya nga po kaki ng joint accnt para ako maka deposit and withdraw habang wala sya until june.. monthly cheque po ang nadating.. salamat po sa reply asap

  65. Hello Ms.Nora,
    I really like to make an online banking using my bdo kabayan card. However,it seems there is no chance co'z my card is not active yet. Do you have some advice to make it happen. Is it possible to make request thru email & send it to the branch to activate my ATM card and I will just change the pin online instead so I can use it? Don't know when I'll be back in Philippines. ;( hope you can help me.

  66. Hello Ms.Nora,
    I really like to make an online banking using my bdo kabayan card. However,it seems there is no chance co'z my card is not active yet. Do you have some advice to make it happen. Is it possible to make request thru email & send it to the branch to activate my ATM card and I will just change the pin online instead so I can use it? Don't know when I'll be back in Philippines. ;( hope you can help me.

  67. hi. just want to ask, is there a 100 charge everytime someone sends me a remittance? last month i was charged for 100 when i received my remittance then this month i was charged again.

  68. Hi mam nora, just want to ask if how much is the service fee everytime you check your balance inquiry using kabayan savings atm here in Saudi?

  69. hi ma'am i just want to ask something. there is someone send me a money but he send it in my atm number is it ok?

  70. hi ma'am i just want to ask something. there is someone send me a money but he send it in my atm number is it ok?

    1. Hi isay: If your atm card is a cash card, the remittance will be credited to your cash card. If your account is a Kabayan or regular atm account, most likely, the money will not be posted, as it should be the account number that was used.
      If after 5 days, the remittance is not posted, go to your branch and ask. You might have to ask your sender to go back to where he/she sent the money and change the card number to your account number.

  71. Hi Ms. Nora, Thank you for your advise.
    I already received my passbook and atm that I recently opened here in UAE. I also did already the online banking application. Today I received a call (though in my phone shows unknown caller) from a BDO agent and asked me few only firmly asked me about my address which I strongly believed that what I answered is what I written in my application form. And then she told me that some details did not match so for my account verification I have to mail to the branch of account the following documents like passport copy, local government issued I.d and front copy of my atm card.

    If I fail to submit these all, will my bank account be deactivated or it's just my online application?

    And if I willno longer proceed to my account verification is it safe still to deposit money to my account?

    Thank you for answering.

    1. Online enrollment verification by phone call: Your account will still be active even if you will not complete your online banking enrollment. What will not be active is your online banking.
      About account security: Yes, your account is safe even if you will not verify your online banking enrollment. Those documents that you were asked to send to your branch is only for the purpose of activating your online banking enrollment. Your account is already active.
      About your atm card: It's not yet active. You will need to change your default PIN at a BDO machine in the Philippines

    2. Re: Thank you very much Ms. Nora for taking time in answering my questions.

      You are indeed a big help, especially for the OFW's like me.

      Thank you and God bless you!

  72. Hello Ms.Nora,
    I really like to make an online banking using my bdo kabayan card. However,it seems there is no chance co'z my card is not active yet. Do you have some advice to make it happen. Is it possible to make request thru email & send it to the branch to activate my ATM card and I will just change the pin online instead so I can use it? Don't know when I'll be back in Philippines. ;( hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.

  73. Ma'am nora, i purchased online using my kabayan mastercard, will the purchase history be saved on my passbook if i updated it in bank? THANKS foe answering

    1. Purchase history on BDO passbook: Yes, it will appear on your passbook, but it's not detailed. You will see only the date, amount (under debit) and the code DM for Debit Memo.
      If the purchase is recent, I think you can see the name of the merchant thru your BDO online banking via "My Transactions"

  74. I lost my passbook, can i still withdraw over the counter? what should i do about the lost passsbook? can i ask for another one?

    1. About lost passbook: Without your passbook, you cannot withdraw over the counter. Report the loss of your passbook asap. Yes, you should ask for a replacement passbook. Bring your IDs. They might ask you to present an Affidavit of Loss of Passbook.

  75. Hi po ! I have kabayan bdo account can my father withdraw sa account ko by a withdrawal slip lang po?
    Nsa abroad po kasi a ko��

    1. Father will withdraw: Kung napirmahan mo yong representative authorization sa withdrawal slip at eksaktong match ang pirma mo sa withdrawal slip at yong pirma mo sa record ng BDO at dala ng father mo ang passbook mo, puedeng makawidro ang father mo.

    2. At dapat meron ding valid ID ang father mo.

  76. Hi maam good day!
    May BDO kabayan savings at ATM ako kaso ATM ko walang MasterCard diko magamit pambile online paano po kaya yun pwede ba papalitan and pag pinalitan magkano na maintaining balance nya 100 padin ba?

    1. Hi mcrenzie, kung palaging merong nagpapadala sa Kabayan account mo from abroad, hindi na kelangan ang maintenance. About your atm card, puede kang pumunta sa BDO branch mo at mag-request ng merong Mastercard. Titingnan nila kung maraming beses magpadala ang sender mo sa Kabayan mo.
      Kung gusto mo ng pambili online, puede kang bumili ng Smart PayMaya Mastercard sa Smart, 150 pesos lang, kung Smart ang SIM mo. Kung Globe naman, puedeng Smart PayMaya Visa. Puede ring PayMaya virtual card , walang bayad. Basahin mo lang ito: PayMaya Visa or Mastercard virtual cards. Pang-OFWs ang nakasulat dito, pero puede naman for anyone.

  77. Hi M'am,

    Magandang Araw po. Tanung ko lang po ang KABAYAN savings account po ba ay para lang sa mga OFW. in case po kasi umuwi ako at mag premanent na kelangan ko ba echange ang acccount ko sa regular saving account? at kahit san bang branch pwede ako mag update ng passbook o kaya mag palit ng status ng account? you reply well be appreciated. salamat po.

    1. Change Kabayan to regular account: Yes, ang Kabayan was designed for OFWs. Walang maintenance basta magpadala lang from time to time from abroad. Kung wala nang foreign remittance within 12 months dahil andito ka na sa Philippines, automatic na siyang maging regular account at required na ng at least 10k pesos na maintaining balance. Pero kung gusto mong mag-open ng BDO atm account dahil 2k lang ang maintenance nito, puede. Pa-update mo ang Kabayan mo then iwidro mo na lang lahat yong balance mo over the counter (kahit saang branch) then mag-open ka ng atm account. Mas mababa ang maintenance niya — 2k pesos lang.
      Yes, you can update your passbook kahit saang branch.

  78. hello maam, may kabayan savings passbook at atm with mastercard logo po ako, hindi po sya pwede pangbook hotel abroad like Singapore?

    1. Hi Janelle: Puedeng pang-book ng hotel online ang Kabayan Mastercard debit card. Kung walang debit card na option, choose credit card.
      Kung gamitin mo naman in person sa mismong hotel sa Singapore, depende sa hotel kung yong swipe gadget nila ay linked to Mastercard. But most hotels should have both Visa and Mastercard. To be sure, bring cash for backup in case your debit card won't work abroad.

  79. Good morning Maam, bakit po ganun- i tried booking hotel online po pero declined po sya

    1. Hi Janelle: Nakaka-puzzle din nga yang Kabayan, kasi marami ding nagko-comment dito na they can use their Kabayan online at meron ding mga hindi nakakagamit, kahit MasterCard-linked naman ang cards nila. I think meron ding compatibility issues ang mga systems na ginagamit ng mga merchants, kasi yong EastWest Visa debit card ko ay hindi ko rin magamit to pay Globe online. You can call BDO.
      Kung walang ibang paraan, if you like, you can try virtual PayMaya Visa, kasi nagamit ko siya sa Globe at iba pa. Puede ring PayMaya Smart Mastercard. Download mo lang ang PayMaya app from Apple Store or Google Play. Free. At lodan mo lang through BDO online banking. Sa BDO bills payment to PayMaya, use your registered phone as your reference number.
      For more information about PayMaya:

    2. When loading PayMaya via BDO online banking, nake-credit ang load after 2 hours, basta between 9am and 10pm on weekdays

  80. ask ko lng po mag sasaudi po kasi ako then kakaopen ko lng dito sa pinas ng bdo kabayan at balak ko iwan sa nanay ko ang passbook at atm. pag magpadala po ba ako from saudi to my account sa pinas mas makakamura po ba ko sa remittance

    1. Hi jin: Mas maganda na papalitan mo na into peso yong riyal mo doon, then ipadala mo sa BDO Kabayan mo. Kasi maraming nakapansin na mababa ang palitan ng BDO sa mga dollars or riyal na ipinapadala sa Kabayan account.
      About sa remittance fee, mag-observe ka na lang. Tingnan mo na hindi tataas sa 25 riyals ang remittance fee. Kapag mga 16 riyals, okay na. Try mo Enjaz at Al Zamil. Here's a list of BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia.

  81. Tanong ko lang po may branch po ba ang BDO sa ibang bansa. O mga partner agency remittance center. Saan po pwdng mg update ng passbook pag nasa ibang bansa na. Thanks po.

  82. Hello po. Ask lang po kung pwede po bang gamitin ung bdo kabayan savings card to purchase online products like sa Amazon po? Thank you po ng Marami.

    1. Use Kabayan to buy online?: Yes, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, has an expiry date and a 3-digit security code at the back. Choose the "credit card" option.
      There are online sites though that are strict, and their system rejects debit cards being used as credit cards.
      If you like, you can apply for a free PayMaya virtual card, load your virtual card through your online banking, and use it to buy online. Just go to

  83. Good evening ma'am/sir. Am I going to sign at the back of my Kabayan Savings Card, (ATM)?

  84. Hi Ma'am last sept. Po hinulugan ng sister kong asa abroad ung kabayan atm koh and na widraw ko na toh ang tanda ko my balance ung atm kong 400.00.,Then now andto na po ako sa singapore dala ko ang atm at passbook ko gusto ko pong lagyan yung atm ko. Pwede ko po ba itong hlugan ang bank account ko thru western union?

  85. Hello mam nora,

    Good am po.. i just read some of the comments here.. well one of those comments ay pareho problem ko.. pero may konti difference.
    regarding sa problem ko. Well yesterday lang kasi emergency talaga.. yung situation kasi last 2015 nag open account ang mama ko sa bdo.. passbook.. dpat joint account kami kaso di ako pumayag kasi that time wala pa daw passbook with atm.. sabi ko sa mama ko wala pa passbook with atm.. mga after 2 months pa mgpprocess yung atm sabi ko sa mama ko siya na lang muna tutal may bank account naman ako sa iba.. then by march bumalik na sa abroad mama ko.. iniwan niya passbook niya sakin.. then heres the problem.. nagka emergency kasi yesterday. we need to withdaw sa bank niya.. kasi gagamitin namin yung pera here in the philippines asap. ang problema. wala siya iniwan id and any signature with widrawal slip..
    so ang possible way is isend yung withdrawal slip sa kanya sa abroad.. kaso need na talaga yung money by monday.. sabi ng mama ko try ko daw pumunta sa branch ng bdo.. then sabihin yung situation.. present ko yung conversation namin.. saka yung passport na pic na sinend niya.. para if ever maka withdraw ako agad.. or by chance ask ko na pa add niya ako as joint account.. para wla na muna problem sa signature.. emergency kasi talaga.. pwede kaya yun.? i have all the documents naman and proofs. pupunta ako mamaya sa bank.. sana po matulungan mo kami.. if ever any suggestion or advice na maibibigay.. salamat po wait ko na lang reply niyo. thanks.

  86. Hi. Can I ask u regarding my acct. I am an online freelancer and i thought that it would be okay to send money to the 16dgit which is tge number on the atm card. It has been 4days and until now my money didnt reach my account. 🙁 what could be the possible solution for this. I used payoneer to bdo kabayan (atm card 16dgits) pls reply. Badly need your help

  87. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Ask ko.lang kung papano idedeposit ung cheque ko sa pilipinas eh nasa saudi arabia ako ngaun.?kabayan saving account lang ako meron ms. Nora. At ung ka office mate ko ung pinapadeposit per BDO hindi daw pwede sa kabayana saving kasi cash deposit lng daw.anu po pwede ko gawin.

    Para madeposit sa kabayan savings account ko ung cheque.
    Please help ms. Nora.

  88. Mine has only bancnet logo can i use it abroad? But I opened my kabayan saving account in the Philippines because my father whose also in abroad is sending money to my account but im in taiwan right now can i withdraw money here using my atm kabayan card?there are atm machine in every 7/11 store here can i withdraw money from it?

  89. Mine has only bancnet logo can i use it abroad? But I opened my kabayan saving account in the Philippines because my father whose also in abroad is sending money to my account but im in taiwan right now can i withdraw money here using my atm kabayan card?there are atm machine in every 7/11 store here can i withdraw money from it?

  90. Daming ngtatanong pkireply nan poh kmi thnx

  91. Hi po may tatanong lang po ako pag nabigay ba yung account number sa customer mo at di pa sya nakakapag deposit may possibilities bang makapag withdraw sya without atm card? Pero alam nya po ang account number ko. Thank you sa makakasagot

    1. Withdraw using only account number: No, the customer will not be able to withdraw, kasi wala siyang atm card. Sa over the counter, hindi rin siya puedeng makawidro kasi hahanapan siya ng passbook kung passbook with atm ang account, at kung atm account only, papawidrohin siya sa machine, or hahanapan siya ng atm card and valid IDs and kelangang pareho ang signature na nasa files ng BDO.

  92. hi mam nagpadala po kasi kapatid ko sa kabayan savings acc. ko and then nag check ako through atm machine balance inq.but the problem is di po nadagdagan pera ko i mean d po pumasok yung padala

    1. Hi Mellard : Wait lang ng up to 3 days, baka merong delay sa remittance process. I hope walang mali sa account name and number.

  93. Gud pm Maam Nora, Tanong ko lang po, nandito ako sa qatar, pwede po ba ung ate ko na nasa pilipinas i deposit ung pera sa account number ko?

    1. Deposit Money in Another Person's Account: Ang account mo ba ay account sa any bank dito sa Philippines? Yes, puedeng kahit sino ay magdeposit sa account mo. Kabayan account ba ito? Yes, puedeng depositohan dito ng kahit sino.

    2. Hello po ms nora.. Saan kopo ba makikits ang enrollment reference number sa kabayan savings balak ko pong e enroll tru online banking.. Salamat

  94. Pwede po ba ma withdraw gmit ang passbook sa kabayan savings ng asawa ko ako po mag wiwidraw sa ibang bansa po sya

    1. Withdraw using passbook of spouse: Sorry hindi puede kasi hindi mo passbook. Puede lang makawidro kung napirmahan ng spouse mo yong withdrawal slip (authorized representative portion), ipe-present mo yong passboook at valid ID ng spouse mo.
      Iche-check ng bank if the signature on the withdrawal slip is the same as the signature on their files.
      Ang puede: Puede mong ipa-update yong passbook para makita mo yong balance.

    2. ID mo rin pala ay required. I forgot.

    3. Hello mam .. can i ask some question ? Pwede po ba akong mag widraw over the counter kht hndi ako may ari sa mother kopo un binigay na skn .. dhl ung atm card kinain po so i decide to widraw using a passbook ??

  95. Hello ma'am. Nag open po kasi ako ng kabayan account ko last year june 22. Open pa din po ba account ko kung madedepositohan ulit sya? Thanks!

  96. Hello po tanong ko lang, nag open po ako ng BDO Kabayan Savings dito sa Dubai. Pero wala po ung pin number ang binigay lang sakin e yung passbook at yung ATM card. Paano po kaya un? Madali ko lang ba mapa-activate yun pag uwi ko kahit wala ung pin number? Please Thank you po

  97. hello po paano po magpadala sa beneficiary mo sa kbs account po?japan location po nalilito po kasi ako

  98. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Medyo hesitant po akong gamitin ang online cash remittance pick up anywhere ng bdo, any advise po if it is safe, ( online transaction )


    1. Safe naman po gamitin ang online banking. I've been using it for 3 years now

  99. Hi po ma'am can i deposit my own money in kabayan sàvings account? Para po mag-ipon? Is there any problem with that?

  100. Hello,poh ask ko lng poh pde ko poh ba iaply ng mobile banking or online banking ang passbook lng wala po aq atm kabayan saving account poh un passbook ko,pr poh ma update ko un naihuhulog sa account ko nadala ko poh kc abroad un passbook ko.

  101. hello po.. my BDO kabayan po ako. kaso ma dedeactivate sya kapag hindi na depositan galing ibang bansa. Nakakareceive ako ng money through Paypal nga lang. Kapag po ba nilagyan ko ng pera yung Kabayan galing Paypal hindi na sya ma dedeactivate? counted po kaya yun? salamat po sa sasagot.

  102. Hello meron po bang limit sa pagpapadala ng pera from US to Philippines using Kabayan Savings?

  103. Good day po.
    Ask ko po if pwede po gawing joint account ang Kabayan Savings ko sa BDO kahit ang husband ko po ay nasa Riyadh KSA? Ano po mha documents needed po sakali? Thanks po in advance.

  104. Helo mam..ask ko lng po.ngopen po aq ng acount last sep 2016.till now dq p xa nggmit for remmitance.ngonline banking aq today naoopen ko.p xa.ngtry din aq mgsend ng load s prents ko.ngsend nmn po.ask.ko lng pno.ko mllmn if my acount is converted to regular acount n with 10k maint blnce.thanks

  105. Hi Good day po . I just opened my dollar account in bdo, i have now my passbook. Just asking if is it okay to get my atm card after 6 months ?. I am a seafarer the releasing of my atm is 3 days after i opened the account but i didnt have the right time to get it caused by my onboard schedule. Thankyou very much.

  106. Mam can I ask because i am sending money to my kabayan savings account number and i am using my atm card number located infront of the card, considered po na debit card yung kabayan atm so ibabawas nalang po sa savings ko yung transactions ko po? Concerned lang po kc magkaiba ang account number sa card number. Pls reply thank u

  107. Hi Good day I have a Kabayan saving account for 4 yrs and I not using it to withdraw im just deposit and deposit only. But after a year I ask the BDO to update my account then I notice there is a widrawal happen. but its not me. So i decided to deactivate my ATM . .so only passbook I have now. .I was going back to UAE so I let my sister to handle the passbook but my sister didn't allowed by BDO to update my account so after 2 year in abroad the day of my return in the philippines im updating my account and im shock that 80% of my money was widraw by someone. How come that happen. What happen to BDO?

  108. My brother is in Qatar, he deposited the money thru bdo bank last october 30, 2017, its 10 pm when he called that he already deposited the money in my kabayan saving account, Unfortunately it's been two days but the amount supposedly deposited in my account is not yet reflected , I tried to Update my passbook last NOvermber 31, 2017 3pm, and I also check thru ATM but there is no deposited amount. Please help me to answer my confusion , As you always say YOU FIND WAYS, I thought BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS is the fastest way.

  109. hi po maam…ung kabayan account q na convert na po into regular account..nung magwiwidraw po aq sabe mali po pin code q which is tama naman po 4 digit…anu po gagawin q?papalitan q po pun code q o ung atm card po papalitan q?thanx po

  110. hi mam Nora

    sana po talaga matulungan nyo po ako. yng sister ko kase 2015 pa po hinuhulugan ng employer nya yung kabayan account nya. uuwi na po ang sister ko next month so pina check nya ang account nya kung meron nga bang laman. na shock po ako kase sabi ng teller wala daw. nag bounce daw ang mga deposits. marerecover pa po ba yung deposits pag dating nya dito o kelangan nya pong kunin ang pera sa bankong pinag depositohan ng employer nya? sana po masagot

    1. Hi rose: Sori, delayed response, dami ko rin kasi ibang gawa. I hope na-solve ng sister mo. I hope nasabi niya agad sa employer niya na walang nadeposit sa account. Hindi maso-solve sa Philippines yan, dapat i-solve ng employer doon sa abroad. Ang nagba-bounce lang naman is check. Nagtataka ako bakit check? Eh Philippine-based yong account. Cash, debit cards or credit cards ang remittances. Nagagamit lang ang check for remittance kung magdedeposit ng checks sa sariling account ng employer, then make a foreign-account-to-Philippine-account transfer.
      Pero I hope na-solved na ito.

  111. Hi Miss Nora i have an active kabayan peso savings account, can i deposit a dollar remittance to my peso account? How much is the charge if i withdraw money from using my atm abroad? Lastly, what are the bdo remittance partner in ho chi minh city vietnam?. Thank you

  112. kapag po may laman na un atm ko, gor example 10,000 then continues ko po xa huhulugan automatic n po ba n mag iinterest un? if ndi ko wiwwithdrahin in 2yrs? thanks

    1. About interest: Yes, mag-i-interest yan, pero don't expect na malaki, parang wala, kasi ang annual interest rate ng savings deposits ngayon ay 0.25% to 0.50% (annual yan!). Ang importante is makaipon ka, at kung makaabot ka na ng 50k or 100k, ilipat mo na sa time deposit (mas malaki konti ang interest). Mag-umpisa ka na ring magbasa ng mutual funds. Meron yan sa website ng BDO, BPI at other banks.

  113. Hello ask ko lang po kasi may bdo kabayan savings account po ako sa sta rosa branch, nagupdate po ako nang bdo kabayan savings account sa chini roces branch. Ngayon ung passbook ko po e chino roces na po nakalagay kasi pinalitan po nila nang passbook kasi puno na. Nagiba na po ba branch nung account ko o same pa din? Salamat

    1. Hi Evan, sa Sta Rosa branch pa rin ang branch mo kasi andon yong mga pinirmahan mong documents when you opened your account. At saka yong account number mo, yong first three digits dian ay indicator ng kung saang branch na-open. Ganyan din ang ginawa nila sa aking passbook. Tinatakan lang nila to show na doong branch napalitan yong passbook.

  114. Tanong lang po. Me maximum limit poba laman ng bdo kabayan saving. Balak ko po sana ipunin dun lahat ng pera ko galing korea

    1. Maximum balance: Walang maximum limit. Yes, puede mong ilagay lahat ng pera mo sa Kabayan account mo. Kung 100k or more na, at hindi mo pa kelangan, puede mong ilagay sa time deposit para kikita naman ng kahit konti. Magsabi ka lang sa BDO officer na gusto mong ilagay sa time deposit yong ibang pera mo na nasa Kabayan.

    2. Sa time deposit, piliin mo yong 6 months or one-year auto-renewal. Ibig sabihin niyan, puede mo nang kunin yong pera mo after 6 months or after one year, pero puede ring irerenew nila automatically kung halimbawa hindi mo pa kinukuha.

  115. hello po maam nora,

    ask ko lang po yung mga kabayan savings po na naconvert na po sa regular passbook account, lahat po ba ng transactions since na-open yung account ay magrereflect sa passbook? thank you po

    1. Hi jenny: Yes, kapag ipa-update mo na ang passbook mo sa branch, mapo-post na lahat ng transactions. Kung maraming transactions, bibigyan ka na ng new passbook. Ibibigay din nila sa iyo yong old passbook. Make sure you maintain 10k or more para walang penalty

  116. Good day, Ma’am regarding mg BDO kabayan savings account,, ofw po ako dito sa Riyadh KSA, nakakuha po ako ng BDO kabayan last July 2017 lang po then until now January 2018 di ko pa po sya nahulugan kahit isang beses sa kadahilanang ngayon lang sko nagkaroon ng IQAMA id dito sa saudi na kailangan para makapagpadala ng pera… tanong ko lang po kung expired na ba yung account ko?? Magiging regular account na lang po ba sya? Kasi 2018 na po… ngayon ko pa lang sya mahuhulugan.. maraming salamat po

  117. BDO Kabayan opened in July 2017: Dapat active at Kabayan pa ang account mo kasi wala pa namang 12 months. Pero dapat ma-sure mo kasi minsan merong nagco-comment dito na di raw inantay yong 12 months at isinara daw ang account nia. Puedeng irequest mo sa family mo na subukang magdeposit sa any BDO branch ng 200 pesos. Give them your account number. Kung tatanggapin ng teller at idedeposit sa account mo, it means na active pa ang account mo.

  118. Hi mam nora,

    My kabayan account is joint acct and or with my wife. And na sa knya yng passbook pero na sa akin yng atm card here abroad. Ask ko kng pwde mag requeast ng bago emv atm card sa branch nmin at sya ang kukuha ng bagong atm? Hndi na ba kylngan yng luma atm? May bayad po ba? Pwde rin ba mag update ng passbook sa ibang bdo branch? Pwde rin ba mag over the counter sa ibang branch? Tnx po.

    1. Sa ask ko kng wla rin ba limit sa pag deposit sa kabayan saving acct? Wala rin ba limit sa pag remit from abroad? Tnx

    2. Hi Arvin: Sabi ng BDO, exempted ang Kabayan atm cards sa EMV-compliance deadline na Jan 31, 2018. Alam kasi nila nasa abroad kayo. Papalitan nio na lang yong atm card nio during your next vacation. Usually one week yong new-atm-card generation nila, so apply the next day you arrive, if possible. Required nila na yong account owner ang mag-request and mag-claim ng atm card.
      Yes, puedeng mag-over-the-counter balance inquiry and withdraw in other branches. No interbranch withdrawal fee kasi Kabayan.
      Walang maximum limit sa deposit amount or remittance amount sa Kabayan. You can send and save as much as you can. Kung peso account ang Kabayan mo, at kung malaki ang exchange rate diyan sa country where you are, mas magandang in peso ka na magpadala, kasi hindi favorable yong exchange rate nila pag sila ang magconvert from foreign currency to peso and then credit to your peso Kabayan account. Yong inward remittance fee na lang na around 100 pesos ang ibabawas nila, if they decide to charge.

  119. Kung my mga katanungan tungkol sa BDO saving account check this link: What is BDO kabayan saving account. or leave your inquiries, we will find the best answer.

  120. Hai po.pwede po bng mgtanong?ganito po nasa magulang ko po ung BDO kabayan atm ko kasi sila nagwiwithdraw ng pinapadala ko sa knila gmit ung BDO atm ko.pinawithdraw ko po ung pera ko tpos ang lumalabas daw invalid transaction.paano po un e may laman pa po un.

  121. Invalid transaction: Baka nakasama na yong atm card mo sa dapat mapalitan na ng EMV card, yong new type of card na mas secure. Ang deadline kasi ay noong Jan 31, pero sabi naman ng BDO, exempted muna ang mga Kabayan. You can call BDO to ask the status of your account and card.

  122. Hi mam nora.

    Kabayan saving acct user ako, ask ko lng po kng gaano katagal ma receive o ma credit kpg nag pa bank to bank transfer ako, uae bank to bdo. Sbi kc ng uae bank mins or hours lng, or aabot ba ng ilang days bago pmsok yng pera sa acct? And any amount ba ppwde or may limit sa bdo? Sa uae bank kc any amount ppwde mag bank to bank transfer. Tnx.

    1. Hi Arvin: Yes, ang Kabayan account ay puedeng tumanggap ng kahit magkano, walang maximum limit. Siempre kung millions na, meron lang konting inquiry where the money came from to comply with AMLA law.
      About speed of transfer, depende sa remitter. Sabi ng UAE bank mo, mabilis, at business day naman ngayon, so dapat within the hour, dapat nasa receiving account na. Pero sa experience ko, the next day ko pa natatanggap yong mga padala via BDO, except lang yong through Moneygram, Western Union at Xoom na andiyan na agad.

  123. Hi mam nora. Ask ko if gaano katagal yng clearance na para ma receive o ma credit sa bank acct kpg nag remit above 500k sa bdo kabayan savings acct? 1week na kc lumipas and as per the branch wla pa. Nag inquire ako ulit sa uae bank ko as per them ay na send na sa home country. Meron ba procedure o proof of documents na requirments na kylngan ko isend sa bdo branch? Tnx.

  124. Hi Arvin: Bale 7 days na ang lumipas including weekend? Dapat ma-credit na today or tomorrow. About additional document to present: basta you presented 2 valid IDs when you opened your BDO account, dapat ok na ang identification mo.
    I checked BDO's list of partners in UAE and Emirates NBD is the only bank in the list. Ito ba ang bank mo? Kapag hindi, baka isa pa ito na reason na delayed ang wire transfer. Your bank had to use another bank to send to BDO.

    1. Rak Bank hndi partner ng BDO. As per my BDO branch cgrdo nsa intermediary bank pa yng pera bago ma send sa BDO. Pero ilan days o gaano katagal or may clearance docs procedure ba kylngan? Or kylngan pa ifollow up mismo sa Rak Bank. Tnx po.

  125. Ask ko rin kng safe mag bank2bank transfer kahit hndi partner? Tnx

  126. Yes, safe naman. Normal business practice naman ang use of intermediary banks kasi hindi rin practical for banks to maintain accounts in all overseas banks.
    I searched the sending limits of remitters to the Philippines — Transferwise's maximum limit is 480k pesos. I saw in WorldRemit's rules that their maximum limit for transfers to BDO, BPI and Metrobank is 500k. So the delay might have something to do with your amount which exceeded the AMLA reporting policy of 500k. You will get your money, konting hold lang palagay ko. Next time, split mo na lang ang remittances mo, para always less than 500k pesos.

  127. Hello po ask lang po ako ngdeposit po ako kanina lang sa account konand first deposit kopo un kaso wlang ginawang print yung babae sa passbook ko sa bdo sabi nya after three days padaw papasok ang money ko sa pinas kase inconvinient daw ngayun OK LNG PO BA NA GANUN UN NA WALANG PRINT UNG PASSBOOK KO NG PERA NA DINEPOSIT KO BINIGYAN NYA LANG AKO NG RESIBO NG PERA NA DINEPOSIT KO

    1. Hi sollen: Sa BDO remittance partner ka ba sa abroad nagdeposit o nagpadala sa account mo? O sa BDO HongKong ba ito? Kasi sa Hong Kong pa lang naman ang overseas branch ng BDO. Kung sa remittance partner ka nagpadala sa account mo, hindi sila puedeng mag-post sa passbook mo. Sa BDO sa Philippines ka lang puedeng mag-update.
      Kung sa BDO HK naman, balik ka na lang for updating, kasi weekend ngayon.
      Yes, valid ang deposit mo kahit hindi pa na-post sa passbook mo kasi meron ka namang receipt. Keep your receipt.

  128. Hello po salamat po sa sagot , andito po ako ngayun sa QATAR kabayan savings po yung inopen ko atm with passbook NUNG INOPEN KOPO KASE YUN DUN SA PINAGOPENAN KO sa ""qatar uae exchange est city center mall")NAKARECORD NAPO AGAD SA PASSBOOK YUNG UNA KONG DINEPOSIT KAYA PO NATANONG KO KUNG OK LNG BA NA DUN SA PNGALWA KONG DEPOSIT DUN SA ( qatar uae exchange est saffari mall) ibang branch lang di SYA TINATAKAN NG BABAE SA PASSBOOK KO PERO MAY RESIBO NA BNGAY
    Salamt po ng madami sa sagot..natakot lang ako na baka hnd valid yun

  129. Hi sollen: Thanks too for replying. Ang alam ko BDO Philippines ang nag-post ng initial deposit mo sa passbook mo. Bago nila sinend yong passbook mo to UAE Exchange, pinost na nila. Good you are saving. Pa-update mo na lang ang passbook mo when you take your vacation. Puede ring mag-enroll ka sa BDO online

  130. hi mam nora tamba!ask ko lang po kapg magppdla ang asawa ko ng remittance from saudi sa kabayan savings atm ano po ang ibbgay ko na number?ang atm card number or account number?thank you po.

    1. Sorry, super late ang reply ko. I hope na-send mo na yong account number — nasa passbook malapit sa account name.

  131. hello po! wala po akong kabayan account pero meron akong account sa bdo, can I still withdraw sa Kabayan ATM?

    1. Hello, basta BDO atm, puede kang magwidro para free. Puede ka ring magwidro sa atms ng other banks pero as you know, merong fees.
      Parang wala pa akong nakikitang atm na merong sign na "Kabayan atm". Saan ba itong sinasabi mong Kabayan ATM?

  132. hi po..

    magtatanong lang po if pwede makapagdeposit sa kabayan account ng cheque? thanks

    1. Deposit a check into a Kabayan account: Yes, puede, basta noong inopen yong account ay at least 2 valid IDs ang na-present.

  133. paano po ma replace ung atm ng asawa ko kung nasa abroad cya?

    1. BDO atm replacement: Sorry, ang paraan lang na ma-replace ang atm card niya ay kung andito siya sa Phils. He needs to go to his branch with his IDs. Meanwhile, ang gawin na lang sa remittance is FOR CASH PICKUP para kunin nio na lang yong padala over the counter, hindi na through atm card.
      Kung merong malaking laman yong Kabayan account niya, make sure to maintain the account (padalhan nia ng foreign remittance at least once a year) para hindi ma-convert into a regular passbook account or para hindi mag-penalty at para hindi mawala yong laman. Kung regular account, dapat maintain the required maintaining balance.

  134. Hi good day po.. Ask ko lng po about kabayan debit card.. Someone took a picture of my debit front and back.. Then na realize ko pwd nya gamitin ung card number ko at ung asa likod for online shopping.. And pinablock ko agad ung atm card ko, gusto ko lng malaman kung kahit block n ung atm ko, makukuha p rin b nya ung pera ko sa passbook? Kc same account number lng sila ee.. IM really worried tlga.. Sana msagot nyo po.. Thank u

  135. Hello po. Nag open po ako ng bdo kabayan account dito sa hk. Sa manila po yung branch nung account, taga tarlac po ako. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede po bang mag pa update ng passbook kahit hindi sa main branch?

  136. Hi po…i want to withraw big amount from my atm savings through over the counter is it possible po ba?eventhough i dont have passbook?

  137. Hello ma'am good morning,may gusto lng po akong malaman kasi po si mama na nasa Kuwait ngayon dinipositohan yung kabayan savings ko ng 17k noong Oct 13 at nag withdraw ako ng 5 nong October 29 , nabahala ako kasi 9k nlng yung balance ko nasan po napunta yung 3k ?..

  138. hi po ask ko lng po..mag oopen po kc ako ng kabayan account bdo dito sa taiwan ,ok lng po ba na hawak ko po dito sa taiwan yung passbook and atm card ko tapos hinuhulugan ko po ng pera paano po maa-update passbook and atm ko??

    1. Hi joy, mag-enroll ka sa BDO online banking, then pag approved na, mag-download ka ng BDO mobile app para magamit mo to check your balance.

  139. Hi ask ko lang po. If kapag binigay ko account number ko sa kabayan savings kse may mag ddeposit malalaman po ba yunh balance?

    1. Hi Che, hindi niya malalaman. Makakadeposit lang siya. Kung tatanungin niya yong teller, hihingian siya ng ID, or sasabihan na gamitin ang atm. Ang never mong ibigay ay kung halimbawa merong Visa ang atm card mo, never mong ibigay ang 16-digit card number, expiry date at 3-digit code (nasa likod), kasi puedeng gamitin ng iba sa pagbili online if they also know your complete name.

  140. nasa Kuwait yung ante ko nasa akin yong atm at passbook niya.pwde bang mka withraw gamit lng ang ID niya? salamat po

    1. Hi zennya, sorry hindi. Puede lang kung napirmahan ng aunt mo ang withdrawal slip. Present passbook and withdrawal slip plus her ID. Hindi ba activated yong atm card para withdraw via atm?

      1. Hi Mam Nora, same case po kami. Pinadala lang ng tita ko yung passbook at ATM samin, ako po yung nagactivate by changing the pin of the ATM pero nung nitry ko magwithdraw, invalid trasactions yung lumalabas. Tinawag ko po sa BDO, sabi after 24hrs pa daw if ever magiging okay. Pero tama po bang savings acct din pipiliin if itry ko ulit magwithdraw? If hindi po,ano po kayang iba pang options to use the money from the acct? Thank you.

        1. Hi Leslie, tama, savings ang piliin mo, kasi ang Kabayan is a savings account.

  141. Can I as the owner of the kabayan account can deposit over the counter, when i get remittance from cebuana or other money Transfer company?

  142. can I deposit over the counter , when I get remittance from cebuana or other money Transfer services?

    1. Hi Angelito, yes, you or any other person can deposit money to your Kabayan account. They don’t ask for proof of remittance. But if you’re thinking about the maintenance requirement — that there should be at least one foreign remittance every 2 years, proof of remittance is not accepted for maintenance. To maintain your account as Kabayan, foreign remittance should be directly sent to your account (directly from abroad) in order that your account remains a Kabayan account.

      1. can my mother from Hong Kong can sent money to my kabayan account using cebuana?

  143. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    pwede po ba akong mag deposit sa aking kabayan account? pag naglagay poba sa savings at allowance magkasama po bang makikita sa atm yun? I’m not sure kasi bago palang po ako.

  144. Greetings po Ms Nora.
    Nakapag file na po ako ng change of family name and status sa bdo kabayan account ko.Nakalimutan ko pong itanong kasi sa teller kung anong gagamitin kong account name if in case may magpapadala sa bdo ko po. Yung atm card at yung passbook ko, maiden name ko pa yung nakasulat kasi. Thank you po

    1. Hi Nash, sa BDO branch ka ba nag-request ng change of family name and status? Kasi dapat pinalitan nila yong passbook mo at yong atm card mo. You can go back to your branch and request for a new passbook and atm card

  145. why my mother cannot send money to my kabayan savings account?she is in Hong Kong,she send tried to send money through cebuana to my account but it didn’t work,I’ve waited for 2 days but there is no money transferred but i got an confirmation.

  146. Nag deposit yung friend ko sa atm ko sa number ng atm mismo dapat ba yung account number ko sa passbook ang ibigay ko ?

    1. Hi Maribel, kung cash card, yes, yong 16-digit sa card mo ang gamitin for deposit. Pero kung debit card, gamitin ang account number. Pag BDO debit card, 12 digits ang account number, merong 00 before 10 digits.

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