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    1. Hi Fermin, sorry for the late reply. Is your atm card from a Philippine bank? I hope you’ve already gone to your bank and have your atm card replaced. Is your atm card issued by a US bank? You can go to PNB, BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Chinabank or Landbank with your IDs and ask about opening an account to receive your US pension.

  2. Hello. I will be 62 in July 2019 and will be eligible for u.s.a.SSS pension. What month in 2019 should I start filing for my pension? Should it be at Ermita,U.S. émbassy? Currently, I have peso atm PNB acct, and dollar BPI passbook acct. both opened here in Phil.,can I use any of these for my direct deposit processing? Thank you and have a good day.

    1. Hi Henry, based on information from the US SSA website, you can file for your pension not more than 4 months in advance, so this means you can file in April or May. SSA recommends filing your claim online at this SSA website page. There are instructions you can read before starting your application. If you’re not comfortable filing online, yes, you can go to the US Embassy at Ermita. You might also want to call first to see if they require prior appointment:
      Federal Benefits Unit
      Phone: 632-301-2000
      Fax: 632-708-9714 or 632-708-9723
      Email: FBU.Manila@ssa.gov
      About PNB and BPI, yes, both of these banks offer Direct Deposit accounts for US pensioners, but PNB requires a passbook account (peso or dollar), withdrawal only at your branch and a maintaining balance. If you’re near a BDO branch, BDO doesn’t require a maintaining balance, and might offer a debit card.

  3. Hi we are planning to transfer our US account(ssa pension) to Philippine bank (BDO). Like how long will it be to be credited on my new account if we file this month? Thank you. And what will be the requirements then

    1. Hi Joana, sorry I don’t know how fast or slow will the change take effect, but comments online say it will take from 1 to 2 months. Their advice is that you do not close your old bank account until you get your next pension through your new account. Check or create your online SS account US SSA Direct Deposit to get more info. After opening your US pension account with BDO (tell BDO you’re transferring your old Direct Deposit to them), ask the branch their bank routing transit number — you need to enter this info when you make the change at US SSA.

  4. my father’s atm card issued by US Bank has expired last March 2019 and he is here in the Philippines and could not withdraw his pension. Can he still enroll for a direct deposit US pensioner account here? What do you suggest? Thank you.

    1. Hi glenda, yes, he can enroll here. But there could be pensions that have already been sent to US Bank, so he still needs to renew this US Bank atm card. And if he decides to change banks, the change might take time. If he decides to go to a Philippine bank (BDO, PNB, Metrobank, BPI), he should mention that he is already receiving his pension directly from a US bank and that his atm card expired.
      But, I think, if your father is just here for a short vacation, then he should just renew his US Bank atm card when he goes back to the US.

  5. Can you open a direct deposit account if your ATM card issued by US bank has just expired? What can you suggest? Thank you.

  6. Can you open a bank account (dollar and peso) at BPI here in the US? If so, can it be opened online since I’m not living near a BPI branch? If I’m in the Philippines will this bank account be the same as if I opened a BPI account in the Philippines? I will be applying for a SRRV in the Philippines and I would like to establish my Philippine bank account here while I’m here in the US.

    1. Hi Robert, sorry, there’s no BPI branch in the US, only BPI remittance partners. Only 2 Philippine banks operate there: PNB and Metrobank in New York. Both banks offer Direct Deposit accounts for US pensioners. PNB has instructions related to your inquiry here: PNB Los Angeles. PNB also has a branch in New York

  7. My wife and I may be retiring to the Philippines next year. I would like to have my Social Security, VA benefits, a state retirement and local government pension forwarded to the Philippines, if everything falls into place. Can this be done relatively easy?

    1. Hi Robert, sorry for my delayed reply. Yes, your US benefits/pensions can be received in the Philippines. But processing here might not be as fast as you expect, so it’s better for you to maintain a US account with a Visa or Mastercard debit card, so you can withdraw money from this account through Philippine atms, as you open your Direct Deposit account here in the Philippines and wait for its processing. Processing can be made faster if you’re near PNB LA and NY and Metrobank NY, but if you’re far from these locations, it would be best to have a US debit card which you can use in Philippine atms (around $4 atm withdrawal fee). Many expats sharing info on online forums also advise others to maintain a US account for unexpected payments in the US or changes in plans.

  8. I have a PNB account in the Philippines, but im in the US, can i withdraw from PNB Los Angeles branch?

    1. Hi John, does your PNB atm have a Visa or Mastercard logo? I think it’s cheaper and faster if you withdraw from an ATM there, as you’ll only pay for the atm withdrawal fee there. PNB LA website says it can facilitate transfer of money from your Philippine PNB account for a $75 fee and it needs time to process it. Info is here: PNB LA funds transfer

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