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  1. Ok madam this was very helpful to me im ofw so im worried dats my only money when i go back dis nxt april.Yes in philippines they will ask 3kinds of ID's if u wdraw over the counter.so im planing i will just wdraw my money here in hk converting it to hk dollar.i hope i can find an atm machine with mastercard logo.by d way mam can i used another atm machine if the bdo machine dont hve a mastercard logo for example can i used metro bank atm machine.waiting for response thnx

  2. By the way mt atm is not yet activated can i activatw my atm here in hk..how to activate atmcard here in hk.plsss

  3. About withdrawing at an atm machine not owned by BDO HK: Yes, you can withdraw at any atm machine with Mastercard logo, even if it's not a BDO HK atm.

  4. About activating your BDO atm card abroad: Sorry you cannot activate your BDO atm card abroad. Your card can only be activated at a BDO atm machine here in the Philippines

  5. You can call BDO Philippines 001-800-8-631-8000 and ask them to put on hold your passbook account because you lost your passbook. Tell them you're presently in HK.

  6. Ok thnx..so if i call d bdo to put on hold my passbook..can i still withdraw my money when i go back to philipines dis cominh april when i activate my atm card in the phil.

  7. Yes. First, tell them you lost your passbook, and you're in HK. Then ask them what should be done to protect your money in the account until the time you can appear at the bank in person.

  8. Thank you madam..what if i will ask a replacement for my passbook how long will it takes before they can replaced it.I lost my pasbook here inside the house but i cannot find so im planning to ask a replacement for my lost passbok .

  9. About replacement of lost passbook: Yes, the bank can replace your lost passbook. But this will be done after you appear in person at your branch presenting them an affidavit of loss of passbook and your IDs.

  10. Hi madam..how can i know if my ATM card is already activated or not..

  11. About atm card activation: If you have changed your PIN, then you have activated your atm card.

  12. Hlu madam i did not change my PIN because i did not used my atmcard since before..is the PIN of ATM located at the back of the Atm card

  13. About PIN change: Usually banks have a deadline for first PIN change… to protect the atm card owner. Is this a BDO atm card? Try making your first PIN change if you're still allowed. Your default PIN is 123456. Change it to your own 6-digit PIN.
    If no longer allowed, go to your branch and inquire. Your default PIN might be reset, or you might get a replacement card.

  14. Yes its Bdo atm card the atm of my bdo kabayan pasbook..can i used the atm machine here in hongkong to try my first PIN change..

  15. About PIN change: Sorry but BDO PIN change must be done at a BDO atm machine here in the Philippines. The BDO machine there is operated by BDO Hong Kong and not directly connected to BDO machines here — you cannot change your PIN there. You can withdraw or make balance inquiry there, but not change PIN. Ask others too

  16. Hi madam Nora Tamba
    Can i ask you something about my lost BDO Kabayan savings ATM card? Please….

  17. i have saving account bt i forgot the pin that i use.i want to send and save money.bt the problem i forgott the pin.can i still send money and withdraw it when i come to philippine.

    1. About sending money to your BDO account, PIN forgotten: If you're sure your account is active, yes, you can send to your account even if you forgot your ATM PIN. When you get back, visit your branch with your IDs and request for a replacement ATM card then activate it. Meanwhile, if you need your money you can withdraw over the counter. If your account is an atm-only account, you'll be charged 100 pesos.

    2. Hi mam nora,

      I recently lost my atm in the cab a weeks ago, but i still have my passbook with me. I havent yet change my pin in my atm since i open my account because i havent yet take my vacation going to my home country, but to be able to monitor my savings i enrolled it via online. Is there any problem i will encounter if ever i will go home and withdraw my money without my atm?

      Your repsinse is highly appreciated.

  18. Can i use my bdo passbook in any branch of bdo?

    1. Interbranch use of BDO passbook:
      Yes, but if you withdraw in another branch (other than your branch), you pay 100 pesos.
      If you deposit in a branch in another region or area code, you pay 50 pesos. If your branch is in Metro Manila, and you deposit at any branch within Metro Manila, it's free.

    2. I also forgot my ATM pin. I opened my Kabayan savings account when I was in Manila. Can I update my passbook here in Hongkong? I want to check also the amount that deposited in my account.

    3. About BDO Kabayan:
      Sorry you cannot update your passbook over the counter at BDO Hong Kong. If you remember your atm PIN, and if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, you can make a balance inquiry at a Mastercard-linked atm machine there. You can use this BDO Remit Status Inquiry to check your recent remittance.

  19. Is there an atm which i can update my passbook or i can only do it OTC? Thanks.

    1. Hi bebs_12: You can update your passbook only over the counter.

  20. Hi! I lost my kbyn passbook and I nver got my atm. Can I ask for replacement on any bdo branch? Cuz it's too far.

    1. Hi Grace Faith, sorry but what I know is that you're not allowed to, as your paper records are in your branch. But try asking the branch near you, if their policy has changed.
      Based on a BDO passbook here with me, what's needed is a notarized affidavit of loss. I don't know if they really require this strictly. Parang they have their own form at the branch and you just sign the form. I hope you can go to your branch asap, specially if you have a big amount in your account and you don't know how your passbook got lost.

  21. hi, i would like to ask if it is safe to give my account no. and account name sa friend ng friend ko? coz may ipapadala sa kanyang pera pero wala siyang account sa bdo.. bale money transfer lang ang ggwin. passbook lng po ang account ko without atm.

  22. hi! ma'am,ako po si elsie tanung lang po! panu po kung sa uae nawala yong kabayan passbook tapos nakauwi na po ako ng pinas ok. lang po ba na dito nalang ako sa pinas kukuha affidavit of loss? kya lang hindi ko pa nareport sa bdo na nawawala ung passbook

  23. hi maam tanong ko lg po nawala ko po kasi ang kabayan atm.ng sister ko nasa kuwait po xa paano po namin makukuha ang pera at ano po ang dapat naming gawin para safe parin po ang pera nya… salamat po…

    1. Lost Kabayan atm: Dapat ang sister mo ang tumawag sa BDO to report the loss, kasi siya ang owner ng Atm. Kung magpanggap ka naman na ikaw yong owner (your sister) para walang international phone cost, baka merong itanong sa yo na personal info for verification purposes na hindi mo alam.
      In the meantime, just pray that no one guesses your PIN. Wala naman sigurong maka-guess sa PIN mo, unless easy to guess ang PIN mo, like 123456 or 654321. BDO phone no. for overseas call: 00-800-8-6318000

  24. Hi maam ask ko lang po kung paano ko maiupdate yung passbook ko kung ofw po ako? Paano ko po malalaman kung magkano na savings ko?

    1. Hi Marco : You can know your balance at a Mastercard-linked atm there if your atm card has a Mastercard logo and if you have changed your default PIN at a BDO atm when you were in the Phils.
      You can also call BDO 00-800-8-6318000

    2. I lost my BDO ATM here in Geneva Switzerland and I had been trying to call the given number but it said is a wrong number. I'm a bit upset I don't know what to do.

  25. Good day ma'am, may i ask about updating ,they said here in hk. That they need 3 receipts for updating,i sent 3 receipt,hk.Id my passbook but im surprice that they did not accept it ,they want me personally. I don't ussually go out that's why i sent it with my coworker, what was the problem

    1. Hi Susan: Ganon ba? Maybe the BDO bank there does not want many Kabayan account owners having their passbooks updated there because there are hundreds or thousands of Pinoys with Kabayan passbooks there. Ang alam ko ang priority ng BDO branch na yan ay yong mga HK dollar accounts at US dollar accounts na opened there in HK with references.
      Kaya siguro dini-discourage nila ang pagpapa-update diyan ng representatives ng Kabayan owners.
      Dito naman sa Pinas, anyone can have another person's bankbook updated, kasi nagkalat ang banks dito, so hindi makakaisturbo masyado ang pagpapapa-update. Opinyon ko lang ito ha. I can't think of any reason why they offer passbook updating service there, and then put restriction on it.
      So I hope magkaroon ka na lang ng time to go there and have your passbook updated. Have a nice day.

  26. Hi.Ms.Nora gusto ko po sanang itanong ofw ako ať hawak ng asawa ko ang passbook ko po sa pinas.Umuwi po ako sa pinas to checked my savings account ang sabi po ng bangko wala daw akong account sa kanila.
    Dkona mhagilap ang asawa ko kasama ng kabit nya. Paano po nangyari na na wala akong records sa kanila.pls.help me

    1. Hi Sheryl: Saan mo ba inopen yong account mo? Doon ka ba nagpunta? Hindi man lang sinabi ng BDO na closed account? Kelan mo inopen ang account mo? At kelan yong last na deposit mo? Meron kang remittance receipt? Kasi kung pinapadalhan mo yong account mo, isinusulat mo dapat yong account number mo.
      Kung meron kang remittance receipt na nakasulat ang account number mo, yon ang puede mong ipakita sa BDO. Kung sabihin naman ng BDO na closed na yong account, then tanungin mo kung isinosoli ba agad nila sa remittance company yong money na napadala as closed account. Later on pagbalik mo sa bansa where you work as OFW, pumunta ka later on doon sa remittance company to get back your money kasi isinoli ng BDO sa kanila.

  27. Hello Ms.Nora,
    Nawala po ang passbook ko after kong magpa update ng balance ko. Andito po ako sa abroad ano po ang pwede kong gawin? Hindi ko pa po naiireport sa BDO, Saan po ako pwede kumuha ng affidavit of loss sa Philippines embassy po ba dito sa abroad o pwde jan sa Pinas pag uwi ko?
    Nawa po ay matulungan ninyo ako. Marami pong salamat.

    1. Lost BDO Passbook: Malapit ka na bang umuwi? Mas safe and wise kung tawagan mo asap ang BDO (International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000) at ireport mo na you lost your passbook para i-hold nila yong account mo. Hingi ka ng reference number ng pagreport mo or ask the name of the officer. This is to prevent any fraud that might happen. Dito ka na lang sa Philippines magpagawa ng notarized affidavit pagdating mo kasi mas mura dito. At ang replacement ng passbook ay dapat by the account owner, in person.

    2. Thank you po Ms. Nora sa inyong maagap na pagtugon.

  28. My mother had a bank acc in card bank here in phil. And my boyfriend will sen d me money to my moms acc. We ask the bank if its pssible they said that my boyfriend needs to find bdo remittance then he will give all the details there is it really possible that he can send to dbo remittance with diff. Bank acc.??

  29. Hi Ms Nora,
    Ofw po ako dito sa Taiwan, ask ko lang po kung pwede bang mag balance inquiry dito po sa atm ng Taiwan, may Maatercard logo po ang atm card ko pero hinde po sya 'Kabayan savings'. Thanks po in advance.

  30. Hello pó, tanong ko lang po madam.Bakit hindi pwde e update ang passbook account ko? Nandito pó kc ako sa luanda at walang bdo dito nakisuyo lang ako sa kapatid ko na e update. Nakarestrict daw Yong account ko. Bakit pó kaya? Thank you.

  31. Hello po nawala po kabayan atm ko
    Pero i still remember the password
    Baka po kasi gamitin ng iba hindi po ba magagalaw ung laman noon since nawala ung atm…

  32. Hello Maam nasa tita ko kasi yung passbook ko tapos nasa kuwait siya pwede ba kung mang hingi lang ulit ako ng new passbook ?

  33. Passbook in Kuwait: Kelangang i-present mo yong passbook mo. Kasi binubutasan nila yong luma bago ka bigyan ng bago. Nasa yo naman siguro yong atm card mo

  34. pwd po ba mag pa update ng passbook dito sa uae at sang bank or exchange po pwd. Thanks.

    1. Update passbook in UAE?: Sorry hindi puede, kasi walang BDO branch sa UAE. Sa Philippines lang puede. Kung hindi activated ang atm card mo, puede kang tumawag sa BDO using BDO's toll-free number (kung landline ang gagamitin mo diyan): 800-0630-0021

  35. Hi Ms Nora, im recently in Cambodia, I lost my passbook , can they do any transaction using my passbook?
    What should i do

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