BDO Remittance Partners in Italy

Updated September 28, 2021

Sad to say, the latest BDO remittance partner list no longer includes names of BDO Remittance Partners in Italy.

CBN London Ltd. is now named BDO Remit (UK) Ltd. It’s registered in the UK.

However, there’s a BDO Unibank Representative office in Italy. It’s located at:

Piazza Del Del Dumo 17
20123, Milan, Italy
Phones: +39 0239440121 | +39 023944029

It’s better to call first their office and ask if they have a remittance service.

Other International Money Transfer Organizations that You Can Use to Send Money:

These are also BDO Remittance partners:

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • RIA Money Transfer
  • WISE (Send online using your debit card, credit card or online banking in Italy)
  • Transfast
  • Uniteller
  • New York Bay Remittance/Transfast
  • UAE Exchange
  • Remitly
  • WorldRemit
  • Small World
  • Xoom (Send online using your EUR debit or credit card issued in Europe or your EUR money in Paypal)

These BDO Remittance Partners Below Are No Longer in BDO’s List

CBN London Ltd.– Firenze (Florence)
Via Della Spada 36R 50123 Firenze, Italy
Phone No.: (0039) 055 2399 622

CBN London Ltd. – Milan Branch
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 22/1, 20122
Milan, Italy
Phone No.: (0039) 023 9440 029
           (0039) 023 9440 121
           (0039) 023 9440 541        
Fax No.: (0039) 023 9440 217
Email :

CBN London Ltd.- Rome (Ottaviano)
Via Germanico 50, 00192
Rome, Italy
Phone No.: (0039) 069 3570 123

CBN London Ltd. – Rome (Termini)
Via dei Mille 30 00185
Rome, Italy
Phone No.: (0039) 064 4702 878
Fax No. : (0039) 064 4700 993

BDO is a remittance partner of:
CBN Grupo International Holdings BV

CBN Grupo International Holdings BV., registered in the Netherlands, consists of three companies:
1. CBN London Ltd.
2. CBN Ireland Remittance Centre, Ltd.
3. CBN Remittance Center S.A.

CBN London, registered in the UK, is based in London, with branches in Italy, France, Austria, Germany and in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
CBN Ireland, registered in Ireland, is based in Dublin
CBN Remittance, registered in Spain, is based in Barcelona, with a branch in Madrid.

Remittance Fees :

Credit to BDO Kabayan Savings Account —  8 euros

Credit to Cash Card — 8 euros

Cash Pick-up at BDO or BDO Partners — 8.50 euros

Credit to Account in other banks in the Philippines — 10 euros

Cash Delivery, Door to Door — 10 euros

Fees are according to BDO website and are subject to change.

How Fast is BDO Remittance from Italy?

Credit to a BDO Account — Within the hour, or a few hours

Cash Pick-up — within the hour, or a few hours

Credit to Account in Other Banks — 1 or 2 days

Cash Delivery — 1 to 3 days in major cities; 4 to 7 days in other areas

Track your remittance online at Look for BDO Remit Status Inquiry.

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