Metrobank Remittance Partners in Italy

Updated May 28, 2016

Send money from Italy to the Philippines via this one Metrobank Remittance partner in Milan:

Valutrans SPA
Via Melchiorre Gioia
168 Milan, Italy 20125

You can also send through international money transfer companies that have partnered with Metrobank:

See if you can find outlets in Italy:
Transfast Worldwide Money Transfer
UniTeller  Banca Norte
Xoom (for those with US bank accounts and credit cards)
XpressMoney Global Money Transfer
Prabha Money Transfer

Note: Metrobank, along with BPI, RCBC and PNB have closed down their overseas banking operations in Italy.

How many Filipinos are in Italy?

There are about 123,379 Filipinos in Italy as of December 2010, according to the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO).

 77,124  are OFWs (with job contracts)
 33,055  are permanent residents (immigrants and dual citizens)
 13,200  are undocumented

How much money is being remitted from Italy?

From January to June 2012, Filipinos in Italy sent a total of US$285.71 million, mostly from land-based Filipinos.

Metrobank remittance partners in Italy

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