Verify Paypal or Pay Paypal with BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

In addition to using your BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard to buy online and at stores affiliated with MasterCard, you can also use this card to verify your Paypal account and to make Paypal payments.

The BPI MY ePrepaid MasterCard is just like a credit card. It has the following:

  • 16-digit card number
  • Card validity period or expiry date
  • Card Verification Code 2 (CVC2). Look for the 3-digit number at the back of your card, where your signature is.

Click BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard for info on this card.

How do I verify my Paypal account with my BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard?

1. Make sure your My ePrepaid card has at least 150 pesos.
2. Login to your Paypal account
3. Click Profile
4. Select Add/Edit Credit Card
5. Click Card type
6. Choose MasterCard
7. Enter your BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard details: Name, Billing Address, MasterCard No.
8. Click Add Card
9. Click Confirm My Card
10. If there are no more instructions, log out.

Paypal will send a 4-digit verification code to your BPI ePrepaid MasterCard account. Paypal will charge your card $1 for card linking and 100 pesos for testing. After successful verification, Paypal will return your 100 pesos by crediting 100 pesos to your Paypal account.

11. Email with your My ePrepaid Card No. and request your 4-digit Paypal verification code

Sample Subject: Request for 4-digit Paypal Verification Code
Sample Body of email: Kindly send my Paypal verification code. My BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard No. is xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. My name is Maria Masaya.
Thank you very much.

11. Login again to your Paypal account, click Profile, My Money, Debit and Credit Cards, Update and enter your 4-digit Paypal code

Note: There might be slight changes in the instructions, but generally, those are the steps. Just follow the instructions.

Is there another way to get my 4-digit Paypal verification code?

Yes. Before verifying your Paypal account, enroll your ePrepaid Mastercard in your BPI Express Online account. Validate your enrollment. After your card is enrolled, login, find your ePrepaid Mastercard record and click Details, and view your last 5 transactions. Look for PayPal xxxx CODE or PP xxxx CODE. Copy this 4-digit code and login to your Paypal account.

Can I transfer my Paypal money to my BPI My ePrepaid card?

No. You cannot withdraw your Paypal money into your BPI My ePrepaid card. Saan ko puedeng iwidro? You enroll your bank account, so you can transfer your money.

You can open a BPI Easy Saver savings account — this has no maintaining balance requirement. Mag-initial deposit ka lang ng 200 pesos. Open this account at Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). When you link your BPI account to your Paypal account, use this Paypal code for BPI: 010040018

More info on BPI Easy Saver savings account.

Can I Fund Paypal using my ePrepaid Mastercard?

No and Yes.
No. You cannot transfer money from your ePrepaid to your Paypal. Funding Paypal using Philippine-issued credit or debit cards or bank accounts is not yet allowed by Paypal.

But yes, in this situation: If the seller accepts only Paypal and you really want the product, be ready to accept additional charge — the charge for Paypal to get money from your ePrepaid Mastercard and send the money to the seller.
What to do? Go ahead, perform the Paypal payment process for the product you want, and Paypal will charge your ePrepaid Mastercard to collect the needed amount. But Paypal imposes a fee for this service, so your purchase cost is increased.

Info on a debit card that can also be used to verify Paypal — Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card

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