Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card for Online Shopping and Money Transfer

Updated Dec 19, 2014:

What are the uses of a Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card?

You can use this card for the following:

– Transfer funds online to another Union Bank account. It’s free.
   Other accounts need not be enrolled.
– Transfer funds online to an account in another bank in the Philippines.
   Other accounts need not be enrolled. You just enter the name of bank, name of account owner, and
   account number. 10 pesos per transfer.
   The receiving bank might impose its own fee for receiving money transfers from EON.
– Buy goods on the Internet
– Pay services on the Internet
– Verify your Paypal account
– Receive money from your Paypal account
   Register this account in your Paypal account
– Pay your bills online to companies that have partnered with Allied Bank. You will receive a confirmation
   number as proof of payment.

What are the other advantages of the card?

– No initial deposit required
– No maintaining-balance requirement
– Insured by the PDIC. The Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card is an Internet-based deposit account for  individuals
– Earns interest. Minimum average daily balance (ADB) to earn interest is 10,000 pesos. Interest rate is
   0.25% annual interest, subject to withholding tax

What are the fees?

– Annual fee is 350 pesos
– Online transfer of money to an account in another bank is 10 pesos per transfer
– ATM withdrawal at Union Bank ATMs is charged a fee of 10 pesos per withdrawal (effective June 1, 2013).
– ATM withdrawals at other local banks’ ATMs are charged a fee of 15 pesos per withdrawal.

How to get the Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card:

1.  Prepare your 2 valid IDs (original and photocopied)
2.  Prepare your proof of billing (bill showing your name and address)
3.  Have your SSS number or GSIS number, and tax identification number (TIN) ready
4.  Prepare 350 pesos for first year annual fee
5.  Go to a Union Bank branch
6.  Fill-up the EON Visa Debit Card application form

* For existing Union Bank account owners, bring 1 valid ID and write your Union Bank account number

* For students who are OFW beneficiaries and are younger than 18 years old, bring:
– school ID (with photo, signature of student, signed by school head)
– any proof of enrollment, such as study load, or enrollment card
– birth certificate
– school association membership ID, if you have

* For foreigners, present your passport and Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or ACR I-card, Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR), Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV), or PRA Special Resident Visa (SRRV)

Can I apply for the EON account online?

Yes. Go to www.unionbankph.com. Find the EON online application page. Fill up and submit the form. Wait for a text and email response that contains your reference no. Then go to your chosen branch, present your reference no., IDs, proof of billing and 350 pesos, and receive your EON card.

How much is the maximum ATM withdrawal limit?

20,000 pesos per day

Are there penalties?

– One-year of inactivity is charged with a penalty of 200 pesos per month, with first monthly charge on the
   first day of the month after 12th month of inactivity
– Dormancy charge (inactive for 2 years) of 500 pesos per month, with first monthly charge on the first day of the month after 24th month of inactivity

Are there other rules?
Renew your EON card yearly. You will receive an email to notify your card’s expiration about 60 days before expiration. Enroll your renewed card in Internet banking, as the renewed card is not automatically enrolled.

– Some local banks may impose a fee on incoming online transfers from EON accounts
– The account number is printed at the front of your debit card below your name.
– This is an Internet-based deposit account for individuals

Fees for ATM transactions abroad:

175 pesos for ATM withdrawal approved
75 pesos   for ATM balance inquiry
75 pesos   for ATM withdrawal denied due to insufficient funds or daily withdrawal limit violations

Contact information for Concerns:

Email:  internet@unionbankph.com or customer.service@unionbankph.com.

24/7 call center hotline:
84186 (Metro Manila)
254-7524 (Metro Cebu)
222-2500 (Metro Davao
Domestic toll free number: 1-800-1888-2277
International toll free number:  +800-8277-2273. 

Postal address:
Customer Service Dept.
UnionBank, 9th floor Peak Tower Alfaro Street
Makati City. Attn: Internet Services.


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  1. How much is maximum money transfer can I make in a DAY?

  2. Question about maximum funds transfer limit per day: I don't know if they have a maximum limit, since the transaction is online. They might have a tag on a transfer amounting to 500,000 pesos and above. Or if there's a maximum limit, the EON system might notify you about your limit after you enter a big amount.

  3. Can students who are 18 years younger apply?

    1. Do you mean younger than 18? I think so. The application form has an option for Students under Occupation. But you need to present 2 valid unexpired IDs with photo and signature (school ID and barangay clearance with webcam photo) and proof of address (mobile phone bill. If no bill, try bringing a recent printed letter from your school, company or another institution addressed to you).

  4. im here in jeddah how can i apply for EON visa debit card?

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