BDO Remittance Partner in South Korea

Updated June 2015

As of June 2015, there’s only one BDO remittance partner in South Korea:

9-1 Nandaemunro 2GA
Jung-Gu Seoul 100-092
South Korea

This bank has signed a remittance agreement with BDO Philippines, but it seems to be specializing in remittances from Koreans to Korean students, businesspeople and families in the Philippines.

You can also send money to the Philippines from South Korea:
Metrobank Pusan Branch
Metrobank Seoul Branch

For addresses and contact numbers, go to: Metrobank in South Korea.

You can also send through international money transfer firms:
Xpress Money or Xpress Money Services Ltd.
Sigue Money Transfer
Western Union (only if deposit to BDO account; not for cash pickup at BDO)

If you want to transfer money from your own bank in South Korea to your account in BPI or Metrobank, check if your bank is a correspondent of BPI or Metrobank:

Metrobank Correspondent Banks in South Korea
BPI Correspondent Banks in South Korea


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