BDO Remittance Partner in Germany

Updated April 14, 2016

As of now, these are the only BDO Remittance partners in Germany:

CBN LONDON LTD. (Hamburg Branch)
Gerhofstrasse 40, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

You can also send money through these international money transfer services that have partnered with BDO:


You can also remit through WIRE TRANSFER with these 2
BDO correspondent banks in Germany:

Deutsche Bank AG
Frankfurt am Main

Standard Chartered Bank (Germany) GmbH
Frankfurt am Main

Germany is the 3rd biggest source of OFW remittance money in Europe. In 2011, Filipinos in Germany sent a total of 478.7 million US dollars to the Philippines.

Top 3 European Sources of US Dollars Sent to the Philippines in 2011

From UK             US$ 956.6 million
From Italy            US$ 550.6 million
From Germany     US$ 478.8 million

If you are sending to a bank account, make sure that the receiver’s name and account number on the remittance slip are exactly the same as the receiver’s bank account name and account number.


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  1. Manfred Helbing

    I cant send money to my account, its close?

    1. Hi Manfred, was your remittance sent back to you? Then yes, most likely your account has been closed or made dormant. Dormancy occurs if there’s no deposit or withdrawal within 2 years. Closure occurs if account balance becomes zero. Kabayan accounts are closed after 14 months of no foreign remittance.

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