Send Money to the Philippines from Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated February 22, 2018

To send money to the Philippines from Denmark, many senders use international money transfer operators such as MoneyGram and Western Union and through bank wire transfers.

Because there are only about 12,336 Filipinos in Denmark, as of 2013, based on data from the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO), there are not a lot of remittance companies in Denmark that cater solely for money transfers to the Philippines, unlike in other European countries.

Now, there’s a BDO remittance partner in Denmark –>> TAVEXWISE.

Central Station Office
Bernstorffsgade 16-22, 1577

You can also go to, if you prefer to send money online through your European bank’s online banking.

Send Money to the Philippines from Denmark via the following money transfer operators:


Ongoing promo: as low as 50 Danish krone for money transfer to the Philippines

50 kr for remittance amount of up to 500 kr
90 kr for remittance from 500.01 kr to 3,000 kr
140 kr for remittance from 3000.01 kr to 6,000 kr
190 kr for remittance from 6,000.01 kr to 8,000 kr
240 kr for remittance from 8000.01 kr to 10,000 kr

Note: Western Union also says on its website that it also earns from the foreign exchange rate, so when you’re comparing remittance fees, observe also the rates at which the currencies are converted.

There are more than 390 Western Union agent locations in Denmark and more than 7,000 agent locations in the Philippines.


Find MoneyGram in banks, petrol stations, local stores, travel agencies and other commercial locations.


Find Coinstar locations in the cities of Copenhagen, Bronshoj, Taastrup, Glostrup and Odense.

This global remittance firm operates in 136 countries. It has been acquired by Sylmar, California-based financial services firm Sigue Corp. in June 2011.

METROBANK Correspondent Banks in Denmark

Citibank International PLC
Fionia Bank A/S formerly called Amtssparekassen FYN A/S
Jyske Bank A/S
Spar Nord Bank
Danske Bank A/S
Nordea Bank Denmark A/S
Sydbank A/S

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK Correspondent Banks in Denmark

Arbejdernes Landsbank AS, Copenhagen
Danske Bank AS, Copenhagen
Fortstaedernes Bank AS, Copenhagen
Handelsbanken, Copenhagen
Jyske Bank A/S, Copenhagen
Nordea Bank Denmark A/S, Copenhagen
Ringkjobing Landbobank A/S, Ringkoebing
Roskilde Bank A/S, Roskilde
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AS, Copenhagen
Spar Nord Bank, Aalborg
Sydbank AS, Aabenraa

Send money to the Philippines from Denmark

Of the 12,336 Filipinos in Denmark, as of 2013, based on CFO data,
 7,175 are permanent Filipino residents
 5,161 are temporary Filipino residents

Other notes as of 2009:
Compared to other European nations where there are thousands of Filipino emigrants and OFWs, there are only about 6,600 Filipinos who are permanent residents and about 2,700 Filipinos with temporary visas in Denmark as of 2009, according to the CFO.

The European countries with the most number of Filipinos as of 2009 are:

Great Britain (UK) — 200,987
Italy — 119,508
Germany — 55,309
Greece — 51,656
Spain — 51,268
France — 50,013

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