BDO Remittance from Italy to Philippines

By Nora
You can send money from Italy to the Philippines through BDO remittance partners:

BDO Remittance Partners in Italy:

CBN London Ltd. in Milan
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II No. 22/1
Milan, Italy 20122

CBN London Ltd. in Rome
Barberini Via Delle Quattro Fontane 7
Rome, Italy 00184

CBN London Ltd. in Rome
Ottaviano Via Germanico 50
Rome, Italy 00192

CBN London Ltd. in Rome
Termini Via Dei Mille 30
Rome, Italy  00185

BDO is a remittance partner of:
CBN Grupo International Holdings BV

Remittance Fees :

Credit to BDO Kabayan Savings Account --  8 euros

Credit to Cash Card -- 8 euros

Cash Pick-up at BDO or BDO Partners -- 8.50 euros

Credit to Account in other banks in the Philippines -- 10 euros

Cash Delivery, Door to Door -- 10 euros

Fees are according to BDO website and are subject to change.

How Fast is BDO Remittance from Italy?

Credit to a BDO Account -- Within the hour, or a few hours

Cash Pick-up -- within the hour, or a few hours

Credit to Account in Other Banks -- 1 or 2 days

Cash Delivery -- 1 to 3 days in major cities; 4 to 7 days in other areas

Track your remittance online at bdo.com.ph. Look for BDO Remit Status Inquiry.

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