Philippine Banks -- Number and Types of Banks Supervised by the BSP

By Nora
As of November 19, 2015

Compared to data in 2013, as seen below:
    .  There's no change in the number of universal banks.
    .  The number of private domestic commercial banks changed from
          6 to 5 after Allied Bank was merged into PNB.
    .  The number of foreign bank subsidiaries increased from 8 to 12 after
         4 foreign banks launched their branches in the Philippines in 2015.
          Two more foreign branches are expected to operate in the country.
    .  The number of rural banks decreased after more than 60 rural banks
          were closed down by the BSP.

Type of Number of Number of
Bank Head Offices   Branch Offices  
1.   Universal Banks  21
a. Private Domestic Banks  12
b. Government Banks    3
c. Foreign Bank Branches           6
2. Commercial Banks   19
a. Private Domestic Banks    5
b. Foreign Bank Subsidiaries       2
c. Foreign Bank Branches   12
ALL Universal and
Commercial Banks   40 5,547
3. Savings Banks   69 1,808
4. Rural Banks 532 2,037
and Cooperative Banks
ALL BANKS6649,456

As of March 2013:
As of March 2013, there are 705 banks in the Philippines, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. These banks have a combined total of 8,596 branches and 10,997 ATMs.

Type of Number of Number of
BankHead Offices   Branch Offices  
1.   Universal Banks21 4,492
a. Private Domestic Banks12 4,028
b. Government Banks 3 453
c. Foreign Bank Branches6 11
2. Commercial Banks 16 499
a. Private Domestic Banks 6 419
b. Foreign Bank Subsidiaries    2 75
c. Foreign Bank Branches 8 5
Universal and
Commercial Banks 37 4,991
3. Savings Banks 69 1,476
4. Rural Banks 599 2,129
and Cooperative Banks
ALL BANKS7058,596

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  1. May we know your source of this information?

  2. Hi Sheila, I included my source in the first line of my post -- it's based on data from the BSP -- bsp.gov.ph

  3. And now that you've asked about it, I realized I need to update the information. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank you so much! May you please include the link in the post? We would like to use your information here in your blog but we can't find it in the website of BSP. Thank you so much!