Philippine National Bank Branches in London, Paris, Other Cities in Europe


Here's a list of the branches and overseas offices of Philippine National Bank ( PNB ) in London, Paris, Rome, and other cities in Europe.

PNB has 106 branches worldwide and 12 are in European cities.

You can visit these branches and send money to your families or anyone in the Philippines.

Your recipients can receive the remittance you sent within 24 hours in Metro Manila and in other key cities and within three days in provincial areas from Luzon to Mindanao.

There are, however, areas that are not serviced by PNB.

LONDON, England or UK United Kingdom

PNB (Europe) PlC
3/F 114 Rochester Row, London
Tel Nos: (0044) 207 592 3000
(0044) 207 592 3006
Note: About this address, call first, there could be changes.

PNB (Europe) Plc
Nottinghill Gate Ext. Office
5-7 Hillgate Street, London WE8 7SP
Tel No: (0044) 207 592 3000

PNB (Europe) Plc
Earl's Court Ext. Office
G/F 11 Kenway Road, Earl’s Court
London, SW5 ORP
Tel Nos: (0044) 207 592 3030
(0044) 207 592 3027 to 29

PARIS, France

PNB (Europe) PlC
Paris Branch
165 Avenue Victor Hugo
75016 Paris
Tel No: (0033) 14505 3400

Paris Representative Office 165 Avenue Victor Hugo
75016 Paris
Tel No: (0033) 14505 3400

HAMBURG, Germany

Hamburg Representative Office Rosenstrasse 7
20095 Hamburg
Tel Nos: (49) 40-326-252; (49) 40-326-303

ROME, Italy

PNB Italy SpA Piazza Independenza 8 00185
Tel Nos: (3906) 482-7830; (3906) 482-7841

Rome Representative Office
Piazza Independenza 8 00185
Tel Nos: (3906) 482-7830;(3906) 482-7841


PNB Italy SpA
Florence Branch
Via Guelfa 29r
50129 Florence, Italy
Tel No: (39055) 295-056

MILAN, Italy

PNB Italy SpA
Milan Branch
Via Dogana, 3, 20123 Milan
Tel No: (3902) 7200-3917


PNB Global Filipino Remittance Spain, S.A.
Calle Mayor 6, Planta 2 Puerta 20,
28013 Madrid
Tel Nos: (0034) 91-532-5021;(0034) 91-532-5462

VIENNA, Austria

PNB Austria Financial Services GmbH
Opernring 1, Stiege E, Top 131,
A-1010 Vienna
Tel No: (431) 532-0510 (431) 532-0521


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