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Transfer Money Thru Instapay or PesoNet Instantly

You can now transfer money thru INSTAPAY or PESONET instantly! Just use your online banking and any of your Philippine peso accounts. Choose INSTAPAY,  if you need instant transfer. Any day, any hour. Transfer fee ranges from 5 to 50 pesos. Choose PesoNet,  if you’re not rushing, especially if your bank does not charge anything […]

South Korean Banks in the Philippines

There are three South Korean banks in the Philippines. They are all commercial banks operating as Philippine-based branches of the South Korea-based bank. Each has only one branch in the Philippines, one located in Makati and the other two in BGC in Taguig. KEB Hana Bank – Manila Branch 21st Floor, Zuellig Building Makati Avenue […]

Thrift Banks in the Philippines

As of March 2019, there are 54 thrift banks in the Philippines. With 54 head offices and 2,600 branch offices, there’s a total of 2,654 thrift bank offices in the country as of February 2019. The top thrift banks are BPI Family, Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) and RCBC Savings Bank, ranked by total assets as […]

Investment Banks in the Philippines

What are the investment banks in the Philippines? Investment banks in the Philippines are also called investment banking firms or investment houses. They’re not really “banks” in the sense that we cannot just walk in to their premises and open deposit accounts or apply for bank loans. They do more complex activities. They serve corporations […]

Best Bank in the Philippines for Savings

The best bank in the Philippines for savings is a well-established bank that offers the biggest interest rate for savings accounts and is located near where you work or live.  But since the interest rates for savings account deposits are now negligible, like 0.25% annually, the best savings account would be an account with incentives […]

Interbank Transfer via INSTAPAY

You can send money online INSTANTLY from your bank in the Philippines to another bank in the Philippines through INSTAPAY as long as both sending and receiving entities are participants of INSTAPAY. The fee for sending online depends on your bank. It ranges from 5 pesos to 100 pesos. BDO charges 100 pesos per transaction. […]

Philippine Bank Closures in 2019

Here’s a list of Philippine bank closures in 2019: There have been 11 banks that were closed down in 2019. Ten were rural banks and one was a savings bank, Maximum Savings Bank. 1.  Bagong Bangko Rural ng Malabang (Lanao del Sur), Inc.  – Office address at 593 Bayan St., Brgy. China Town (Pob.) Malabang, […]

3 Thrift Banks are in TOP 20 Banks List

Three thrift banks are among the Top 20 banks in the Philippines, based on assets as of September 2017. Each of the three has more assets than several commercial/universal banks. BPI Family is No. 14, with total assets of more than 265 billion. PSBank is No. 15, with total assets of more than 221 billion. […]

Wells Fargo Bank Philippines

There’s a Wells Fargo Bank Philippines, but it’s not operating as a regular bank. It does not do banking transactions like accepting deposits, granting loans or making foreign exchanges. It’s a representative bank, doing only promotions and marketing work for the US-based Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 15th Floor Tower 1, Enterprise Center […]