Change Old Turkish Lira to Peso

By Nora

Old Turkish liras or old Turk Lirasi banknotes with lots of zeros NO LONGER have VALUE.

They were demonetized in 2005.  Ibig sabihin, hindi na ito nagagamit sa Turkey.
Kung meron mang nagpapalit ng new Turkish Liras sa Philippines, hindi rin nila papalitan itong mga lumang Turk Lirasi na madaming zeros.

These old Turkish liras were demonetized in 2005 after Turkey suffered years of hyperinflation and decided to remove lots of zeros from its banknotes and redenominated them.

In 2005, the one-million banknote became only one lira.

     OLD 1 Million Turkish Lira  =  NEW 1 Turkish Lira

Naging Isang Lira na lang ang value nitong 1 Million Banknote na ito since January 2005.

Nag-issue ang Turkey ng bagong banknotes. 

The biggest banknote in value  is 200 Turk Lirasi. 

The following old Turkish Lira banknotes are OBSOLETE and no longer in circulation:

100000 Turk Lirasi   or  100,000  Turkish Liras
250000                      or  250,000
500000                      or  500,000
1000000                    or  1 Million
5000000                    or  5 Million
10000000                  or  10 Million
20000000                  or  20 Million

The biggest Turkish Lira banknote in value now is 200 Turk Lirasi.

At present, the Turk Lirasi banknotes are:


Merong website na nagsasabing nagpapalit sila ng OLD Turk Lirasi, pero hindi ko alam kung totoo sila: LeftoverCurrency.com 

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