Allied Bank Remittance Partners in Abu Dhabi, UAE

By Nora

You can send money from Abu Dhabi to the Philippines through the following Allied Bank remittance partners:

Al Fardan Exchange
Leewa St.
POB 498
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel Nos: (9712) 622 3222 / 632 7185

Al Ansari Exchange
Leewa St.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No: (9712) 622 7888

Al Falah Exchange Co.
Sheikh Zayed the 2nd St. (Electra St.)
PO Box 3692
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No: (9712) 632 9888

Habib Exchange Co.
Central Office
Hamdan St.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
PO Box 2370

Harib Sultan Exchange
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lari Exchange Est
POB 988
Leewa St.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel Nos: (9712) 622 0016 / 622 3225

UAE Exchange Center
Sheikh Hamdon St.
POB 170
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No: (9712) 632 2166

If you're far from the above Allied Bank remittance partners, you can also send money to the Philippines through these global money transfer companies that have partnered with Allied Bank:

  • Moneygram
  • Uniteller Inc.
  • EZ Remit
  • Xpress Money
  • AFX FastRemit
  • Instant Cash Worldwide


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