BDO Remittance Partners in Japan

Updated November 9, 2016:

These are the BDO remittance partners in Japan, and they are all in Tokyo.

At this bank and money transfer companies, you can send money to your recipients in the Philippines for:
  • cash pickup at BDO or any BDO remittance partner 
  • direct deposit to a BDO account
  • door-door delivery
  • deposit to an account in another bank

BDO Remit Japan
Zenken Plaza II, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-3-13 Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, 160-0023 Japan

Register first before you can send.
   . Fill-up the Customer Registration and Beneficiary Maintenance form.
   . Present one valid ID and a copy of your government-issued number.

If you're far from Tokyo, register via Post Mail
    .  Call BDO Remit Japan office 0120-236-771 and request for a registration kit.

New Kokusai Bldg.
3-4-1 Marunochi Chiyoda-Ku

Modulo Hamamatsucho
3rd Floor 1-12-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan 105-0013

BDO Correspondent Banks in Tokyo: 
You can send through these banks using wire transfer
The Swift Code of BDO is:  BNORPHMM

Wells Fargo Bank Tokyo Branch
Marunouchi Trust Main Tower
24th Floor, 1-8-3, Marunouchi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 81-3-4330-6000

Standard Chartered Bank Tokyo Branch
21st Floor, Sanno Park Tower
2-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Phone: 03-5511-1200

For those outside Tokyo, you can send through these international money transfer companies:

.   MONEYGRAM -- This is a BDO partner, so your remittance can be for cash pickup, deposit to a BDO account, door-to-door, or deposit to another bank.

.   WESTERN UNION -- For deposit to a BDO account only, not cash pickup at BDO.

.   Xpress Money Services Ltd.

.   UAE Exchange Centre

.   Sigue Money Transfer

But you can send money at Western Union in Japan for cash pickup at any Western Union outlet in the Philippines, or for direct deposit to any account in a major bank in the Philippines.

BDO Remittance Partners in Japan

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