High-Interest Savings Accounts offered by BPI and BDO Philippines

By Nora
Updated December 13, 2015:

Earn more from your savings accounts; deposit them in higher-interest accounts.
You can earn more from time deposits or mutual funds, but if you don't want to use these at present because of certain reasons, you can deposit your money in savings accounts with higher interest rates.

Nevertheless, when we say high interest, it's NOT really HIGH. It only means that the interest rates are a bit higher than the the interest rate for regular savings accounts, which is usually 0.25 %.

Here are higher-interest savings accounts offered by 2 of the top 3 banks in the Philippines:


BDO Optimum Savings Account 

- monthly average daily balance is 30k
- for individuals and non-stock, non-profit entities
- you can withdraw or debit 3 times a month without charge
- available with passbook and ATM card for personal accounts
- service charge is 300 pesos if monthly average daily balance falls below 30k
- dormancy fee is 300
- Update: Interest rates are no longer published. Rates change frequently, so inquire about rates when you visit your branch.

BDO Super Savings Account
Update: This account is no longer in BDO's list of accounts offered.


BPI Maxi-Saver Savings

BPI ATM-based Maxi-saver Savings 
- monthly average daily balance is 50k
- interest rates:
  50,000 to 499,999   --  0.25%
  500,000 to 999,999  --  0.375%
  1 million and above  --  1%
- bonus annual rate of 0.5% if no withdrawal within a month

BPI Passbook-Based Maxi-Saver Savings Account

- monthly average daily balance is 75k
- interest rates:
  75,000 to 499,999 -- 0.25%
  for other amounts, it's the same as above ATM-based Maxi-Saver

Note: If you do not withdraw within a month, you get a bonus annual interest rate of 0.5% for the month.
Interest is credited monthly.

BPI Get Started Savings Account with Life Insurance

- monthly average maintaining balance = 25,000
- annual interest rate =  0.25%

- monthly average maintaining balance = 75,000
- annual interest rate =  0.25%

Note on Life Insurance:
Insurance coverage is equivalent to 5 times your account's Average Daily Balance,
up to 2 million or $40,000, for dollar accounts.
Average Daily Balance here means the Average Daily Balance of the past three calendar months prior to the account owner's demise.

BPI Save-Up Automatic Savings with Free Accident and Life Insurance

- monthly average daily balance = 1,000
- monthly average daily balance to earn interest = 5,000
- free accident and life insurance from BPI-Philam Life Insurance
- amount of life insurance equals 5 times your account's average month-to-date average daily balance up to 2 million pesos and an additional accident insurance of 5 times your account's average daily balance up to 2 million
- interest is credited quarterly
- annual interest rate:  0.25%

BPI Save-Up Automatic Savings With Higher Interest but No Free Insurance 

- no initial deposit required if you have an ATM savings account
- monthly average daily balance = 1k
- monthly average daily balance to earn interest = 3k
- automatic transfer of a certain amount of money weekly or monthly from your ATM savings account to your Save-Up account
- you can enroll in BPI Express Online banking
- interest is credited quarterly
- annual interest rates:
5,000 to 49,999  --  0.25 %
50,000 to 499,999  --  0.5 %
500,000 and above  --  0.625 %

Above rates are for BPI accounts. 
BPI Family accounts offer a bit higher interest rates.

TAX on Interest:  20 % Withholding tax

If you want to earn more from your savings within a 5-year period, check this:
PAG-IBIG II Savings Program.


  1. these rates are no longer updated :(

    1. Hi Dez, thanks for your reminder. I've updated the rates. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Dez, in BDO Optimum Savings Account whats the difference between "dormancy fee 300" and "service charge 300" ? So all in all, a total of 600 will charge to the account, am i correct?

    1. Hi Arman, Dez might not see your question for a time, so I'll respond.
      Dormancy fee is charged per month starting from the 25th month there's no withdrawal or deposit transaction on your account. This dormancy fee is charged only if your account is below the required maintaining balance.
      The second fee that will be charged is the below-maintaining-balance penalty, which is 300 per month for every month the account is below the required balance. It starts from the 2nd consecutive month the account has been below the required balance.