Top Banks in the Philippines -- Contact Nos, Swift Codes, Paypal Codes, Websites

By Nora
Here are the customer care hotlines, websites, Swift codes and Paypal bank codes of top banks in the Philippines, arranged as follows:

- Name of bank
- Customer Hotline
- Other Telephone Numbers
- Website URL
- Swift Code -- used for telegraphic or wire transfers
- Paypal Code -- used for registering bank accounts where Paypal money may be transferred to

Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. BDO
Hotline: 631-8000
Trunkline: 840-7000
Email: callcenter@bdo.com.ph
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Paypal Code: 010530667

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. METROBANK  
Hotline: 8700-700
Metrophone Banking MM: 5-8000
Email: help@metrobank.com.ph.
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Paypal Code: 010269996

Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI
Hotline: 89-100
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Paypal Code: 010040018

Land Bank of the Philippines LANDBANK
Hotline: 405-7000
Swift Code: TLBPPHMM
Paypal Code: 010350025

Philippine National Bank PNB
Hotline: 573-8888
Email: customercare@pnb.com.ph
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM
Paypal Code: 010080010

Development Bank of the Philippines DBP
Trunk Line: 818-9511 to 20,  818-9611 to 20
Email: info@devbankphil.com.ph
Swift Code: DBPHPHMM
Paypal Code: 010590018

Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. RCBC
Hotline: 877-7222
Trunkline: 894-9000; 894-9995
Email: customercontact@rcbc.com
Swift Code: RCBCPHMM
Paypal Code: 010280014

Union Bank of the Philippines UNIONBANK
Hotline: 841-8600
Trunkline: 667-6388
Swift Code: UBPHPHMM
Paypal Code: 010419995

China Banking Corp. CHINABANK
Trunkline: 885-5555ATM Center: 885-5425 and 885-5424
Swift Code: CHBKPHMM
Paypal Code: 010100013

Hotline:  894-7700
Swift Code:  CITIPHM
Paypal Code:  010070017

Security Bank Corp. SECURITY BANK
Trunkline: 867-6788, 888-7065
Swift Code:  SETCPHMM
Paypal Code: 010140015

United Coconut Planters Bank UCBP
Hotline: 811-9000
ATM hotline: 811-9292
Email:  crc@ucpb.com
Swift Code:  UCPBPHMM
Paypal Code:  010299995
Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp. HSBC
Hotline:  85-800,  976-8000
Swift Code: HSBCPHMM
Paypal Code:  010060014

Bank of Commerce BANCOM
Trunkline: 982-6000
ATM Hotline:  214-8899
Swift Code:  PABIPHMM
Paypal Code:  010440016

Philippine Trust Co. PHILTRUST
Trunkline: 524-9061 to 76
Email: ptc@philtrustbank.com
Swift Code:  PHTBPHMM
Paypal Code: 010090039

East West Banking Corp. EASTWEST
Hotline: 888-1700
Trunkline: 575-3888 and 870-3500
Email:  service@eastwestbanker.com
Swift Code:  EWBCPHMM
Paypal Code:  010620014

Standard Chartered Bank STANDARD CHARTERED
Hotline: 886-7888,  878-2855
Makati: 878-2231
Swift Code:  SCBLPHMM
Paypal Code:  010050011

Philippine Veterans Bank VETERANS BANK
Hotline: 902-1600,  902-1700,  857-3800
Swift Code:  PHVBPHM
Paypal Code:  010330016

Asia United Bank Corp.
Hotline:  636-6888,  910-1725 to 35
Swift Code:  AUBKPHMM
Paypal Code:  011020011

Internationale Nederlanden Groep BK ING Bank
Hotline:  840-8888, 840-8881,  479-8888,  479-8881,  479-8888
www.ingcommercialbanking.comSwift Code:  INGBPHMM
Paypal Code:  010660016

ANZ Banking Group Ltd. ANZ
Hotline: 841-7777
Swift Code:  ANZBPHM
Paypal Code:  010700015

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA CHASE
Hotline:    885-7700,  878-1101

Swift Code:  CHASPHMM
Paypal Code:  010720011

Deutsche Bank AG
Hotline: 894-6888,  894-6900
Swift Code:  DEUTPHMM
Paypal Code:  010650013

Philippine Bank of Communications PBCOM
Customer Hotline: 75-PBCOM
Trunkline: 830-7000
 Email:  info@pbcom.com.ph
Swift Code:  CPHIPHMM
Paypal Code:  010110016

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. Manila Branch MIZUHO
Hotline:   860-3500
Swift Code: MHCBPHMM

MayBank Philippines Inc. MAYBANK
Hotline: 521-7888
Email: m2u@maybank.com.ph
Swift Code:  MBBEPHMM
Paypal Code:  010220016

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. BANK of TOKYO
Hotline: 886-7371
Swift Code:  BOTKPHMM
Paypal Code:  010460012
ChinaTrust (Phils) CBC CHINATRUST
Hotline: 840-1234,  811-8503
Swift Code:  CTCBPHMM
Paypal Code:  010690015

BDO Private Bank Inc.
Hotline:  848-6301,  848-6302,  848-6304,  848-6267
Email:  wealthadvisors@pb.bdo.com.ph
Swift Code:  BOPBPHMM

Bank of America NA Manila Branch BofA
Hotline:  815-5600
Swift Code:  BOFAPH2

Bank of China Ltd. Manila Branch
Hotline:  885-0111
Swift Code:  BKCHPHMM
Paypal Code:  011140014

Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.
Hotline: 811-5807 to 14 loc. 10,  818-5807 to 13
Swift Code: ICBCPHMM

Korea Exchange Bank
Hotline:  848-1988,  848-1775,  814-2178
Email:  koexbank@surfshop.net.ph
Swift Code:  KOEXPHMM
Paypal Code:  010710018

Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.
Hotline:  752-0333
Email:  bblml@bbl.com.ph
Swift Code:  BKKBPHMM
Paypal Code:  010670019

Robinsons Bank Corp. ROBINSONSBANK
Hotline:  637-2273,  702-9500 local 800
Non-Swift BIC Code: RBNVPHM1

Al-Amanah Islamic Bank of the Philippines
Hotline:  893-4350, 818-9511 local 3407 & 3408
Non-Swift BIC Code:  ALAMPHM1

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Allied Banking Corp. ALLIED BANK (Merger with PNB took effect on Feb 9, 2013)
Hotline:  816-5575
Tel No: 818-7961 to 69,  816-3311 to 50  
Email:  info@alliedbank.com.ph 
Swift Code: ABCMPHMM
Paypal Code: 010320013

Export and Industry Bank Inc. EIB (Closed by the BSP on April 27, 2012. As of March 15, 2013, PDIC is in the process of rebidding the assets and liabilities of the bank to investors that can rehabilitate the bank.)
Trunkline:  878-9100
Email:  expertinfo@exportbank.com.ph
Swift Code:  EAIBPHMM
Paypal Code:  010860010


meemee aqto said...

hi why i cant withdraw my money using my metrobank atm saving account and debit card i want to withdraw my money from paypal

meemee aqto said...

please help me

Nors said...

Hi meemee, what is paypal telling you? Usually Paypal says what's wrong with your procedure. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10 or 500 pesos.
Is your account verified? You can withdraw only a small amount if your account is not verified. Check if you have withdrawal limits. Log in to your PayPal account. On the Account Overview page, click View Limits.

jude airy bazan said...

please help me for the swift code
of One Network Bank (ONB), A Rural Bank zamboanga branch



Nora said...

Hi jude, it's ONNRPHM1, the same for all branches. Swift codes Dito sa list, merong XXX, pero puede nang hindi isulat amg XXX kasi the code is the same for all branches.
For foreign remittances, you can send through One Network Bank's remittance partners: BDO, RCBC, PNB, BPI, DBP, Moneygram, Xoom, IRemit, XpressMoney, Globe GCash, Uniteller BaNorte, MyRemit (Kapamilya TFC) and Asia United Bank

shiena babatingan said...

Ano po ying swift code sa pbcom cebu, mandaue branch? Help po.

emz yageet said...

Hello po. Ano po yung swift code ng pbcom cebu, mandaue branch?

Nora Tamba said...

Hi shiena babatingan and emz yageet, the Swift code for PBCOM is CPHIPHMM, the same for all branches of PBCOM.

Charisse Endrina said...

Hi, ano po ung BDO swift code ng tabunok branch. .Ty

Nora Tamba said...

Hi Charisse, BDO's Swift code is BNORPHMM, the same code for all BDO branches in the Philippines.

Junel Saldo said...

Hi Can I ask for the Swift code of Metrobank Talamban Branch Cebu city 6000

Nora Tamba said...

Hi Junel, Metrobank's Swift Code is MBTCPHMM , the same for all its branches in the Phils. Wire transfer from abroad will be sent first to Metrobank's main office, then will be forwarded to the branch. The same with other Philippine banks

Jhing Lohera said...

how can i withdraw my paypal funds to ONB? paypal is asking for swift code which is 9 digit then the ONB swift code is only 8. pls advice.thanks.

Nora Tamba said...

Hi Jhing Lohera, is that One Network Bank, the rural bank? ONB does not yet accept Paypal money transfers. Open an account with a universal or commercial bank like BDO or BPI or any bank in the list above with Paypal code, so you can transfer your money from Paypal to a Philippine bank.