Best Philippine Banks for Small Business Loans

By Nora
Is your bank friendly to small businesses? Is it offering small business loans?

The answer is in how they complied with the Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Under this Republic Act, banks are required until June 2018 to lend at least 8% to micro and small businesses and at least 2% to medium-sized businesses. 8 percent and 2 percent of what? The total loans declared on the previous quarter's balance sheet.

The following banks complied with the Magna Carta requirement, and a number of them provided more small business loans than what is required. Data is sourced from published balance sheets as of December 2010.

Here's a ranking of banks in terms of their provisions of loans to micro, small and medium-sized businesses:

(Percent of loans given to small businesses is computed in reference to total loans provided in the previous quarter.)

RankBankPercent of Loans toPercent of Loans to
Micro and Small Medium
1DBP8.53 18.75
2PBCOM 6.94 20.24
3UCPB 7.39 18.34
4BPI 10.14 12.14
5China Bank 10.11 11.93
6Allied Bank 9.38 12.6
7Asia United 8.48 11.28
8Mega International 10.35 8.07
Commercial Bank Co.
9Veterans Bank 8.25 9.95
10Landbank 10.34 7.80
11Metrobank 8.02 8.16
12Bancom 9.28 5.82
13Korea Exchange Bank 11.45 2.86
14Bank of Tokyo 10.62 3.00
15Bangkok Bank 8.17 5.07
16Security Bank 2.84 9.60
17RCBC 8.16 3.75
18Union Bank 7.41 4.26
19Bank of China 8.64 2.16
20Philtrust 8.09 2.22
21PNB 8.15 2.10
22Citibank 0.12 9.49
23BDO 3.71 4.68
24East West Bank4.41 3.93
25Export & Industry Bank   3.28   3.57
26China Trust 1.78 4.98
27Maybank 1.97 4.79
28ANZ Banking Group Ltd.0.00 3.63
29HSBC 0.00 0.07
30Standard Chartered 0.00 0.04

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