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BDO Remittance Partner in Germany

Updated April 14, 2016 As of now, these are the only BDO Remittance partners in Germany: CBN LONDON LTD. (Hamburg Branch) Gerhofstrasse 40, 20354 Hamburg, Germany You can also send money through these international money transfer services that have partnered with BDO: MONEYGRAM COINSTAR You can also remit through WIRE TRANSFER with these 2 BDO correspondent […]

Money Transfer from Germany to Philippines via PNB Metrobank BPI

Updated January 11, 2017 You can send money from Germany to the Philippines via the remittance services or partners of Philippine National Bank (PNB), Metrobank and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). PNB Germany Representative Office Hohenstauferallee 39, 69181 Leimen Phone nos.:  (0631) 62487326 to 27,  (0176) 24546033 (Mobile) Email: sirlazir@arcor.de, sirlazir@yahoo.de Consultant: Mario Rizal […]