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PNB Office, Correspondent Banks in Dubai, UAE

Send your money from Dubai to the Philippines through the Philippine National Bank (PNB) office in Dubai. If you have a bank account in Dubai with a PNB correspondent bank, see if their online banking offers online fund transfer to a PNB account.  This could be a cheaper and faster way of sending money to […]

Send Money to the Philippines from Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Updated February 22, 2018 To send money to the Philippines from Denmark, many senders use international money transfer operators such as MoneyGram and Western Union and through bank wire transfers. Because there are only about 12,336 Filipinos in Denmark, as of 2013, based on data from the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO), there […]

Send Money from Sweden to Philippines via Banks, MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA

Here are ways to send money to the Philippines from Sweden: – through wire transfer with banks in Sweden which have correspondent agreements with Philippine banks – global remittance services: MoneyGram, Western Union and RIA Send money via wire transfer through the following correspondent banks if you have accounts with these banks in Sweden. When […]