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Banks Closed Down in 2018

See below the 12 banks closed down in 2018.   In 2017, only 7 Philippine banks failed. Six were rural banks and one was a thrift bank.This year, the month of January passed without any bank closed down, and I was glad. The programs of the BSP, PDIC and Landbank to strengthen rural banks must […]

Biggest Bank Failures in the Philippines

Which were the biggest Philippine banks that failed? Based on total assets just before they were closed down, the biggest Philippine bank that failed was Export and Industry Bank. 1.  Biggest –>> Export and Industry Bank, a commercial bank Export and Industry Bank Inc., also known as Exportbank, had 28.75 billion pesos in total assets as […]

Routing Nos. of Philippine Banks

What is a Routing No.? It is a 9-digit number that identifies your bank and your bank branch. The first 5 digits identifies your bank. The other 4 digits identifies your branch location. In the Philippines, you can see your bank’s Routing No. on a cheque issued by your bank. It’s the R/T No. on […]

Swift Codes of Savings Banks or Thrift Banks

You need a Swift code if you use a wire transfer to transfer money from one bank to another bank, particularly for international money transfers. A Swift code is a unique identifier code for any bank in the world that conducts wire transfers. Swift code is also known as BIC or Bank Identifier Code. Savings […]

15 Member Banks of the Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP)

The Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP), incorporated in 1981, aims to foster cooperation among card issuers in the country, to mediate among card issuers, merchants and cardholders, and to promote the responsible use of credit cards in the country. Here’s a list of the 15 member banks of the Credit Card Association of the […]

Top Banks in the Philippines, by Assets, Dec 2014

Here are the top commercial/universal banks in the Philippines, based on total assets as of December 2014. There are now four trillionaire Philippine banks — BDO, Metrobank, BPI and Landbank.  Landbank joined BDO, Metrobank and BPI in their 4-member-only trillionaire club in December 2014. Which bank will be the next trillionaire? And when? BDO first […]

Banking News 2015-2018

Updated July 26, 2018 News on mergers, acquisitions, name changes, investments and upgrades Please go here to see bank mergers. Go here to see bank failures in 2016,  in 2017, and in 2018. Here are links to lists of closed banks from 2000 to 2017. Go here to see changes in bank names. June 13, 2018 Taiwan-based […]

List of Philippine Banks Abroad

Updated April 1, 2019 Below is a list of Philippine banks abroad. Some are bank branches and others are subsidiary banks. They offer banking services, including remittance services, foreign exchange, and trade finance. A Philippine bank branch abroad is a foreign branch of a bank incorporated in the Philippines. A Philippine subsidiary bank abroad is […]