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Can I Dispute a Below-Maintaining-Balance Penalty?

Someone asked about below-maintaining-balance penalty here on our blog BanksPhilippines.com: Hi po, The below maintaining balance penalty, can this be disputed? Especially if you were not informed about it. Where do you see this information about the penalty? Is it on the application form? Thank you. Our reply: Yes, you can dispute it. But if […]

What Is Maintaining Balance in Bank Accounts?

Updated March 23, 2019 Ano nga ba ang Maintaining Balance in Bank Accounts? Bakit merong penalty of 300 pesos or more every month for NOT maintaining the Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance for 2 consecutive months? Maintaining Balance is the shorter phrase for Minimum Monthly Average Daily BalanceĀ (MADB). Maintaining BalanceĀ is the Minimum Average Daily Balance […]