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Money Transfer Rates for Japan-Philippines Remittance

For a remittance amount of US$500, money transfer fees for Japan-to-Philippines remittance ranged from $18 to $48 on January 24, 2011, the most recent day that the World Bank conducted a survey of remittance rates for the Japan-Philippines corridor. The money transfer rates included: – the remittance fee – and the foreign exchange rate margin. […]

Send Money to Philippines from Japan via PNB, Metrobank

You can send money to the Philippines from Japan thru the Philippine banks below, thru Western Union, Moneygram or SBI Remit. Philippine National Bank and Metrobank operate remittance services in Japan. Puedeng over the counter, puede ring electronic, pero over the counter lang muna ang i-post ko dito. PNB TOKYO 5th Floor Fukide Bldg. 4-1-13 Toranomon […]

Send Money to the Philippines from Switzerland via BPI Remittance

You can send money to your recipient in the Philippines from Switzerland thru the following remittance partner of BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands: LEROUX REMITTANCES Fliederweg 1 4303 Kaiseraugst, Switzerland Tel Nos:   0041-061-3126666 / 0041-061-3126668 Fax No: 0041-061-3126667 E-mail:  r_leroux@datacomm.ch You have four options to send money. You can: deposit to your recipient’s BPI […]