IRemit Remittance Partners in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

You can pay SSS, Pag-ibig or Philhealth and you can send money to the Philippines from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the following IREMIT remittance partners in Dubai: Al Fardan Exchange PO Box 2095, Al Zahra Techo Center Khalid Bin Al Walid Road Phone: (9714) 351 3535 Email: exchange@alfardangroup.com Al Ghurair Exchange PO Box […]

IRemit Remittance Partners in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

You can send money to the Philippines from Abu Dhabi, UAE, pay your Philhealth premiums, pay your SSS contributions and loans, and pay your Pag-ibig and MP2 monthly savings payments through the following IRemit remittance partners in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). All these IRemit remittance partners are in Abu Dhabi, UAE: Al Ahalia Money […]

Send Money from Oman to the Philippines via IRemit

IREMIT and LAKHOO’S Money Exchange in OMAN You can send money from Oman to the Philippines through the branches of Lakhoo’s Money Exchange, a remittance partner of Philippine money transfer company IREMIT. Lakhoo Money Exchange also sells 22-carat and 24-carat gold coins and biscuits. It also offers Western Union services. Here are the 12 locations of Lakhoo’s […]

Send Money from Australia to Philippines via IREMIT

Send money to the Philippines from Australia through IREMIT AUSTRALIA: Remittance Rates as of Dec 2013, in Australian Dollars: Bank-to-Bank (Metro Manila)     8.00 Bank-to-Bank (Province) 12.00 Door-to-Door (Metro Manila) 8.00 Door-to-Door (Province) 12.00 Door-to-Door (Very Remote) 15.00 Cash Pickup (in Peso) 12.00 Cash Pickup (in AUD) 12.00 SSS Payment 2.00 Pag-ibig Payment 2.00 Philhealth Payment […]

Pay SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig in Taiwan via IREMIT remittance

You can pay your Philhealth, SSS and Pag-ibig payments in Taiwan via the IREMIT remittance service. These are the service fees for remitting your contributions from Taiwan. These are in addition to your SSS, Pag-ibig or Philhealth contributions: Service fees: 100 NT  for SSS payments 150 NT  for Pag-ibig payments 150 NT  for Philhealth payments […]