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BPI Remittance Offices in Spain

There are 2 BPI remittance offices in Spain: in Madrid and in Barcelona. MADRID No. 4-1 Calle General Margallo, 28020 Madrid Tel: 003491-579-4912 Email: bpimadrid@bpi.com.ph BARCELONA Calle Joaquin Costa 50 08001 Barcelona Tel: 003493-301-1537 Email: bpibarcelona@bpi.com.ph If you’re far from Madrid or Barcelona, you can make wire transfers in any of the following BPI correspondent […]

Send Money to the Philippines from France

Following are remittance offices where you can send money to the Philippines from France: BDO Remittance Office in France  Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. – Paris Representative Office86 rue de la Pompe75016 ParisFrance BPI Remittance Partner in France Banque D’ Escompte13 BoulevardHaussman 75009Paris, FranceTel No: 0033-14-770-9080Email: php@escompte.com Philippine National Bank PNB Remittance Offices in France […]

Send Money to the Philippines from Switzerland via BPI Remittance

You can send money to your recipient in the Philippines from Switzerland thru the following remittance partner of BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands: LEROUX REMITTANCES Fliederweg 1 4303 Kaiseraugst, Switzerland Tel Nos:   0041-061-3126666 / 0041-061-3126668 Fax No: 0041-061-3126667 E-mail:  r_leroux@datacomm.ch You have four options to send money. You can: deposit to your recipient’s BPI […]