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Money Transfer from Germany to Philippines via PNB Metrobank BPI

Updated January 11, 2017 You can send money from Germany to the Philippines via the remittance services or partners of Philippine National Bank (PNB), Metrobank and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). PNB Germany Representative Office Hohenstauferallee 39, 69181 Leimen Phone nos.:  (0631) 62487326 to 27,  (0176) 24546033 (Mobile) Email: sirlazir@arcor.de, sirlazir@yahoo.de Consultant: Mario Rizal […]

BPI 24/7 Instant-Credit Deposit ATMs in Pasig, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Caloocan

Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI You can deposit your peso bills into your BPI account through the following BPI 24/7 real-time credit deposit ATM locations: – No need to put bills into envelopes – You can deposit anytime, anyday (except when there’s a malfunction) Pasig City Express Ortigas Emerald Ground Floor Unit 101 Jollibee […]

BPI in New York — Send Money to the Philippines

Updated November 9, 2015 BPI Express Remittance Corp. is NO LONGER in BPI’s list of remittance offices in the US. Apparently, this remittance company has closed down. You can continue sending money to the Philippines through BPI using the following remittance partners. These partners offer ONLINE remittance or money transfer services. XOOM If you have a […]

Send Money to the Philippines from Switzerland via BPI Remittance

You can send money to your recipient in the Philippines from Switzerland thru the following remittance partner of BPI or Bank of the Philippine Islands: LEROUX REMITTANCES Fliederweg 1 4303 Kaiseraugst, Switzerland Tel Nos:   0041-061-3126666 / 0041-061-3126668 Fax No: 0041-061-3126667 E-mail:  r_leroux@datacomm.ch You have four options to send money. You can: deposit to your recipient’s BPI […]