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BDO London is BDO Remit UK Ltd.

Is there a BDO London? Yes, there is. It’s not a bank. It’s a remittance company called BDO Remit UK Ltd. It’s owned by BDO Unibank in the Philippines through its subsidiary BDO Remit International Holdings BV (formerly CBN Grupo International Holdings BV). BDO Remit UK Ltd. is formerly CBN London Ltd. You can send […]

Send Money from London, UK to Philippines thru BDO

Updated February 21, 2018 Here’s a list of BDO Remittance Partners in London, Kent and Dorset, UK, where you can send money to the Philippines: LONDON Azimo Ltd. 5-15 Cromer Street, Kings Cross London WClH 8LS For online money transfer, go to: azimo.com Direct Money Transfer United Kingdom Ltd. 2nd Floor, Pinoy Supermarket 10 Hogarth Road, […]