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Top Life Insurance Companies by Assets 2016

Here’s a ranking of the 30 life insurance companies in the Philippines, based on assets as of the year 2016, based on annual statements submitted to the Insurance Commission: Rank   Insurance Company Total Assets    Total Assets    Rank 2016 Billion Billion 2015  Pesos Pesos 2016 2015 1 Philam Life 200.789 187.904 1 (Life unit) 2 Sun […]

Ranking of 67 Non-Life Insurance Companies, Based on Premiums Earned in 2015

Here’s the Ranking of 67 Non-Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, based on Premiums Earned in 2015, from data submitted by the companies to the Insurance Commission. Nine non-life insurance companies have surpassed the one-billion-peso mark. RANK   INSURANCE COMPANY PREMIUMS EARNED 2015 NON-LIFE 2015   1 Prudential Guarantee & Assurance Corp. 3,348,906,826 2 Malayan Insurance Co., […]

Only 12 Licensed Pre-need Firms in 2019

Updated January 13, 2020 There are now only 12 licensed pre-need companies in the Philippines as of 2019: 1. Ayala Plans Inc. — Education/Pension Plans 2. Caritas Financial Plans Inc. — Pension Plans 3. CityPlans Inc. — Pension Plans 4. Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan Inc. — Life Plans 5. Diamond Memorial Care Plans Inc. — […]

Insurance Companies Closed Down in 2010 to 2016

Here’s a list of life and non-life insurance companies that were issued Cease and Desist Orders and were put under conservatorship, receivership or liquidation by the Insurance Commission from 2010 to 2016, based on the list released by the IC on its website 2016 Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC) was placed under conservatorship by […]

Top Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, by Net Worth Dec 2015

Here’s a tentative* ranking of the 30 life insurance companies in the Philippines, based on net worth as of December 2015: Net Worth = Total Assets minus Total Liabilities Rank   Insurance Company Net Worth    Net Worth    Rank 2015 Billion Billion 2014 Pesos Pesos 2015 2014 1 Philam Life 40.970 28.776 1 (Life unit) 2 Insular Life […]