Top Savings Banks, by Assets, Dec 2015

Here are the TOP 17 SAVINGS BANKS in the Philippines,
based on Total Assets as of December 2015.

RANK                     BANKASSETSRANK
 1.BPI Family266.3791
 3.RCBC Savings  92.8093
 4.Philippine Business  65.8904
 5.City Savings  65.2585
 6.Planters Development  49.8836
 7.Sterling Bank  30.7347
 8.Bank of Makati  27.9168
 9.China Bank Savings  27.25310
 10.HSBC Savings  22.9479
11.PNB Savings  22.66711
12.First Consolidated  14.86013
13.UCPB Savings  14.78712
14.BPI Direct Savings  13.79114
15.Philippine Postal  12.07416
16.PR Savings  11.35815
17.Producers Savings  10.59617
No. 18 to
No. 38
18.Equicom Savings  7.67619
19.Wealth Development  7.24520
20.Malayan Bank Savings  7.04518
21.1st Valley Bank  6.91921
22.Luzon Development  5.55322
23.Citystate Savings  4.95923
24.Penbank  2.85224
25.CARD SME Bank  2.37728
26.TongYang Savings  2.10035
27.Enterprise Bank  2.05526
28.United Overseas  2.01125
29.Legazpi Savings  1.94727
30.Queen City Development  1.88829
31.Optimum Development  1.60730
32.ComSavings Bank  1.57331
33.Bank One Savings  1.46934
34.Hiyas Banking  1.46532
35.Century Savings  1.41633
36.Dumaguete City Development        1.27237
37.Isla Bank  1.26836
38Merchants Savings and Loan Assn  1,01941

Ranking of Smaller Savings Banks (With Less Than 10 Billion Pesos)
           No, 39 to No.


 --  PNB Savings Bank is formerly Allied Savings Bank.
 --  Security Bank Savings, formerly Premiere Development Bank, was acquired by its parent Security Bank in 2015.
 --  Bank of Makati, formerly the No. 1 rural bank in the country,
       started operating as a thrift bank in April 2015.
 --  TongYang Savings Bank moved up by 9 levels, from No. 35 to No.26, over the quarter.
      TongYang Savings, formerly Orion Savings Bank, was acquired by Taiwanese bank
       Yuanta Commercial Bank. Yuanta was the fifth foreign bank that invested in the Philippines                 following the enactment of the banking liberalization law in 2014.


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