Top 38 Savings Banks, by Assets Sep 2015

Here are the TOP 38 SAVINGS BANKS in the Philippines, based on Total Assets as of September 2015.

 1.BPI Family243.2801
 3.RCBC Savings 86.4863
 4.Philippine Business 62.5484
 5.City Savings 61.8135
 6.Planters Development 47.6076
 7.Sterling Bank 31.2507
 8.Bank of Makati 26.922-*
 9.HSBC Savings 25.4188
10.China Bank Savings 25.1209
11.PNB Savings 21.07510*
12.UCPB Savings 14.21511
13.First Consolidated 13.91613
14.BPI Direct Savings 12.88912
15.PR Savings 12.30515
16.Philippine Postal 12.08716
No. 17 to
No. 38
17.Producers Savings  8.58017
18.Malayan Bank Savings  7.52020
19.Equicom Savings  7.34018
20.Wealth Development  6.96321
21.1st Valley Bank  6.65319
22.Luzon Development  5.39722
23.Citystate Savings  4.38323
24.Penbank  2.84328
25.United Overseas  2.15524
26.Enterprise Bank  2.08227
27.Legazpi Savings  2.05725
28.CARD SME Bank  1.93531
29.Queen City Development  1.82028
30.Optimum Development  1.76230
31.ComSavings Bank  1.56229
32.Hiyas Banking  1.45832
33.Century Savings  1.42634
34.Bank One Savings  1.42333
35.TongYang Savings  1.38235
36.Isla Bank  1.29737
37.Dumaguete City Development        1.22836
38.World Partners  1.07738


_* This September 2015 ranking is just the second quarterly ranking in which Bank of Makati is ranked as a thrift bank. It was previously a rural bank. It started operating as a savings bank on April 15, 2015.
      Bank of Makati was first ranked as a savings bank in the June 2015 asset ranking. It was ranked No. 8, with 26.971 billion pesos in total assets.
      When it was still operating as a rural bank, it was No. 1 among all rural banks, in close competition with One Network Bank, the largest bank in Mindanao.

10*  When PNB Savings Bank was ranked No. 10 in the Sep 2014 ranking, its name was still Allied Savings Bank.
        Allied Savings Bank started operating as PNB Savings Bank in December 2014.


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