Top 39 Savings Banks in the Philippines, Assets, Sep 2012

Here are the Top 39 Savings Banks in the Philippines, based on Total Assets as of September 2012. Ranking is based on balance sheets published by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

39 out of 67 thrift banks in the Philippines surpassed the one-billion-peso mark in total assets as of September 2012.

Rank Savings Bank


in BILLION   Rank

 1. BPI Family Savings Bank


 2. Philippine Savings Bank
 3. RCBC Savings Bank58.0973
 4. Planters Development Bank53.2884
 5. Philippine Business Bank29.8545
 6. Sterling Bank of Asia27.1526
 7. HSBC Savings Bank (Phils)23.7077
 8. City Savings Bank15.8338
 9. Citibank Savings11.4829
10. First Consolidated Bank9.68410
11. Real Bank8.807
12. BPI Direct Savings Bank8.46511
13. China Bank Savings8.28813
14. Philippine Resources Savings
      Banking Corp. (PR Savings Bank)    7.93012
15. UCPB Savings Bank7.88414
16. Philippine Postal Savings Bank6.28215
17. Malayan Bank Savings
     & Mortgage Bank6.04816
18. Security Bank Savings5.11817
19. Producers Savings Bank4.67618
20. Equicom Savings Bank4.52519
21. Allied Savings Bank3.98920
22. Wealth Development Bank2.81823
23. Luzon Development Bank2.81421
24. Legazpi Savings Bank 2.72225
25. Citystate Savings Bank2.62524
26. BPI Globe Banko Savings Bank2.55022
27. United Overseas Bank Phils1.97328
28. Penbank Inc.1.91827
29. ComSavings Bank1.87126
30. Queen City Development Bank1.73929
31. BDO Elite Savings Bank1.54330
32. Tong Yang Savings Bank1.36931
33. Optimum Development Bank1.29533
34. Hiyas Banking Corp.1.23032
35. World Partners Bank1.16834
36. Century Savings Bank1.12035
37. Bank One Savings and Trust1.05038
38. Merchants Savings and
      Loan Association1.03536
39. Isla Bank, A Thrift Bank1.03537

The 39th savings bank that surpassed one-billion-peso milestone in assets as of June 2012 -- Dumaguete City Development Bank -- dropped below the milestone as of September 2012, posting only 931 million pesos in assets.

Real Bank was ranked 10th in assets as of March 2012. In the BSP ranking as of June 2012, Real Bank was missing.


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