BPI Direct Savings Bank Now BPI Direct BanKO

Updated February 11, 2018

BPI Direct Savings Bank is now called BPI Direct BanKO, Inc., A Savings Bank. Its purpose now is to serve unbanked and underbanked communities across the country.

With BanKO, people can open accounts, deposit and withdraw money at BanKO outlets, which can be a pawnshop, a money changer outlet, a drugstore, or a sari-sari store.

It's also called BanKO
                        A subsidiary of BPI 

BPI Direct BanKO arose from the merger of the Internet bank BPI Direct Savings Bank and the mobile-phone-based bank BPI Globe BanKo in early 2017.

Transactions that can be done with a BanKO account:
Load mobile phones
Pay bills
Receive remittance from abroad
Transfer money
Pay purchases

How to Open a PondoKo savings account:

Go to a BanKO partner outlet.
    Here's a list of BanKO partner outlets.
Bring the following:
  . One valid ID
  . One photocopy of valid ID
  . Your Globe or TM SIM card
  . 50 pesos for initial cash-in
  . 50 pesos for the ATM card
  .  Your mobile phone

Why will I want to open a PondoKo savings account?
. Malayo ka sa mga bangko
. Gusto mong mag-ipon
. Puedeng 50 pesos lang kada cash-in (Cash-in ang tawag sa Deposit)
. No maintaining balance required
. Malapit ka sa mga BanKO partner outlets. No need to spend for pamasahe
. Puedeng magwidro at any ATM. 
      Yon nga lang 15 pesos per ATM withdrawal at 3 pesos per balance inquiry.
       Huwag widro nang widro.
. Puedeng  pang-swipe sa mga Bancnet-linked stores or supermarkets.

Cash-in from Bancnet ATM cards via Bancnet ATMs -- 25 pesos per transaction
   Gamitin ang "TRANSFER" option.

The BanKO concept is good. Ang sagabal lang are the Cash-in and Cash-out fees. Pero kung walang ibang option kagaya ng banks o cooperatives sa community at malayo ang mga ito, makakatulong din itong BanKO. About the fees, kailangan din naman na kumita ng konti ang mga partner outlets for their time and effort. 

BPI Direct Savings Bank is the Internet bank of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It's the first Internet bank in the Philippines, and has grown to become the 12th largest savings bank in the country by total assets, as of March 2012.

See here the other Philippine bank accounts that you can open while abroad.

You can email BPI Direct: bpidirect@bpi.com.ph
or call BPI Direct:
Metro Manila: 89-100
Domestic Toll-Free: 1800-188-89100
Overseas: International Access Code-632-8910000

You can open a BPI Direct account while abroad if you are in the following countries:

Hong Kong

Of course, you can open a BPI Direct account while in the Philippines.

Go to bpidirect.com. Click Open a Deposit Account. Follow instructions. Fill up the application form, submit, and then wait for instructions via email for the completion of your account opening.

What accounts are offered by BPI Direct?

Savings Accounts:

BPI Direct Express Teller Savings Account

Initial Deposit: 500 pesos
Maintaining Balance: 500 pesos
Minimum Average Daily Balance for the Month (ADBM) to Earn Interest: 500 pesos, 1% annual

BPInoy Savings

Initial Deposit: None
Maintaining Balance: None, but there should be at least one remittance from abroad every 6 months
ADBM to Earn Interest: 500 pesos, 1% annual

BPI Direct Save-Up Automatic Savings Plus Insurance

Initial Deposit: None
Maintaining Balance: 1,000 pesos
ADBM to Earn Interest: 1,000 pesos, 1% annual for balances less than 400k, 1.5% for balances more than 400k

1. You are issued a Save-Up Info card, instead of an ATM card. This way, you cannot withdraw easily. Withdraw by transferring your funds to another account.
2. Your free life insurance is 5 times your average daily balance for the past 3 months up to 2 million pesos.
3. Your free accident insurance is 5 times your average daily balance for the past 3 months up to 2 million pesos.
4. You can set an automatic transfer of a certain amount to your Save-Up account every payday or every month. You can also transfer money to this account at any time, aside from the automatic transfer.

Maxi-Saver Savings with ATM

Initial Deposit: 25,000 pesos
Maintaining Balance: 25,000 pesos
ADBM to Earn Interest: 25,000 pesos, 1.25% annual for balances less than 300k, 1.375% for balances less than 500k, 1.5% for balances less than 1M, 1.625% for balances 1M and higher.
Bonus Interest: 1% annual added to the interest for the month if you DO NOT withdraw within the month

Checking Account:

BPI Direct Maxi-One Checking Account

Initial Deposit: 25,000 pesos
Maintaining Balance: 25,000 pesos
ADBM to Earn Interest: 25,000 pesos, 0.75% annual

Where are the Branches of BPI Direct?

BPI Direct has no offices or branches, but you can use the facilities of BPI. You can deposit at any BPI branch.

You will choose one BPI branch where you will present your IDs after opening your account online, where you'll get your ATM card, and where you can withdraw amounts higher than the daily ATM withdrawal limit.

Daily ATM withdrawal limit: 50,000 pesos

Where Can I Deposit Money?

- BPI cash deposit machines (No envelope, no writing, instant credit)
- any BPI branch
- funds transfer through your BPI Express online account (link your BPI Direct account to your BPI or BPI Family account)

Transaction Fees at ATMs Abroad:

Balance inquiry: US$ 1
Withdrawal of US$ 175 and lower: US$ 3.50
Withdrawal of more than US$ 175: 2% of amount withdrawn
Denied transaction: US$ 0.50

Monthly Service Charge for Falling Below Required Daily Balance for 2 consecutive months:  250 pesos per month

Monthly Dormancy Charge after 2 years of no deposit or withdrawal: 300 pesos per month

Open a BPI Direct Savings Bank Account While Abroad


If BPI Direct has not yet reopened its offer of account opening online, you can explore opening through these banks, subsidiaries or remittance partners abroad:

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  1. i am an ofw, can i open a dollar savings account with bpi or bdo for example, How? thanks.

  2. Hi bigwas, with BPI, you can open a BPI Direct account online if you're in one of the countries listed above. If you're in London, you can ask assistance from BPI Europe in London.
    With BDO, you can open a US dollar Kabayan account at a bank or company which is a remittance partner of BDO and which is offering Kabayan account opening assistance. Write here where you are so I can give the link to a list of BDO remittance partners there, if there are.

  3. I am here in kuwait..what is the fastest way to open a savings account while abroad

  4. Hi Richard, sorry, there's no fast way. You can go to Oman Exchange or Etemadco Exchange and ask if they're offering assistance in BDO Kabayan account opening. See this list of BDO remittance partners in Kuwait. You won't get your passbook immediately; they'll forward your application to BDO Philippines. After approval, you can send to your account, but you cannot use yet your atm card abroad -- you need to activate your atm card at a BDO atm in the Philippines

  5. Hi Am here in the SFO, USA area. I would like to open a dollar saving account here so as to have my SSA pension go thru this and be able to withdraw while at home in the Philippines. Would this be possible with BPIdirect? Thanks...

  6. Question about opening a BPI Direct account while in the U.S. for receiving US pension while in the Philippines8/19/15:
    Sorry, no, you can't open a dollar account while there in SFO because BPI, BPI Family, BDO, Chinabank and Metrobank (banks offering Direct Deposit accounts for US pensions) don't have branches there. But all these banks offer a Direct Deposit account for US pensioners who want to receive their pensions while in the Philippines. You can open your account here when you get here in the Philippines. Here's info about Direct Deposit accounts
    PNB has a branch in Los Angeles, so if you like, you can email losangeles@pnb.com.ph, or call 213-401-1800 ext 201, 202 or 206

  7. hi, im currently residing here in Canada. can I open a bpi account through on line?
    thank you.

  8. Hello ma'am Nora..dito po ako Sa Bern Switzerland gusto Ko po sanang magopen Ng bank account ang problems Ko po wala po ako day off hndi po ako nakakalabas..gusto Ko po Sana BPI online pero wala nmn po Sa list ung Lugar Ko paano po na ang pwede Kong gawin salamat po

  9. About opening a Philippine bank account while in Bern, Switzerland
    Hello ms Nora. I'm here in Bern, Switzerland. I want to open a bank account. My problem is I have no day off, can not go out. I wish to open a BPI account online but Switzerland is not in the list. What should I do? Thanks po.
    Sad to say that currently, there's no way you can open a Philippine bank account purely online. There are BDO remittance partners in Switzerland, and one of these might be offering Kabayan account opening, but they are in Geneva.
    If you want to save money, and you don't have any trusted person in the Philippines, you can open a Pag-ibig MP2 account online and save. But you have to get out to send money. The only problem with MP2 is you cannot get your savings anytime you want; you can withdraw your MP2 savings only after 5 years. You're also required to register with Pag-ibig 1 -- this is the regular Pag-ibig savings program, and you can get this P1 only at age 60 or older. Comment again if you're interested in Pag-ibig, and I'll answer your questions.

  10. Hi Caroline Gomez, about opening a BPI account online:
    BPI Direct has suspended its offer of account opening online. Besides, Canada was not among the 4 countries in which it previously offered online opening. If you like, you can check this list of BDO remittance partners in Canada, and ask the one nearest to you if they're offering Kabayan account opening. The same with PNB remittance partners in Canada, you can ask if they're offering assistance in opening a Philippine-based account.

  11. Hi po.. saan po kayang bank ako pwdeng mag open ng account dito sa jeddah tnx po

    1. About opening a bank account in Jeddah:
      Here's a list of BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia. Ask any of these if they're offering assistance in BDO Kabayan account opening.

  12. Hello, my name is Steph. I am an ofw in London. what are the options I have and banks that I can open so I can remmit to my family in PH? thank you!

    1. About opening a remittance-linked bank account in London
      Hi Steph, there are 2 Philippine-owned banks there in London: PNB Europe and BPI Europe. You can open a UK-based account with any of these two for remittance purposes. BPI Europe might be better, as PNB charges 15 pounds for every credit if there's no remittance at least once a month.
      For online remittance via BPI Europe, your family should have a BPI account in the Philippines. For over-the-counter remittance, an account in a non-BPI bank is allowed as a receiving account.
      Remittance from London to Philippines costs from 5 to 15 pounds depending on remittance amount while online money transfer between Philippine-based BPI accounts is free.

    2. This is how to open a BPI Europe Sterling account. This account is called S.T.A.R. account -- Save, Transact and Remit.

  13. where to open a bpi account in california

  14. About opening a BPI account in California:
    Sorry there's no BPI branch or remittance partner offering BPI account opening in California. It's PNB that has branches in California: PNB branches and remittance partners in California.
    Try also asking about account opening at these BDO Remittance offices and partners in California

  15. hi i am currently here in cyprus and i would like to open a euro account because i am planning to get out of cyprus in 6 months.One of the requirements for visa processing is to have a sufficient fund.for that i would like to open an account while i am here.

  16. Hi i am here in Melbourne Australia. Is there any philippine bank here that I can open? Please let me know. Ps. Im no longer a Filipino citizen. Im an Australian Citizen now.

    1. Hi rose, sorry there's no Philippine bank there in Australia. But BDO has 4 remittance partners in Victoria. You can ask any of them if they're offering assistance in opening a BDO Kabayan account. If you're planning to use this account to deposit a Philippine cheque, ask them if you can use the account for cheque purposes. Here's a list of BDO remittance partners near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  17. Hi, andito po ako sa Thailand paano mag open ng bpi bank account. Pwedi po bang mag ask ng kamag anak na magsend ng form from bpi o fill in? And then isend ulit sa bpi phol O bakanmeron pong online para dito sa thailand? Thank you.

    1. Hi Cherry, sorry hindi allowed ang pag-apply ng bank account through your representative. Kelangang in person at dapat sa BPI branch. Hindi rin puedeng online. Tingnan ko kung merong BDO remittance partner diyan, kasi BDO ang puedeng mag-apply ng account through their remittance partner.

  18. Hi po dito po ako sa Dubai Nag open po ako ng bdo kabayan accounts umuwi name ako ng pinas para ma activated pero Hindi ko ma activated dahil mgkaiba ng signature sa passport at sa bdo pero na change pin Kuna Sya Anu po Pwede gawin. Thanks


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