Most Searched Banks in the Philippines According to Alexa

Here are the most searched Philippines banks on the Internet according to Alexa as of the first week of April 2011.

These banks attract the most traffic arguably because of three reasons:

  • Their Internet banking systems are being used by most of their customers.
  • Old and new customers are looking for them on the Internet.
  • Their websites are appearing on the first pages of online searches for banks, banking, etc.
  • They are referred by other websites thru inward links.
The top Philippines banks being searched online are the following:
1.  Union Bank of the Philippines — Rank #  67
2.  Bank of the Philippine Islands — Rank # 69
3.  Banco de Oro — Rank # 154
4.  Banco de Oro — Rank # 223
5.  HSBC — Rank #255
6.  Citibank — Rank # 494
The Alexa ranks for other big banks in the Philippines are the following:
Metrobank — Rank# 631
East West Banking Corp. — Rank# 669
China Bank — Rank# 883
Philippine National Bank — Rank# 1,296
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. — Rank# 4,090
Landbank — Rank# 13,857
Note: The Alexa rankings considered for the banks above are for searches made in the Philippines. 
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