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  1. Hi,
    Im Ana and im living here in Germany now with my husband. i would like to ask if anyone of you knows how we can send money to our BPI EURO account in the Philippines? We would like to do a EURO TO EURO remittance. Any suggestions please. Thank you very much!

  2. good afternoon ask ko lang ilang days bago makuha ung atm card pag new account

  3. hi
    ask ko lang po ilang days bago makuha ung atm card ng new account.

    1. Hi Roseanne, usually in 3 to 5 days. Usually they tell you when to return to claim the card.

    2. Hello as OFWs who wanted to enroll and activate BPI online? What would be the process since malayo sila sa Pinas to activate using ATM machine?

  4. Goodafternoon ask ko lang po pag nag diposit po b ung nsa dubai to philippines ilng araw po bago ma withdrew.Thank you

    1. Hi Roseanne, it depends on the remittance company. Merong the same day, the next day, up to 3rd day. Yong mga longer ay usually wire transfers using an intermediary bank

  5. Hi, what is the maximum amount that a business/company can loan from BPI?

  6. mica lapq September 13, 2016
    Hello as OFWs who wanted to enroll and activate BPI online? What would be the process since malayo sila sa Pinas to activate using ATM machine?
    Hi mica, yes, you can. You don't need a BPI atm machine. You just need to check the option that you are abroad. This is how to enroll in BPI online banking while abroad.

  7. Ok Salamat. As OFW, ano ba magandang BPI type na e-open considering that I am far from Philippines, at yung low maintaining balance, low charges in every online payments at hindi madaling madeactivate yung account. BPI easy saver, BPI Express Teller, or BPinoy? I will be opening it pagbisita ko sa Pinas. Please advise me. Thanks

  8. Hi mica: Since you're an OFW, I think you can maintain a 3k savings account, the BPI Express Teller account. If you like, you can open at a BPI Family Savings Bank, so the maintaining balance will be only 1k. BPI and BPI Family uses the same online banking system. You can send to either a BPI or a BPI Family account. You can avail of the same services.
    BPI Easy Saver has no maintaining balance, but it charges 5 pesos for every debit, either online or atm or at stores.
    BPinoy is for OFWs and has no maintaining balance, but this is offered by BPI's purely-internet bank BPI Direct. For this account, you need to open it online at bpidirect.com. Then you have to go your designated branch to present your IDs and get your atm card. This is a good account for you too. For all accounts enrolled in BPI online banking (EXCEPT EASY SAVER), there's no fee to pay bills, to transfer money to enrolled BPI accounts, to check balance, to buy mobile loads.
    If you plan to transfer to unenrolled BPI accounts in the future, download the BPI app from Apple AppStore or Google Play to your smartphone and activate the transfer feature, and then activate it a BPI atm machine.

  9. Hello Ms. Nora. I'm a domestic helper at gusto ko sanang mag open ng account sa BPI. Between these two options ano ba ang mas maganda na magagamit at makakapag execute to online payments at mura lng yung maintaining balance, BPI Express Teller Savings? Or BPI FAMILY SAVINGS ACCOUNT- Express teller Savings type?

    1. Hi Venus: Mas mura yong Express teller atm-only account of BPI Family Savings, kasi 1k lang ang maintaining balance. Okay na ito kasi isa lang din naman ang online system ng BPI at BPI Family. Yes, you can pay bills, buy mobile load at other payments na puede sa Dragon Pay at Pay Pilipinas

  10. hi po ask ko lang po kung pano pong makapagwithdraw kung wala po akong available balance pero po meron po akong savings na 1k

  11. Replies
    1. Hi raymond rosary: Sinubukan mo na bang mawidro yong 1k+ mo or 500? Anong response? Insufficient available balance? Hino-hold ng BPI para sa maintenance? Kung hino-hold yan, sa yo ko lang nalaman na nagho-hold ang BPI ng maintaining balance.
      Sorry pero kung hino-hold nga yan ng bank for maintenance, hindi mo mawidro yan kung wala siya sa Available Balance. Puede ka ring magpunta sa branch mo at magtanong. Huwag mahiya

  12. Hello po. Ask ko lang po sana kung magcoclose account yung acct nung friend ko kung may balance pa po at di nya nahuhulugan almost 1yr na po. Tnx po.

    1. Hi Rowena: anong BPI account ito? Yong atm-only account na 3k pesos ang maintaining balance? Ang balance ba is 3k or more? If yes, active pa siya kasi na-maintain naman ang required balance. Pero kung less than 3k, na-penalized ang account ng 300 pesos a month starting from the 2nd month na hindi na-maintain ang 3k. Kung naubos na yong balance, na-automatic closed na.
      Sinubukan na ba niyang nag-balance inquiry sa atm?

    2. Easy saver po yung walang maintaining balance po.. Pede pa din daw po kaya mahulugan yun.

    3. Hi Rowena: Kung Easy Saver, yes, puede pa. Active pa yon. Nado-dormant lang ang Easy Saver kapag after 24 months of no deposit or withdrawal.

  13. Hello po ask ko lang wala na pong balance savings account ko then almost 6 months narin po ako hindi nakakapagdeposit active pa rin po kaya yung account ko?

    1. Hi michelle, regular account ba itong account mo? Hindi siya Easy Saver? Kung regular account, sorry, most likely, closed na ang account mo, kasi once na nag-zero o nag-negative na ang account, automatically ma-close na siya. Pag 2 consecutive months na below maintaining balance ang account, ma-charge siya ng 300 pesos, and every month after, at pag wala nang 300 pesos sa account, mako-close na siya.
      Mag-open ka na lang ng new account, at try your best to maintain it.

    2. Try mong mag-balance inquiry sa atm. Kung "no existing account" or "account closed" ang response, closed na ang account.