Send Money Online from BDO for Cash Pickup at BDO, Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier

By Nora
Parang BDO Pera Padala, pero nasa bahay ka lang, o sa office lang.

Now there's a way to send money even if you're not able to go out of your house or your office and your recipient does not have a bank account.

You can send money through BDO Online Banking for Cash Pickup at any branch of BDO, SM Remit at SM Mall, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, RD Pawnshop and Rural Bank partners.

You can send up to 30,000 pesos if cash pickup is at Cebuana Lhuillier
                    and up to 50,000 pesos if cash pickup is at M Lhuillier.

You can send money through this service up to 5 times, as long as you do not exceed 50,000 pesos.

When can the recipient pick up the money?
Your recipient can pick up the money within one hour.

How much is the fee?

100 pesos if Cash Pickup at BDO
150 pesos if Cash Pickup at Cebuana Lhuillier or M Lhuillier
What are the steps to do?

1. Login to your BDO online banking. Enter your OTP.

2. Click Send Money

3. Click Send Money For Pickup

4.   You will fill up these fields:

       Sender Details
       Settlement Type  (Choose "Pickup")
       Transaction Type
                (Choose One:
                    Pick up Cash Anywhere
                      (Any branch of BDO, SM Remit inside SM Malls, Palawan                      Pawnshop, RD Pawnshop or Rural Bank partners)
                    Pick up Cash Cebuana
                    Pick up Cash MLKP

       Value Date
       Transfer from (Choose your Account No.)
       Sender Name
       Address 1
       Address 2
      Mobile Number Birth Date

     Receiver Details

     Receiver Name
     Receiver Address 1
     Receiver Address 2
     Birth Date
     Mobile Number
     Message to Receiver (puedeng "text agad")
     Purpose of Transaction  (puedeng "tuition")

5.  Review what you've typed.
6.  Click Submit.

7.  You will enter your OTP.
8.  Your transaction will be confirmed and you will be given a Reference No.
9.  Send this Reference No. to your recipient.
10. Your recipient will pick up the money. He/she will need to present:
              Valid Photo ID
               Reference No.
               Name of Sender
               Amount Sent

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  1. I sent money through BDO online for pick-up, but receiver name are wrong spelling. how can I correct the name?

    1. Wrong name of cash pickup recipient: Call BDO 631 8000. Hindi ko alam kung ilang days bago nila ibalik yong money sa account mo, o kung aantayin nila ang tawag mo. Sa Send Money for door to door kasi, kapag wala yong recipient, ibabalik na lang yong pera sa account ng nag-send minus a fee. Sa cash pickup kasi, hindi nila alam kung wala pang time yong mag-pickup o mali nga ang spelling. So call BDO na lang.

  2. Hi paano naman po kung mag online sending cash pick up po kami then ang haba ng generated reference number n binigay ni bdo e ang hinihingi po sa money gram is 8 number lang paano yun? Then if sa bdo naman po nd nila inaacredit ang school id and voters id.