Top 38 Savings Banks, by Assets March 2015

By Nora
Here are the TOP 38 SAVINGS BANKS in the Philippines, based on Total Assets as of March 2015.

 1.BPI Family228.4951
 3.RCBC Savings 79.7973
 4.Philippine Business 58.3375
 5.City Savings 57.7716
 6.Planters Development 46.1234
 7.Sterling Bank 34.3198
 8.HSBC Savings 23.2037
 9.China Bank Savings 22.4249
10.PNB Savings 19.93110
11.BPI Direct Savings 13.66712
12.UCPB Savings 13.31311
13.First Consolidated 13.12714
14.Security Bank Savings 10.56913
15.PR Savings 10.50015
No. 16 to
No. 38
16.Philippine Postal  9.49517
17.Producers Savings  8.82916
18.Equicom Savings  7.61922
19.Wealth Development  6.73423
20.1st Valley Bank  6.41420
21.Malayan Bank Savings  5.96719
22.Luzon Development  4.99824
23.Citystate Savings  4.03625
24.Penbank  2.74728
25.Legazpi Savings  2.48027
26.United Overseas  2.39626
27.Enterprise Bank  2.14429
28.Queen City Development  1.79430
29.CARD SME Bank  1.69236
30.Optimum Development  1.56732
31.ComSavings Bank  1.56631
32.Hiyas Banking  1.40934
33.Century Savings  1.37338
34.Bank One Savings  1.36235
35.Dumaguete City Development        1.34537
36.Isla Bank  1.31240
37.TongYang Savings  1.24739
38.BPI Globe Banko  1.10133
Changes Since March 2014:
BDO acquired Citibank Savings and The Real bank in 2014.
Citibank Savings remained a savings bank and has been renamed Banco De Oro Savings Bank.

The Real Bank's assets and liabilities were acquired by BDO, afterwhich Real Bank surrendered its authority to operate as a savings bank.


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