Send Money ONLINE from Saudi Arabia to Philippines

By Nora

You can send money ONLINE from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines, 
 through the INTERNET, 

from your Saudi bank account to a Philippine bank account.

You will save time, save taxi and snack money, and you can send any time any day.

This is truly good for those whose salaries are deposited to a bank.

But even if your salary is not deposited to a bank, you can still open your own bank account in KSA, deposit money, and send money to the Philippines ONLINE when needed.

Here are 6 banks in Saudi Arabia that you can use to send money to the Philippines ONLINE: 

How much is the remittance fee for sending money online?

Ranges from 15 to 19 riyals

Is there an additional fee charged by the receiving bank or remittance partner in the Philippines?

Usually, yes. The same with regular remittance sent OFFLINE.

If the Saudi bank is a partner of the Philippine counterpart, usually there is no charge. If there is a charge, it is lower.

Fee ranges from 100 pesos to 200 pesos.

Ask your family to open an account at a Philippine bank, which is a partner of your Saudi bank.

Philippine remittance partners of banks in Saudi Arabia:

Al Rajhi Bank:

Arab National Bank:

Bank AlBilad:
AUB Asia United Bank

Riyadh Bank:

AUB Asia United Bank
China Bank

National Commercial Bank (NCB):
Asia United Bank
China Bank
PNB Savings Bank

Alinma Bank: 

How to send ONLINE:

1. Register in your bank's online banking.

. your user name
. your password
. your bank account no.
. your ATM card no.
. your ATM card PIN
. your phone and your cell phone no.

2. Check and re-check data you are entering.

3. Look for "Telemoney" or "Enjaz" or "Speedcash" or Tahweel Al Rajhi" or Transfer" or "Funds Transfer" or "Remittance".

For remittance, you need:
 you beneficiary's bank name and bank account no.

With some banks, you might need first to register at their remittance unit, and you might first need to make your first remittance with them at their branch:

ANB -- Telemoney
Bank AlBilad -- Enjaz
NCB -- Quick Pay
Samba -- Speedcash
Al Rajhi -- Tahweel Al Rajhi

If I open an account in a Saudi bank, what should I bring?

Your Iqama card should be enough.

But some banks require your Certificate of Employment that contains your job contract dates, monthly salary, and occupation.

Is there a limit to the money that I can send online?

Some Saudi banks have set their own maximum limits to comply with anti-money laundering laws. They also have the option to ask for more information about your source of funds if you are sending every month much more than your salary, or much more than the average salary of OFW professionals and managers.

Based on comments online, the maximum limits vary from 7,000 riyals to 50,000 riyals per month, the most common being 20,000 and 25,000 riyals per month.

As long as you are sending money that you have earned legitimately in Saudi, then there should be no problem about the amount you're sending.

Note: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has announced in 2011 it will set a maximum amount for outward remittance transactions. But up to now, we can't find any definite maximum limit.  What we see is the policy that any person intending to carry in cash 60,000 Saudi riyals or more out of the country must declare the money at the point of exit.

BDO Remittance Partners in Saudi Arabia


  1. what is the nearest tahweel branch in king khaled university hospital?

    Appreciate your response

  2. Hi..using Al Rajhi App/Mubasher..how long it will take to transfer the amount from Rajhi to BDO account?

    1. Hi Manglulupa Pogi: Usually the next day. Should be in the BDO account within 3 business days.

  3. Hello i just wanna ask how much will be the charge if i will send money from al rajhi online app to BPI? Thanks