Top Philippine Savings Banks, by Assets, March 2013

By Nora
Here are the top savings banks or thrift banks in the Philippines, based on total assets as of March 2013.
The top two, BPI Family and PSBank, are tens of billions away from the other top-ranking savings banks.
China Bank Savings moved up by 2 levels over the quarter.

 1.BPI Family164.6541
 3.RCBC Savings 63.6893
 4.Planters Development 54.2214
 5.Philippine Business 36.5345
 6.Sterling Bank 29.1956
 7.HSBC Savings 22.9377
 8.City Savings 18.3278
 9.China Bank Savings 11.95511
10.Citibank Savings 11.8129
11.BPI Direct Savings  9.87112
12.First Consolidated  9.60610
13.UCPB Savings  8.75614
14.PR Savings  8.26313
15.Philippine Postal  7.11817
16.Security Bank Savings  6.57116
17.Malayan Bank Savings  5.77318
18.Producers Savings  5.75815
19.Equicom Savings  5.01619
20.Allied Savings  4.36720
21.BPI Globe Banko  3.91121
22.Wealth Development  3.69222
23.Luzon Development  2.96324
25.Citystate Savings  2.70423
26.Enterprise Bank  1.92127
27.Penbank  1.87629
28.ComSavings Bank  1.86626
29.Queen City Development  1.75330
30.United Overseas  1.70728
31.BDO Elite Savings  1.59131
32.Tong Yang Savings  1.47633
33.Optimum Development  1.36732
34.Hiyas Banking  1.23934
35.Bank One Savings  1.10236
36.Dumaguete City Development      1.08738
37.Century Savings  1.08237
38.Isla Bank  1.05139

Source: BSP.gov.ph


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