BDO Cash Card Reload or Deposit

By Nora
Updated July 8, 2016

Here are recent rules on BDO Cash Card Reload.

Reload ang tawag nila, at hindi Deposit, kasi ang Cash Card is NOT a regular savings account. Hindi siya insured, walang interest, at hindi ito puedeng depositohan ng check.

1.  You can Reload your cash card or another person's cash card
        over the counter.
     Fill up the Reload slip. If none, baka nag-iba na. Ask the guard.
     Use the cash card's 16-digit card number.
     Reload fee over the counter is 15 pesos per reload.

2.  You want a free Reload?
      Find a BDO Cash Accept Machine. As of now, not all
         BDO branches have this machine.  Here's a list of
         BDO Branches that have Cash Accept Machines.
      If you have the cash card, just enter it and enter your peso bills.
         Follow the instructions.

      If reloading another person's cash card, touch the
          CARDLESS deposit option.
      Enter the 16-digit cash card number, then enter peso bills.

      Reload is also FREE if you use your BDO Online Banking account.
        Enroll first your cash card or another person's cash card
          into your BDO online banking account.
3.  Minimum Reload is 100 pesos.

4.  Maximum Reload depends on your cash card balance and
         your cash card type.
     Cash Card without Owner's Name can contain
                                  up to 10,000 pesos at any time.
     Cash Card with Owner's Name can contain
                                  up to 25,000 pesos at any time.
     BDO Remit Cash Card can contain up to 100,000 pesos.

5.  Maximum Total of all your cash card reloads is
       100,000 pesos per month,
       whether you own 1 card or 2 or more cash cards.
6.  If your reload will exceed your limits, your reload will be Rejected.

7.  Payroll Cash Card after Resignation
     After you resign from your company, it will be better for you
        to apply for your own cash card, so you can control it.
      Usually, payroll cash cards have some restrictions.

8.  ATM Withdrawal using your Cash Card
     Minimum ATM withdrawal amount is 200 pesos.
     BDO ATM withdrawal fee is 2 pesos
     BDO ATM balance inquiry is FREE
     Withdrawal fee at ATMs of other banks is 11 pesos.
     Swipe payment for goods at stores, supermarkets, etc. is FREE.
     Maximum ATM withdrawal per transaction is 25,000 pesos.
     Maximum ATM withdrawal per day is 50,000 pesos.
     Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day is 5.

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  1. pwde ko po bang ireload sa cash card yun cross cheque?

    1. Hi Apryl, sorry no. A cash card is only for Cash. Deposit your cheque to your savings or checking or current account.

  2. is it okay to reload the cash card po if you don't have a bank account? how much po ba ang reloading fee?

    1. Hi unniecorn, yes, you can. You can reload your own cash card, or another person's cash card. If you reload over the counter, there's a fee of 15 pesos. Merong Reload form. Kung wala na, baka nag-iba na, ask the guard.
      You can reload for free by using a BDO Cash Accept machine. You enter peso bills into the cash machine. Puede ring cardless if it's another person's cash card. You will enter the other person's 16-digit cash card number.

    2. thank you so much for your help <3

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Maria, 15 pesos ang reloading fee over the counter at BDO. If you use the BDO Cash Accept machine, free. Puedeng merong card, puedeng wala basta you know the 16-digit cash card no.

  4. Do you have any idea where are those branches that has a cash accept machine?

  5. Can I use Citibanks' auto-transfer to payee account using the cash cards 16 digit BDO account #? Are there transaction fees?

    1. Hi Don Marco, does Citibank specifically states "account number"? Because the BDO cash card's number is not an account number. It's a cash card number. About fees, according to Citibank Philippines' website, online transfer is free, even to other banks.

  6. Ms Nora,pwede po bang mag reload ng other person's cash card by any BDO ATM Machine?

    1. Hi Grace: Sa BDO cash accept machine, you can load money into any cash card using the cardless feature.
      Sa regular BDO atm naman, sorry I have not tried it. Pero ang alam ko, dapat pre-enrolled yong another person's cash card sa yong account bago ka makapag-transfer money to it via atm. Pero you try. I'll try tomorrow.

  7. Hi sa bdo bank lng po ba piding mag reload ng bdo cash card

    1. BDO cash card: Yes, sa BDO branch lang. Puede sa BDO cash accept machine (free). Puede through BDO online banking (free).

  8. Ms. Nora tanong ko lng po pwede po ba ako mkakuha ng statement of account ng cash card lng? Thank u po.

    1. Hi Ana: Sorry hindi ako sure. Kasi sa BDO online banking, hindi kasali ang cash card sa My Transactions. Yong mga savings accounts lang. Yong sa My Statement of Account, yong checking account lang. Yong cash card, makita mo lang yong balance. Call na lang BDO 631-8000 and ask about your cash card transactions.

  9. panu ba mag send ng pera account to cash card ?

  10. Pwede po bang magdeposit ng cash? Paano po ba magreload?

  11. Gaano po katagal n pumasok ung pera kpag nagreLoad using machine at kapg nag over the counter?

    1. Over the counter or cash machine. Gaano katagal ma-credit?: Pareho lang na agad-agad ma-credit. Agad-agad makuha ng may-ari ng cash card kung gugustuhin.

  12. Hi Nora! I was wondering if you can help me. Can I use my BDO Cash Card to received wire transfer in the US? Please I need your help!

  13. hi good am, ask pang po saan po ba makikita ang acct no. ng cash card ?

    1. Where can I see the Account number of my BDO cash card?:
      A BDO cash card has no account number because it is not a regular deposit account. It is a reloadable cash card. Send your 16-digit card number to your sender so he/she can send to your cash card.
      Kapag dito sa Philippines, puedeng mag-deposit over the counter sa cash card mo using your 16-digit card number. Merong bayad na 15 pesos. Puede ring maglagay ng pera sa cash card mo using BDO Cash Machine. I-enter lang yong 16-digit number mo sa machine. Free ito.

    2. Helo po mam gudpm.may mgpapadala po ng pera sa akin from Korea pwede po ba young bdo cash card ko po?

  14. Papano po ba kung di nagagamit yung bdo cash card? May charge po ba yung pag di nagagamit more than 7 months


  15. Papano po ba kung di nagagamit yung bdo cash card? May charge po ba yung pag di nagagamit more than 7 months

  16. Hi ask ko lang sana kung halimbawang mag rereload yung emoloyer ko ng almost 70k e kakasya ba yun sa bdo cash card

  17. Hi dito ako sa US,pwede ba ako magpadala sa cash card ng mama ko gamit western union?

  18. I just want to ask if pwede po bang magsend ng money galing ibang bansa gamit ang cash card kasi 1week na wala padin ung pera thru online po nya senend? Thankyour for the answer' godbless