BDO Cash Card -- Reloading Rules You May Not Know

By Nora
There are three things I learned today about reloading BDO Cash Cards. I went to the BDO branch at SM Southmall to fund my two cash cards, and I learned the following:

1. You cannot reload your BDO payroll cash card over the counter.

The BDO officer said that the company that issued the BDO payroll cash card is the only one that can fund the cash card. "Kung mag-resign na ako from my company, hindi ko na magamit itong payroll cash card?" tinanong ko. Oo, sabi ng officer.

For newbie BDO cash card holders: You Reload, instead of Deposit. So use the Reload slip. Ask where the Reload counter is. Usually Reload is separate from the Deposit counter.

2.  You cannot reload two BDO cash cards at the same time.

Actually, puede, but you need to pay 25 pesos as reload fee for the second cash card. Ang remedyo para hindi mo bayaran yong 25 pesos? Pila ka uli.

3. You can still reload your BDO payroll cash card via your BDO online banking account.

As soon as I got home, I tried reloading my payroll cash card online, and it worked. I hope BDO continues to allow this, as one cash card is for my daughter in college, and the other is for my parents.

Ako minsan, nag-a-analyze. Bakit kaya ganon -- ayaw ng sabay reload ng 2 cash cards?
- To force companies that want to use BDO cash cards for payroll to follow the standard BDO payroll process.
- Another source of income.

At bakit kaya ayaw nilang ma-reloadan yong payroll cash card ng card holder?
Sabi ng BDO officer, naka-block daw yong cash card for company's use.

Siguro din, gusto ng BDO na bumili na lang uli ng ibang cash card yong employee or resigned employee kung gusto niyang gumamit ng cash card.

Haaaaay, mga banks talaga, didn't you notice that the BDO tag line is We Find Ways? We find ways to .......earn more?

On the whole, however, this is not at all BDO-bashing. There are also things I like about BDO banking, but there are things I don't.

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